Devil's Favorite Advocate: Was CM Punk Right to Leave WWE?

Eva Rinaldi at Wikimedia Commons

So this will be the first of a likely one part series. This will look at both sides of CM Punk's sudden departure from WWE. I will separately look at why he was right and why he wrong to walk away from the company. While I'll throw some opinion in while breaking down each side of the argument, in the end, I won't reach a final conclusion. I'll leave that for everyone else to (continue to) debate in the comments.

So let's go.

He Was Right:

Obviously, this is a game of speculation. As an internet base, we know close to squat. It is possible Punk is so banged up that he has trouble willing himself to get out of bed in the morning to go to work. Add that to the fact he's fed up with the company, and it makes a for a tough life recipe.

While he only had 6 months, that's a long time when you're really not happy. I have a very loose life comparison. Last year, I was part of a year long veterinary internship. There were long weeks (sometimes 100+ hours), odd shifts, and an negative environment where people will be quick to throw you under the bus. So when I got to the half way point with 6 months to go, it felt like there was no end in sight.

And one of the many, many differences in situations is Punk is in a dangerous field. If he's not 100-percent focused/committed, he or someone else can get seriously hurt.

As for the creative differences, Punk walking out is one of the few things that can actually make the powers that be take notice. He's a top three guy within the promotion, so when WrestleMania season is over and they are short a major player, they'll constantly have to think about why. That's something few can do, and it shows passion.

He Was Wrong:

Let me start by saying that Punk is not a Wal-Mart employee who works for minimum wage trying to squeak by. Punk makes millions doing what he loves. That makes it tougher to sympathize in this situation.

I've never read Punk's contract, but I doubt he has major booking abilities. He knew what he was getting into. It's not like Vince McMahon was reasonable when he signed that contract years ago. It's not like the booking wasn't erratic back then. He decided he didn't like the direction so he went home, immediately putting pressures on others to change the script and fill the void.

Punk's been vocal about wanting to main event WrestleMania, which is understandable. But it's not like he wasn't on the card. Whether it should be or not, Triple H's matches at WrestleMania are treated like co-main events. That match with "The Game" will be a big match on the biggest show of the year, and in this case one of the biggest shows in company history. It may not be for the title, but it'll probably be more exciting. And it's better than feuding with Sheamus.

There you have it: my take on both sides of this argument. What's yours?

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