JBL's Cageside Evaluation

Sgt. Kani Ronningen on Wikimedia Commons

His name is JBL and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about The current Raw/Smackdown Color Announcer. Here's the full evaluation.

How did JBL fair with you guys today? Well, how about we start with the positives...

  1. Finisher - Man does he make that Clothesline from Heel look brutal, wow! Fit him perfectly, and he could use it on anyone.
  2. Talker - One of the best talkers during his JBL era. I hated (in a good way) him so much during this time!
  3. Heel - He played a heel to perfection with that smile and rich, snotty attitude, it was great watching him get his face punched in.
  4. APA - Really all his gimmicks were pretty solid, but this one stood out to you guys. He got to show off more of his comedic side during this time. I enjoyed when they were backstage playing poker and randomly had a door up with an "APA" sign on it.
  5. Wrestling Knowledge - This is one of the positives when he's on commentary, JBL knows about the history of wrestling. It's great when he gets the chance to drop some knowledge, wish he did it more often.

Favorite comment goes to gravydeath - "Love: Heel mic work, was very believable in two completely different gimmicks during his WWE run, great finisher he could hit on anybody."


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On to the negatives...

  1. In-Ring - He was pretty one dimensional as a worker, which was brawling. It was fun to watch, but he didn't really have much else to offer when it came to watching his matches.
  2. Commentary - He started out well, but things have gone downhill. He's supposed to be a heel, but goes face too much. He yells, a lot. Of course there's "Maggle!" which is both annoying and funny. Also you guys hate that he goes along with the crowd chants, it sounds stupid, let the crowds do the chanting.
  3. Hazing - He's been known to be a bully backstage. Literally beat up The Blue Meanie, and Miz referenced him to being one in one of his promos. It's probably just how the locker room environment is, but it's pretty stupid if you ask me.
  4. Physique - Moobs.

Favorite comment goes to treble1313 - "Loathe: His current commentator work. It’s a tie between JBL and Michael Cole on who makes me hate the WWE product the most."

Last, but not least, our favorite poll! With 80 votes, Mr. Layfield's average score is 3.2.

That's it for this week. Tomorrow is recap day with updated polls scores and all the best comments from the week.

Until then!

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