Paige's Cageside Evaluation

Her name is Paige and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about The NXT Women's Champ. Here's the full evaluation.

Okay, Cagesiders, how did Paige fair with you brutes? Let's start with the good stuff.

  1. In-Ring Work - She knows her way around the squared circle, a tough brawler that fits nicely with her gimmick. While she is known to headbutt an opponent or two, she is quite the technician and works through her matches at a smooth pace. It's amazing that she's only 21 years young, plenty of time to continue improving.
  2. Character - She's got charisma that crowds just love and is able to connect with them every time she talks or has a match. She's the "Anti-Diva" in NXT so it will be interesting if she keeps that since AJ sort of carries that honor at the moment.
  3. Pedigree - Well her Mom, Dad, and two brothers are all wrestlers! That has to help having people who know the business around you at all times, it allows for more knowledge to be passed around at a fast pace.
  4. Looks - A Brit with a booty, aww yeah!

That was it for trends, but good mic skills were also mentioned for her.

My favorite comment goes to BryanDanielson'sBeard - "She can go in the ring, isn’t afraid to throw headbutts in or go full on brawl, she has the perfect gimmick in the Anti-Diva and actually cares about the business rather than modelling. (see her winning the Woman’s NXT title. Not ashamed to say that got me teary.)"



Now onto the bad stuff.

  1. Finisher - This was easily your #1 complaint about Paige. The move takes a bit to setup, and can look really bad if her opponent doesn't sell it right. Hopefully it changes, I can already see EvaBot screwing this one up.
  2. Confusion - In regards to how she is portraying her gimmick. She's supposed to be this bad-ass Anti-Diva, but comes off a spoiled brat in some segments. She's also pretty petite so it's not super believable.
  3. Accent - It's a good and a bad thing, can hurt her promos, but it also sets her apart from the other women.
  4. No Promotion - Many of you guys think she should be on the main roster by now. Especially when people like JoJo and Aksana are there. Before she was under 21, so WWE was waiting on that. Recently, she's been out so WWE is waiting on her return for hopefully a promotion to the main stage!

That was about it for what you guys loathed. There was a mention or two about better ring psychology and she needs a big feud.

My favorite comments belongs to Vidence - "Her Anti-Diva character is better in theory than in execution, and needs work before she’s ready for the main roster. She’s supposed to be a “fightah” but she comes across too often as a petulant teenager with the way her character acts at times. Still needs work in the ring. Her athleticism and move-set are good, and she has a bunch of potential, but she needs work on psychology and storytelling to really put wrestling “matches” together, rather than just executing wrestling moves. The Paige-Turner is inconsistent as a finisher."

Finally the poll! With 139 votes, Ms. Paige's average score is 4.1. Wow, so I think we can safely assume most people are voting on the Diva's curve. I would say there's an NXT curve as well, but Bo Dallas got a 2.8 and he's the champ!

Thanks everyone, tomorrow we will be looking at our first TNA talent! Woo!...??? I...I said our first TNA talent!!

Until then!

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