The Notorious Eddie Mac Presents: 201 Signs You're A Wrestling Fan

Over the past couple nights, something glorious happened: #YouKnowYoureAWrestlingFanWhen trended worldwide on Twitter. Fans and wrestlers alike (even WWE themselves) got in on the act. So, because you're reading this post, you are probably a wrestling fan. Here are 201 signs that are indeed just that. Some are serious, but most are just funny. How many of them can you relate to?

NOTE: All tweets are copied verbatim, spelling and grammatical errors and all, with credit to their Twitter handle.

You know you're a wrestling fan when...

  1. you're signing a contract with your new job, but instead you flip the table over and give your boss a stunner. (@RadioInfluence)
  2. people talk about the number "434" as if it's a relevant number in today's society OTHER than wrestling
  3. you spit out your gum and smack it in some random direction. (@JaimsVanderBeek)
  4. You want Iron Sheik to give you camel clutch and break your back. (@the_ironsheik)
  5. you quote JR's classic commentary of Mankind vs Undertaker in normal situations. (@Mupphits)
  6. you scream out "OOOOH YEAH" during a graduation (@Heinekenrana)
  7. you're the #VoiceOfTheVoiceless person in your home. (@ValentyneDreams)
  8. you call your workplace's breakroom "backstage" (@BotchedSpot)
  9. you practiced a headlock on your dog and whispered highspots in his ear. "Tackle. Dropdown. Hump mom's leg." (@TheeBlueMeanie)
  10. you lift a friend's arm three times before officially declaring him passed out. (@KayfabeNews)
  11. you know that this guy is the original "Nature Boy" and the first WWWF Champion. (@BryanIsWWE)
  12. you see a table and wonder what it would be like to put someone through it. (@AgentM)
  13. you watch all forms of the sport, not just WWE. (@MzBizrachiAngel)
  14. you name your children Katie Vick and Claire Lynch. (@WNSource)
  15. You get out of the car to stretch and you do the @ShawnMichaels pose (@WrestleSubtitle)
  16. All your plans revolve around wrestling shows. (@ZigglersQueen81)
  17. someone asks what time is it & in your head you shout "IT'S CLOBBERING TIME!" (@AlishaWWEDiva)
  18. you're ready to go to war with anyone who hates on your favorite wrestler. (@Cenas_Girl_)
  19. You can identify a wrestler by looking at their nips. (@PatriotLock)
  20. The words "Yes" and "No" are said with more effort. (@YESteveNo)
  21. you're in a heated argument and you bust out with "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK" before walking off. (@CailonKing)
  22. Everytime you see F5 on the keyboard you think Brock Lesnar's finisher. (@WWEDiehard4)
  23. Every time you have something important to say, you'd feel more comfortable holding a microphone. (@IWCMember)
  24. You refer to a promotion at work as "getting a push."
  25. everytime you hear "O Canada", you think of this promo: ... (@DaretoDream1225)
  26. your teacher says "the millions and millions" and you automatically think of @TheRock! (@nicole_rose_54)
  27. You never make plans for Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays (@CiiCii04)
  28. You scream "Excuse Me!?" like Vickie. (@MizfitKristina)
  29. You do the Vince McMahon power walk down a corridor! (@Smoniz2k9)
  30. You tried to speak in tongues because Undertaker used to do that. (@MarkinOut)
  31. you obsses over wrestling couples. *coughstephandhhhcough* (@WonderfulJoBros)
  32. you hear The RAW GM's noise and you wait for Michael Cole to pop from nowhere to say, "And I Quote..." (@TheCorreDivas)
  33. When people say SMH, I have to remind myself that they don't mean Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. (@CaigeCollect)
  34. you're going to dress as a #WWE superstar for Halloween. Not because they're scary, but because you can. (@JordynJealousy)
  35. you see static and think of CM Punk. (@ItsThatBrad)
  36. Daffney isn't a Scooby Doo character (@NickGator)
  37. you think @WrestleMania should be a national holiday. (@WWEUniverse)
  38. you can sing the @TripleH Theme Song!! (@myMotorhead)
  39. You can slap a tornado and can dry up the sea. (@Vom_Kriege)
  40. you class your friends as your Survivor Series team. #TeamCloughForTheWin (@PatrickJClough)
  41. your dressed up in a suit, wearing shades and throw up 4 fingers like a Horseman. (@mexiconcarne)
  42. You cut a promo in the mirror coming out the shower (@darius_winn)
  43. you think you know me. (@NickGator)
  44. you're counting the days to @WrestleMania XXX. (213 if you're wondering) (@notoriouseddie)
  45. missing last weeks episode of Raw made me more upsetting than splitting up with my girlfriend after 2 years. (@91LFB)
  46. You ever had nightmares as a kid of the voodoo man setting your shoes on fire and making you puke black oil. (@IVPVideos)
  47. people ask what u do for a living & ur answer is professional rassler. (@funtimeshelly)
  48. you hear a window shatter and you start looking around frantically for @steveaustinBSR to appear. (@kspinks4485)
  49. When you fanboyed when The Rock came back! (@Eminem_Irishfan)
  50. Someone starts doing something boring & "boring" chants start happening in your head. (@AskStevensWWE)
  51. You... #WHAT? When yo... #WHAT? I said whe... #WHAT? (@Smacknetwork)
  52. You hear the theme for 2001: A Space Odyssey, and scream, "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" (@NYRfan46)
  53. your nearing 30 but still believe you'll headline Mania someday and win the title #deluded (@P1NDSTER)
  54. you get pissed off you cant watch Global Championship Wrestling because you don't get @ESPNClassic.(@MartyDeRosa)
  55. you're in church and the pastor talks about the King of Kings and you wait for @TripleH's music. (@Smarkrage)
  56. it comes crashing down and it hurts inside.
