Analyzing the Daniel Bryan-Bray Wyatt Rivalry Post Bryan Concussion: What Should WWE Do?



Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt's rivalry is at major risk and so is Bryan's main event push. Even though the Bearded Dragon (a play on his nickname) is the most over professional wrestler since the days of Stone Cold Steve Austin, WWE still sees him as a simple midcard superstar and I can't help but continue to say push everytime he is included in the main event spotlight.

In case you haven't heard, earlier today rumors started circulating that Daniel Bryan may have suffered a concussion last night following his cage match with fellow tag team partner Bray Wyatt against The Usos.

Many fans were skeptical about his concussion because of the way he carried on after the steel cage match where he turned on Bray Wyatt, beat him down, and climb to the top of the cage to celebrate with the fans. However, Bryan was seen taking pretty hard bumps last night and according to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline, the feeling backstage in WWE is that Daniel Bryan has suffered a concussion.

Of course, more information on this will be reported over the next few days and it could end up being just a case of the worries, even if the feelings did come from backstage in WWE.

If Daniel Bryan is suffering from a concussion and it is severe (hopefully its not) this may affect his rivalry against Bray Wyatt. This may not seem horrible but Bray Wyatt is set to be heavily pushed over the next year or so.

Daniel Bryan working with such a major project would be excellent him. Maybe after last nights Stone Cold Steve Austin type ovation, WWE is finally realizing what they have in their hands and that pairing Bryan against Wyatt may be a great solution for making Wyatt a superstar and Bryan a legitimate champion.

Though, the concussion may or may not affect this. Bray Wyatt is being pushed either way but it would be beneficial to Daniel Bryan to jump on the Bray train right now and help Wyatt rise to stardom where there may be a potential WWE Championship shot waiting for both men.

IF Bryans concussion is serious and he will need a month or two off, WWE going the logical route would be something like Bray Wyatt constantly cutting promos on Bryan; calling him out and challenging him to matches or something along those lines. It wouldn't hurt for WWE to have these two be in a non physical rivalry during the early parts of their rivalry.

Bray Wyatt could focus on the Intercontinental Championship until Bryan;s return or feud with CM Punk which could also help Punks up and coming rivalry against Triple H. Hunter could be "the Devil" that Bray talked about when he and the Wyatt Family attacked Punk and Bryan a while back and now that Bryan is out of the picture, Triple H is sicking the Wyatts back on Punk.

It could work.

I do see WWE going the complete opposite way and forgetting the whole rivalry all together and focusing Bray Wyatt on someone else, possibly still CM Punk. Which wouldn't be bad but I fear that Bryan will be left out of a blockbuster feud that could send both men's careers right for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Though, I am being positive and hoping Bryan is okay. Like I said, it could be just a case of the worries since a lot of people backstage believe Bryan is a big draw and that concussions are becoming more likely in WWE.

Whether Daniel Bryans concussion is serious or not, I advise WWE to not rush his return no matter what. I feel like Dolph Ziggler was rushed back to television after his concussion in April (Ziggler returned in June) which could have played a part in Zigglers most recent concussion.

Oh and WWE, don't have Bryans first return opponent kick him in the head..that's stupid.

Let me know what you think cagesiders! Do you think Bryans concussion is serious?

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