Kurt Angle's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Kurt Angle and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about The Olympic Hero. Here's the full evaluation.

How cool would it be if Kurt Angle gets back to the WWE? I haven't really followed his TNA run, and by the sounds of it, that's a good thing. Maybe someday we'll get to chant "You Suck!" to his music again. Anyway, let's see what you guys thought of him.

First, the good:

  1. Total Package - This term was used over and over for him, and for good reason. He's amazing in the ring, awesome finisher, brawler, grappler, even his move-set was sweet. Plus he can into pro wrestling with basically no experience and became one of the best on the roster in a very short period of time. He was amazing on the mic, good guy, bad guy, serious or funny he could pull it off.
  2. Olympic Gold - We all know the story, but he won with a broken neck! Not only is a great personal achievement, but he had a built-in gimmick that has worked for years.
  3. Entrance Theme - One of the best ever, even before the crowd got involved with the "you suck!" chants.
  4. Moonsault - If we had to rank his top moments, pretty sure this would make the top 3. I mean it's a skyhigh. moonsault. OFF THE CAGE!
  5. Milk Bath - Another moment that would probably top the list would be his parody of Austin's beer bath. I read somewhere it wasn't actually milk though! *dun-dun-duuunnn!*

Top comment goes to BIGPALE -

"Need him as a face? Watch his work in 2001 feuding with Austin.
Need him as a heel? Watch him in 2003 feuding with Brock.
He could be a brawler (street fight with Shane)
He could be a grappler (03 Rumble title match with Benoit)
He could be a technician (Mania 19 with Brock)
He could be a little guy (NWO 06 with Undertaker)
He could be a monster (SummerSlam 02 with Rey)
He could delight on the biggest stage (Mania 17 with Benoit)
He could delight on the smallest stage (Impact matches with Samoa Joe)
He could carry you (2002 feud with Hogan)
He could go toe to toe with the masters (Mania 21 with HBK)"


via upload.wikimedia.org

Now to the bad:

  1. Personal Problems - It's well documented all the legal issues that have followed Kurt. Along with the substance abuse, divorce, and injuries. I wouldn't say it's totally derailed his career, but for the WWE to just release and let him go off to fight wherever is unfortunate. His talent should have kept him with the WWE until he retired.
  2. TNA Run - Specifically within the past few years. I honestly haven't followed it, but you guys said that he has mailed it in overall. Also mentioned was the bumps he still takes, and how scary it is to watch.
  3. Burned Bridges - Sounds like the end of his WWE run was pretty bad. Kurt said he was working hurt and couldn't keep up. Reports sounded like it was more than just that though. Vince did say he would welcome Kurt back with open arms, so we'll see!
  4. Jeff Jarrett Feud - Awkward.
  5. Bright Light - Burned out fast. Unfortunately Kurt in his prime was short lived, wish we could have seen it for a longer period of time, but the ride was amazing while it lasted.

Top comment goes to jpspaid - "I’ve done a few of these already and Kurt Angle’s ‘Random Early 2000’s NBA All-Star Analogy’ was by far the easiest. You have to look for someone who was one of the greatest of all time, but doesn’t necessarily have that legendary status (gets over shadowed and forgotten about easily). Tough as nails. Came a little bit out of nowhere. Dealt with some personal demons. A messy divorce/personal life. And most importantly someone who if the NBA/WWE announced was coming back for 1 game/match you’d be ALL IN for. Kurt Angle = Allen Iverson."

Finally, the poll. With 190 votes, Mr. Angle's average score is 4.3. Solid score, I bet if he has a quality final WWE run that number could go up a little more.

Great stuff, Cagesiders, tomorrow's pick...well, let's just say he has a fetish.

Until then!

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