  57. you constantly put fellow @SportsCenter anchors in the Figure Four. (@RoFloESPN)
  58. you skip everywhere you go. @WWEAJLee (@babyd011_)
  59. you end your sentences with "and thats the bottom line!" (@billinio)
  60. you look forward to and enjoy Thursday Nights for @IMPACTWRESTLING (@BiPolaRican47)
  61. you go see a crappy movie because a wrestler is in it! (@SmileyXenia)
  62. You think of Jim Cornette when you see an old tennis racket in the case. (@RufusJonz)
  63. you know who this big beauty is. #valvenis (@AlexSadurski)
  64. you think "Holler, If Ya Hear Me!" would make a great catchphrase for a hearing aid company (@SeanCarlucci)
  65. you have the attendance record for Wrestlemania 3 completely memorized. (@DisneyMike313)
  66. you refer yourself as third person @TheRock (@darius_winn)
  67. you see your reflection in the mirror and try to Stun his sorry ass. (@steveaustinBSR)
  68. you say No Mercy is the best wrestling video game ever and people nod in agreement. You're nodding aren't ya? (@notoriouseddie)
  69. when you wish Howard Finkle would introduce you anytime you walk into a room (@xRazorsEdgex)
  70. your power goes out and think The Undertaker is playing mind games. (@TheFansPodcast)
  71. you see a ladder in a store and instantly think....LADDER MATCH! (@HellcatPerez)
  72. you know who @arda_ocal is :-)" (@Hab_At_It)
  73. visiting Bleacher Report makes you ill. (@Paul_Mc7)
  74. someone tries to steal one of your fries and you put them in a sleeper hold. (@Whataburger)
  75. you saw Edge Spear Jeff Hardy at WM17 and it was one of the best Spots ever :) (@bestheelever)
  76. Your nickname is The Super Destroyer (@HDArmstrong1)
  77. 21-0 is more than a sports score! (@MarcusPowell87)
  78. you try to roll your eyes back to look like the Undertaker. (@thejordaka)
  79. You know why it's called the "Gorilla Position" #RIPGorillaMonsoon (@theatlanticvamp)
  80. u drink a can of beer n crush it on ur head (@shervin360)
  81. you dodge Twitter and Facebook for all of Monday until the evening to avoid any PPV spoilers. (@callis1987)
  82. you hear the term "sports entertainment" & suddenly want to kill everyone you see. (@scrapdaddyAP)
  83. you think the New World Order has nothing to do with politics. #nWo4Life. (@MarkMizzouSteel)
  84. you watch old wrestlemania's on a Friday and Saturday night instead of going out (@isakhan1_)
  85. you RKO people just for fun. (@jackleahy97)
  86. you watch Lucha Libre and dont speak spanish. (@JaimsVanderBeek)
  87. you get excited that something about wrestling is trending #1 :) (@ModelAndreaEve)
  88. everytime you bake something you say "can you smell what the rock is cooking" (@samharrisisdead)
  89. You have Hulk Hogans Real American theme memorized. (@BigNeL__)
  90. anytime you see a table you wanna put somebody through it via powerbomb (@Knucklehead_514)
  91. your favourite award show each year is the Slammy's (@dakidder)
  92. the doors open at 7pm and you've been waiting since 3pm (@gavlar87)
  93. you say "Stratusfaction" instead of "Satisfaction" @trishstratuscom. (@hellcatperez)
  94. you smash 2 coke cans together then drink them while you hold them up in the air (@incredibleculp)
  95. you can remember Robocop being at WCW Starcade '89. (@troysoare)
  96. You point at someone and say "You're next!" (@RealPaulMagee)
  97. you give your pillow the people's elbow. (@RichardSAlvarez)
  98. You announce yourself over the P.A. System (@thehachland)
  99. life gets you down you plan on turning heel (@91LFB)
  100. You've ever incorporated an elbow drop into foreplay. (@thesteelcage)
  101. you go to extreme lengths not to admit it to anyone. (@ChairshotPod)
  102. a person with orange skin is totally normal to you (@rancho_king33)
  103. you think Hardy Boys, you don't think solving mysteries, you think solving the too many painkillers issue. (@JaimsVanderBeek)
  104. you're under the impression that, the fatter a man is, the better he will be in hand-to-hand combat. (@NotThatTomGreen)
  105. ou want to grab a chair and smash people over the head when they call wrestling 'fake' (@Jezabeth001)
  106. you asked the lady at the perfume store is they sell Arrogance. (@VBrodeur)
