TNA Impact results and open thread for Sept. 26: Hogan reacts!

Complete results and a place for you to discuss tonight's (Sept. 26, 2013) live episode of TNA "Impact" in Little Rock, Arkansas, as the build to "Bound for Glory" begins in earnest.

TNA Impact returns to a live broadcast tonight (Sept. 26, 2013) from Little Rock, Arkansas. This is the last live show for a while and should see things really start to get going for the next pay-per-view (PPV) on TNA's extremely limited PPV schedule.

Hulk Hogan is advertised as being on hand to address Dixie Carter and AJ Styles shooting on each other last week. The newly heel-ish Chris Sabin will face the X-Division champ, and probably a whole mess (emphasis on mess) of other stuff will go down, too.

I'll be honest with Cagesiders, this will probably be more of running results listing than a full commentary live blog. But since our usual band of Thursday night commenters are so darn entertaining, I hardly think you'll miss it.

So check back for full results, and be sure to follow along with the open thread posse as it all goes down come right back here at 9 p.m. ET on Spike TV.



C'mon TNA. Don't make us feel like we're pressing our luck (No whammies) by watching Impact.

Uh-oh.  The Aces and Eights are falling apart, brother!  Bully is only worried about his title shot, and his woman.  Knux is worried about the club, man!  A good way to settle it would be to kick out a member if they lose to the Main Event Mafia later tonight.  Is two or three guys really a "club"?  Aren't you just dudes hanging out in matching vests at that point?

Eric Young is starting to figure out this whole Abyss/Joseph Park thing y'all,

Gail Kim will team with The Bro-Mans against Young, ODB and Park.  That kind of got announced without a whole lot of fanfare.

Robbie E and Jessie Godderz are taking it to Park.  Fall-away slam gets the lawyer a tag, but the ref didn't see it!  Gail Kim is now kicking JP a lot.  I think he saw blood, or something motivated him to get a tag.  ODB motorboated Godderz, and now all of a sudden the ref isn't such a stickler for legality.  Everybody splashes him, then ODB pins Jessie.

Austin Aries is next!

A-Double in full face mode, with lots of love for Little Rock.  Kenny King interrupts, and they're actually revisiting Aries donning the Suicide costume to become X-Division champ in order to get a title shot.  Continuity!

Aries starts ripping clothes off to fight the disrespectful youngster, but Kenny says he doesn't want any part of it.  But he sucker punches Austin and runs.  Aries wants a ref, he gets one and we've got a match.

Kenny King is busted open - suck that PG!  Fun back and forth match win by Aries with a brain buster.

Lei'd Tapa is coming, and she's gonna yell a lot.

Aries and Sabin do not look like they're gonna get along.

Magnus is cracking y'all.  Samoa Joe says, don't worry, they'll get EGO.

Recap of Dixie and AJ SHOOTING - and Hulk Hogan is here to settle everything for us.

Hogan confirms that his fans in Little Rock want AJ to be a TNA employee.  He came out here to tell us that he's gonna fix it later.  That Hulkster, he's a problem solver.

Angle's coming back.

Chris Sabin is not above faking a knee injury, or throwing Velvet into harm's way.  It doesn't win him the X-Division title.  And Austin Aries came out to protect Manik and Sky, and their feud is on.

Knux is worried about the Aces and Eights falling apart.  Garett Bischoff is worried about his brothers.

AJ is open to hearing what Hogan has to say.

Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and Bobby Roode are funny mofos.  And I think they have bad intentions for Magnus.

Six-man action is go.  Magnus is all out of bubble gum, and then this whole thing has fallen apart really quickly.  To further fustercluck it, EGO comes out and attacks the Brit.

Sting getting worked over after the commercial.  Tag and Samoa Joe is on fire!  The Aces and Eights guys keeping saving each other as if their jobs depended on it or something.  Wes Briscoe taps out to the Samoan Submission Machine, and he's done in the club!  OMGZ

Ray comes down for some Bullying.  He wants Wes' kutte, but Briscoe says no!  The champ tells Knux and Bischoff to get it from him, but I smell a revolt.  Or just a stand around while the Pres clothelines and piledrives him out of his vest.  Bully wants Knux to hand him the leather, and he does after some deliberation.

Hogan and Styles walk - separately.

Clipboard-amania!  Hulk gets AJ a microphone and offers the Phenomenal One a new contract (it's on the clipboard).  AJ signs, but Dixie and her technicolor wardrobe burst in.

Carter sees potential in HH, but she doesn't need the phenomenally marginal one on her payroll.  She feels bad for the 99% who can't understand her struggle.  And she feels bad for the Hulkster's lapse in judgement tonight, and gives him a week to decide if he's gonna get on "Team Dixie".

Huck is perplexed, and that's our show.

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