SPA's YES and NO's, TNA Impact 9/5/13

You may be opening up this fanpost and saying 'what qualifications does SPA have to write such a fanpost?' I've been watching TNA since 2004. I've suffered enough to be considered an expert on TNA or, at the very least, an actual fan, but more likely insane for sitting through nearly 10 years of this.

On to the idea, I will go through the matches and angles and each one will be given a YES! or a NO! At the end, we'll tally the number of YES's and the number of NO's and determine an overall grade.

Let's do this:

Aces and Eights Opening Segment: NO!

The segment did good in one aspect of setting up what was to come later on in Impact, but it was just boring in its delivery, I firmly believe Bully Ray is one of the top guys on the mic when he has someone to play off, but most of the Aces and Eights are charismatic blackholes (Bischoff, Brisco, Knux and Tito) while Anderson has the most charisma of the rest of the goons and the segment, while it established what was to come, shouldn't have kicked things off. It started the show off on a slow note.

Knux vs Chris Sabin: YES!

While I was initially inclined to give the match a NO! because it was mediocre -- and if it had accomplished nothing I would for sure be giving it a NO! -- Sabin getting DQ'ed for using the hammer on Knux looked kinda cool and set up something necessary in my mind.

Sabin and Velvet Sky backstage segment: YES!

The segment was short and it was just Velvet Sky trying to calm down her boyfriend, who was rightfully upset. This is why the previous match was a YES! Sabin has been screwed not once but twice by the Aces and Eights; he should show some rage and he should be pissed. First, he lost his title and now lost to Knux via DQ (speaking of which, Sabin's title rematch happened when? THANKS, OBAMA) Also, using Velvet was a smart choice. With partner Shelley in Japan and nowhere near TNA, Velvet was the only person who would truly care what happened to Sabin.

Mickie James Promo: NO!

Granted it set up an attack from ODB, but Mickie James went from a smart manipulative competitor to being the most ditsy and annoying teenager over the age of 30 in just one week. James made it slightly better than it should have ever been, but it was still just unnecessary. It portrayed her as the exact type of girl ODB hates and make sense in that aspect, but the ODB vs. James feud doesn't need James to become a stereotypical pro wrestling diva to work.

BFG Series Last Chance Gauntlet: YES!

One of only 4 matches of the entire night and the one that had the least to do with Aces and Eights (Yes, Anderson was in it, but really he didn't make much of an Impact ... that was not a pun)this match was given the proper amount of time to seem actually important, and Tenay and Tazz did their best despite being awful to make it seem as important as they could. The match was close to 30 minutes and the commercial breaks, although a pain in the ass, were put in the right spots. AJ winning was absolutely the right choice, even if it was the most obvious one. AJ has the most momentum of anyone in the Bound for Glory Series, and arguably in TNA as a whole, and the crowds love him.

Gunner and James Storm vs Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco: NO!

The match was not very good, and the most annoying, least talented and dickfaced of all the Aces and Eights won a match over the tag team champions....BAD TNA.....BAD! No more needs to be said really

AJ chooses his Opponent for BFG Series Semi Finals: YES!

AJ has a solid reason for choosing Austin Aries and it was that he didn't want to lose to Aries in the BFG Series and did, and wants to avenge his loss. Now add in the fact that that match will be epic if TNA leaves it alone and allows it to have a clean finish.

Magnus said to Bobby Roode he didn't need the Muppets like Stadler and Waldorf to help him get where he is and that he did it on his own, he claimed Roode may have friends but Magnus has a family in the Main Event Mafia.

Sting vs Bully Ray in a NO DQ: YES! but barely

This match gets a YES! for one reason and one reason only, and no it was not the brilliant technically ability shown by both young men in the main event. No, this match ended with Anderson standing up to Bully and not only embracing his inner asshole but turning it up to about an 11 while he stood over Bully and announced he will challenge him for the title next week. He went on to say Anderson about three times while most likely showering Bully in massive amounts of spit.

Impact overall: 5 YES! to 3 NO!, and while it wasn't the greatest impact or the worst I think it sits solidly at about a C+, a Solid C+ and next week should be great.

It looks like TNA couldn't mess it up, but we all know better... so we all know they could and probably will.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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