John Cena: I Cater to Youth Audience

In a guest appearance on HLN's Showbiz Tonight, John Cena discussed how younger and older audiences react to him. His presence on the show, and guest appearances on Katie Couric's syndicated talker, also reinforce why no one else is more important to WWE.

Similar to his past appearance on ESPN Sportsnation, WWE Superstar John Cena served as not only a guest but also as a co-host on HLN's Showbiz Tonight broadcast last night.

Under the heading of #CenaSays (the use of which may be the basis for Cena vs Rock, Thrice in a Lifetime), the fourteen time World Champ weighed in on celebrity gossip topics of the day like Kanye West and Justin Beiber.  When discussing The Beibs recent troubles with his neighbors, edible grocery items and the law, John compared the singer's public persona to his own:

A lot of times you don't put into perspective how many people really take what you do as an impression on their daily lives. I have a great grasp on that. I enjoy a youthful audience and I truly cater to them. Rather than the older demographic that really doesn't think I'm as cool. It doesn't score me cool points and I lose a bit of street cred, but I get parents coming up to me all the time saying, 'Hey, keep doing what you're doing because my kid loves you.'

It's a nice soundbite that encapsulates a lot of what frustrates hardcore teenage and adult fans about Cena, and illuminates his own awareness and commitment to his character regardless of that frustration.  Those in the internet wrestling community still clamoring for a heel turn to freshen up his character probably won't like it one bit.

But watch the leader of the Cena-tion weave his way through the piece.  He humors the anchor, provides playful and serious takes on the issues thrown at him (just being as versed on tabloid fodder as he is on sports news is amazing given his busy schedule) and pitches his new fitness product while making it sound like he only created it to help you be a better person.  It all reinforces why these shows are always not only willing but anxious to have him appear.

This appearance is on the same junket that saw "The Champ" visit Katie Couric for two segments on her talk show, to plug everything from the 10 Week BodyChange program to Be a STAR.

The respect Cena gets from mainstream media outlets and the confidence that WWE has that he will represent the company well regardless of what topic he's presented are both unmatched by anyone else currently associated with the company, except maybe for Dwayne Johnson (and at this point, John is much more available to and identified with the McMahon family business than Rocky).  It underscores how important he is to them as they head into WrestleMania season and prepare for their biggest move since the first Mania in 1985.

And why many think it will be shocking if he isn't carrying the titles as dates like February 24th and April 6th approach.

Is Cena the most important person for WWE's current business?  Does that mean he should be the WWE World Heavyweight champ?

What do you think, Cagesiders?

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