A Negative Debut - Why Daniel Bryan isn't that good and the WWE Network is bad

So this is my first post, and I am sort of throwing myself to the wolves here, but I have a few thoughts on two of the biggest talking points in WWE right now - Daniel Bryan and the WWE Network.

I will start with the network and a question I have for everyone reading this, am I the only one who thinks this might not be a great idea from a fans point of view? I mean I get that its a big deal and we get PPV's for peanuts but that is my main concern, will we then get peanuts for PPV's?

Let me elaborate. There is a well known saying "you get what you pay for", and I am just worried that this is the case here. Could this lead to WWE just simply not trying very hard. On the current model they have a reason to try hard, they desperately want you to order the PPV so they pull out all the stops to create a card that you will buy, but with the network and its 6 month subscription, you have already bought in, so does this give them less of a reason to try?

I may be wrong and am missing something here, and I don't think the WWE Network is a bad idea, I just wonder if they should have kept PPV's off of it, especially Wrestlemania.

Now the next thing I want to address is going to cause total uproar, but hey, its all fun..

Daniel Bryan really isn't that great. I don't understand why all I ever see is comment after comment about how people want him to win everything and rule the world. All I see in the comments on CSC is Bryan this, protect Bryan that, I hope they don't do this with Bryan, I hope they do this with Bryan, etc... I dont know what type of wrestling fan you can "class" me as, but Daniel Bryan really doesn't do that much for me.

He looks more like a homeless guy than a Superstar, don't get me wrong I don't hate the guy, I think some stuff he does is cool, but he's not what I would call Main Event. He's more a Chris Jericho kinda guy or as one of my favorite games of all time EWR would class him, an Upper Midcarder.

People keep talking about how they want him to be the main man at Wrestlemania 30, but I honestly couldn't care less if he wasn't even involved. I will be honest the only match that would interest me involving him is against Shawn Michaels.

When I was a kid/teen all of my friends loved wrestling, there was a big group of us and we used to watch it all the time and talk about it even more, we are all still friends but many of them have faded out of the wrestling fanbase. Where I personally watch most WWE programming, us as a wrestling group only get together now for 2 occasions, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. The comments I hear from my peers are always the same, "who is this guy", "this is rubbish", "they ruin all the surprises". People like Daniel Bryan just don't excite them, I guess the point I am trying to make is people like Daniel Bryan don't excite the "casual" type of fan, the ones that were once WWE enthusiasts. I wouldn't class myself as a casual fan as I catch most Raws and PPVs, but like I have said, he just doesn't have that star power for me. I am sure there will be lots of comments telling me how I have no clue what I am talking about :)

I'll end on a bit of a cooler note, here is my predicted Wrestlemania Card based on current storylines/rumours, there are also some variables listed.

Most obvious card on current storylines

WWE World Championship
Randy Orton vs Batista

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

John Cena vs Hulk Hogan or a Cena/Hogan tag match.

HHH vs CM Punk

Daniel Bryan vs Shawn Michaels

Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose

Ryback vs Goldberg


If Sting signs for WWE I expect it to be Undertaker vs Sting. This would free up Brock Lesnar which I think would mean he wins the title from Orton before Mania and defends and loses it against Batista at Mania. This would free up Orton and I would expect him to feud with Roman Reigns at Mania. I also think WWE really want Hogan vs Cena, and not a tag match. Whether Hogan can do it or not is another debate but I always have thought this is their desire.

Thats all I got, sorry I rushed most of this, next time I will put a bit more time in, but I will look forward to hearing peoples comments about everything I have written about here.


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