WWE Night of Champions match card preview: Tag Team Turmoil


Not only are their five legitimate tag teams on the WWE roster, but they'll be duking it out for your free viewing pleasure tomorrow night. Who will head to the main Night of Champions card to face the champs? See what we think in this preview.

Tag Team Turmoil

Tons of Funk vs. 3MB vs. The Real Americans vs. The Primetime Players vs. The Usos

It will be a big night for two of the ten men in the free kick-off match for Night of Champions. In a gauntlet-style match where two tag teams will start off under traditional rules, with the winner immediately squaring off against a new set of challengers until only one team remains, the right to face tag team champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield will be earned.

The Road to Night of Champions

Jimmy and Jey Uso have the most experience with the tag champs. They came up just short in a wild match against the Hounds of Justice on the streaming pre-show to July's Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV). Since then, they have stayed around the fringes of the title scene - including making the save for Dolph Ziggler and being booked in a six-man tag against HHH's enforcers this past Friday night on Smackdown - and feel like they may be ready to make the move from perennial contenders to champs.

The Primetime Players have been on a roll. Their momentum was pushed by Darren Young's historic announcement last month, but WWE has been impressively subtle in their handling of his orientation and its effect on the reactions of crowds to he and tag partner Titus O'Neil. Based on their heightened profile, the resulting face turn and recent winning streak, they have to be considered serious challengers.

Antonio Cesaro's membership in The Real Americans has invigorated Jack Swagger, and Zeb Colter's two charges are now dangerous opponents for anyone - and not just because the Oklahoman likes to work stiff. They haven't seen the win column as much as Young and O'Neil, but they're capable of getting a good match out of anyone and can probably be expected to be the iron men of the seven o'clock hour.

3MB and Tons of Funk are definitely the least successful pairings on this list. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal do the job for, well, just about everyone else on the roster. Brodus Clay and Sweet T have been taking beatings of late from the conspicuous by their absence Wyatt Family. But who knows what a pair of conniving heels or humongous b-boys might be capable under the bright lights in the Motor City?

What's at stake?

A PPV shot at one of the hottest acts to debut in WWE for a long time. While it's possible the winners here could become tag champs, it's probably not terribly likely at this point in the Corporate H story. But a great showing on the hype-building internet kick-off followed by double-duty on the main card could be a career-defining for two of these ten.

And whether you have $50 or not, if you're reading this post - you can watch this match. Watch it Sunday, September 15th with your fellow Cagesiders, and discuss your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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