  107. everything you do has a three-second limit. (@three_kay)
  108. you see a girl fight, but think "well at least it will be over in two minutes exactly. (@DynaMoChen)
  109. you wish the WWE would bring back the F and the Attitude Era. (@gage973)
  110. you've never questioned why the cops on tv wrestling shows uniforms don't match the actual city uniforms. (@TheeBlueMeanie)
  111. you still bump John Cena's album (@NickyCampz)
  112. you go to a wedding and expect a run in (@Platinum_Page)
  113. you start talking in third person (@OfficialSwitch)
  114. You call other players jabronies (@MetalNinja247)
  115. You watched Mucha Lucha even though it was shit (@adamjgosling)
  116. if you've ever won anything "With a broken fircken NECK!" (@MattBarretta)
  117. you plan out your whole entrance, move set, attire and gimmick in your head. (@twistoffates)
  118. You've seen Motley Crue, POD, Drowning Pool, Saliva, MGK, Flo Rida perform live but never been to a concert. (@7SteelersRings)
  119. you learned the difference between "there," "their" and "they're" from @CMPunk. (@KayfabeNews)
  120. You're about to spend two hours discussing Raw ratings. (@RDWburns)
  121. you randomly break down in a Teddy Long dance. (@RealFranchise)
  122. you see your kids jumping on the bed and your first reaction is to clothes line them in mid-air (@YourDailyAccess)
  123. barber shops bring back horrific memories (@ZugIreland)
  124. You hear 3 Doors Down and you instantly think of Eddie. (@bestheelever)
  125. you remember when Superstars were called Wrestlers (@TheFansPodcast)
  126. You watch the last 8 mins of NCIS on Monday nights waiting for raw. (@SmarkRage)
  127. When you try to mimmick Ric Flair's strut (@BarrettM1984)
  128. You rather watch Total Divas more than TNA.
  129. you can think of the perfect JR catchphrase to commentate every moment of your day. (@FacevHeel)
  130. someone has a spazz attack and you say "And if you're not down with that, they've got two words for ya!" (@LynchtheJag)
  131. you call the fattest person you know The Big Show (@CFindlay1996)
  132. you refer to something fresh as NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (@NickGator)
  133. you say that jim jones without a doubt highjacked ballin From MVP! (@alwaysshowtime)
  134. you know the Russian national anthem off by heart (@pagemagan)
  135. You remember who randy orton beat for his first world heavy weight title (@MylesBoomsma)
  136. You plan your vacation around Wrestlemania (@WarblerDisco)
  137. you buy a @reymysterio mask and wear it even to your bathroom. 619 for Life! (@Mthakar_)
  138. you "sell" an injury to get a day-off. (@BenjaminSDennis)
  139. smells like teen spirit is known to you as DDPs old theme (@mistercota)
  140. you say "Really? Really?" All the time. (@reneemizanin)
  141. you shout "you suck" when sombody did something you didn't like (@GavinstylesBITW)
  142. your girlfriend gets on top of you & you instinctively kick out (@JasonSteed14)
  143. You wouldn't even CONSIDER leaving the house before 8:05 on Saturday night. (@AmberGertner)
  144. Fandango is not just a cheap way to get movie tickets. (@DXFlyers)
  145. You know the majority of city's in the US purely because wrestlers are from there (@EdWilson87)
  146. You thought the movie "Wrath of the Titans" took place in Connecticut. (@TheSkullBase)
  147. you go to laundromats, punch people while holding a roll of quarters, & shove the roll back down your pants (@NatBaimel)
  148. the #WCW trend pisses you off (@ImOver9Thousand)
  149. you nearly have a heart attack in certain near falls (@DevinGSureFire)
  150. You had thousands invested in ICO-PRO. (@50FootBlake)
  151. You''ve fantasy booked next years Wrestlemania in your head the day after the current one. (@Vom_Kriege)
  152. you have at least one picture with a friend doing the HBK/Diesel pose (@IVPVideos)
  153. you're sad that Coliseum Video didn't last long enough to be called Coliseum DVD (@SeanCarlucci)
  154. You're ready to chant "E-C-W!" at a moment's notice. (@IAmMrMystery)
  155. you like to quietly walk up behind people, and yell "DAMN!" really loud (@SMDigitalAgency)
