Dear WWE: In regards to Daniel Bryan...

WWE managed to make a fan hate the Royal Rumble match.

Daniel Bryan's match with Bray Wyatt to kick off the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) last night (Sun., Jan. 26, 2014) at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was fantastic, glorious, brutal, and crazy, and Bryan lost. I had no problem with him losing. Why?

Because in the back of my mind a little voice said; "he's coming out for the Rumble later and will make an impact."

By this point I've already forgotten that the Old Age Outlaws actually won the tag team titles by knocking off Cody Rhodes & Goldust. I survived whatever that crap was between Brock Lesnar and Big Show. I sat through one of the most forced WWE world heavyweight title matches in a long time. I mean, was there even a shadow of a doubt that Randy Orton was going to lose to John Cena? Of course not. At least the ending with the Wyatt Family attacking Cena was interesting enough.

But whatever, okay, it's Royal Rumble time. I'm excited, you're excited, Pittsburgh is excited! It kicks off and things are going great with CM Punk hanging in for a long time, The Shield doing the same while Roman Reigns was on his way to breaking the record for most eliminations in a single Rumble match, and Kofi Kingston up to all of his usual tricks.

Then we get to late in the entrant numbers.

Number 28: Batista

Okay, we knew he would come in late because he's probably winning, but maybe not. Remember, Bryan still to come, right?!?!?

Number 29: Big E. Langston

The Intercontinental champion has to get in the match to wreck some shop. No big deal, this just means they've saved the best for last. Right?!?!?!?

Number 30: Rey Mysterio

Wait, what? Rey Mysterio? No Daniel Bryan? Boo this man, Pittsburgh! Boo every man who is still in there! Punk gets taken out in one of the lamest exits ever, especially for a guy who was the Iron Man in the match.

Why is Sheamus in the final three?

Batista wins.

No Daniel Bryan appearance in any way, shape, or form.

They can take to Twitter and put out these #YESMovement hashtags all they want, but this shit needs to stop. I'm not saying Bryan is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, but the reactions he gets sound something like the pops "The Rattlesnake" was treated to during his time at the top.

Why wouldn't you want Bryan out there as much as possible? Even if he didn't win the Rumble, not even an appearance?

Now I'm not saying he should win the tag titles, beat Brock, win the WWE world heavyweight title, and the Rumble, like I've seen in other places including RIGHT HERE on this very site. I'm saying you, WWE decision makers, have a white hot commodity, one you haven't had in years and are going with this tired "Oh, I dunno if he can make us money, he's kinda tiny, he's a "B+" player nonsense, when you're churning out Cena merchandise as fast as it will print.

Book Bryan often, book him strong, and let's move into a new era of wrestling.

I do not want Batista winning the Royal Rumble.

I do not want Batista vs. Randy Orton at WrestleMania 30.

I damn sure do not want Bryan feuding with Sheamus, as has been rumored.

I want to see crowds going nuts for the future, not booing because the past won't stay there.

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