Former TNA star Matt Morgan leaving wrestling


A couple of days ago, former TNA Tag Team Champion Matt Morgan annouced that he was "leaving the professional wrestling business".

According to an interview on, Matt has some good things going on in his life, including the birth of his first child Jackson after a 10 year struggle of trying to conceive. Matt posted this on Twitter on Tuesday:

"By the grace of God, we welcomed our first born Jackson Morgan into the world earlier today!!! Thx for all ur prayers guys! #GodIsGreat"

He has also accepted a job as a Regional Manager at a "big time medical device company", which he states offered him a lot more money to work for them than TNA or WWE offered.

He is the current NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion, and stated that he is not retiring from the business as he will still take independent bookings. However, he will no longer accept any offers from TNA or WWE.

I applaud Matt Morgan for focusing on his family and finding a career outside of a major market wrestling promotion that makes him happy. I also want to congratulate him on having his first child, as me and my wife struggled to have our second child due to complications (it took 4 long, tough years for us).

But when I think of Matt Morgan, I always think of lost potential. At 7'0 328 lbs, he was athletic, strong and had a bright future. He was also someone that WWE didn't want to spend time working on after 2 stints on the main roster. His work in Japan was great and he learned a lot about what it took to be a main attraction.

His arrival in TNA was strong as he was pushed to be the next big thing in wrestling. But after a couple small pushes, he was a victim of "creative has nothing for you". Poor booking and poor mismanagement of his character (outside of winning the Tag Team Championship) led to some forgettable moments in TNA (and they wonder why we call it LOLTNA).

Your thoughts, Cagesiders?


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