  156. you did it for The Rock (@HassanMiguel91)
  157. you constantly link wrestling storylines with real life (@TomDryland)
  158. you get funny looks from coworkers when you randomly shout out that you're the #BestInTheWorld. (@Scotty2HottyBK)
  159. you're in a restaurant and start chanting feed me more! (@LukieBoy44)
  160. the word "over" has a whole different meaning to you. (@Felixalicea)
  161. you hear that Justin Bieber has sold out MSG you are like Bitch Please @SammartinoBruno 187 times. (@DDPCutter3)
  162. some of the worst days of your life were when Benoit and Guerrero died :( (@oil_fell)
  163. you can name all Three Faces of Mick Foley (@sumikobraun)
  164. you go to put www in the search bar and end up putting @WWE. (@WWEScarletKiss)
  165. you are at a high energy event and you keep yelling "CAN YOU FEEL THE INTENSITY" (@Harpronius)
  166. You say I would get such a POP if I piledrive her & you do this RIGHT NOW oldest Diva (@THETOMMYDREAMER)
  167. Thanksgiving makes you think of the Survivor Series. (@TheFansPodcast)
  168. you travel out of state, to multiple states, for shows. (@MzBizrachiAngel)
  169. you've had buyer's remorse after a bad PPV. (@notoriouseddie)
  170. Gun shots go off every time your punches are recapped. (@AEPodcast)
  171. You know more about the Montreal Screwjob than the Kennedy Assassination. (@IAmMrMystery)
  172. pink and black seems like a fashionable choice (@Heels2Faces)
  173. you find this picture hysterical. (@JaimsVanderBeek)
  174. chyna is the only woman you are scared of (@FuckWitDisTweet)
  175. everything you love is just pretend (@mopheadBBK)
  176. you've grown tired of explaining to people how it's not fake. It's predetermined. (@fruitypebble)
  177. Fruity Pebbles is more than just a cereal now to you. (@CubbieFan86)
  178. you Hulk Up whenever you've slept in and need to rush yourself out of bed to get to work. (@LukeHowells)
  179. someone compliments you and you're reply is, I'm the best their is, was, and ever will be!! (BobWragg75(
  180. some one puts a hand out for help and you tag yourself in (@tronny2329)
  181. You know exactly what TWO WORDS you have for somebody (@Pablo_Delgado17)
  182. You never question the legitimacy of Kane and Undertakers "brotherhood". A dead brother back? Sure why not! (@JennaDisarray)
  183. you have the urge to give a bad TV show or movie MINUS. FIVE. STARS. (@notoriouseddie)
  184. you hear the word "hurricane" and u expect green lighting and @ShaneHelmsCom to appear. (@H2HCrelly)
  185. you don't associate We The People with a preamble (@Heels2Faces)
  186. You know that we're not all toothless, dumb rednecks that think it's real. (@A11ison_Marie)
  187. You TRY this at school, home or everywhere ;) (@PiotrSoltysiak)
  188. you spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool (@Kill3rGumball)
  189. you try to replicate current feuds with the rosters on N64 wrestling games. (@SpineMarker)
  190. before you quit your job, you drop a pipe bomb on your boss. (@Mikepresley64)
  191. you're still waiting on those ice cream bars (@HRGhost)
  192. You used to have to make a serious decision which company to watch on Monday Nights (@ShieldArmy12)
  193. you hear a girl say "Real Talk" and you turn around hoping its @mslayel or @McCoolMichelleL (@JosephHausman)
  194. You end statements with catch phrases. (@bolobolozenden)
  195. you're on the trampoline and you start laying the smackdown on your nieces and nephews for no reason. (@RJohnson005)
  196. The Rock & John Cena hugged after Wrestlemania 29, you cried. (@This_Is_Fatboy)
  197. you walk into a dark room with a lantern, followed by two family members, and creepily say "We're here." (@StevenBITW)
  198. the phrase "Stink, you're runk!" Is the funniest thing ever. (@craigversion2)
  199. Jimi Hendrix isn't the first person you think of when you hear this song: (@Roboduke)
  200. you still think @KendraLust would make a better GM than Vickie Guerrero. (@notoriouseddie)
  201. It's still real to me damnit!!!! (@notusama)

Your turn Cagesiders. Fill in the blank. You know you're a wrestling fan when _________.

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