My Top 10 Favorites from TNA: The Tag Teams

As most of you who listen to my ramblings know I've loved TNA for so long and been watching it since 2004, one of the best things about TNA in that time, were the tag teams they've had MANY great tag teams and at some points the best tag division in American wrestling, sadly now its a shell of its former self. Also this list isn't about who is better, just who I liked more really.

*Also, I will be doing the same for the X-division sometime soon, probably this weekend*

10. Tomko and AJ Styles(AKA the Angle Alliance and Christian Coalition)



If I had to give you one solid reason I enjoyed them I really couldn't and perhaps its because I care about AJ that damn much, but I always cared about the team of AJ and Tomko, and it also doesn't hurt Christian managed them(big Christian Fan here)

9.The Naturals(Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas)



Maybe perhaps one of the most often forgot about Tag Teams of the early days, they held the tag titles on more than one occasion. The thing I like about them, is they were always a team from their matching gear(which I love) and sense of an actual tag team, they worked fluidly together and felt equal, like an actual tag team should in my mind)

8. The British Invasion(Doug Williams and Magnus)



I am a sucker for the anti America gimmick especially when a team can pull it off, and perhaps because they had amazing teams to play off of Team 3D,Beer Money and Motor City Machine Guns, but they were the most heel team at the time, easy to hate and I am a big sucker for Mr. Doug Williams and their handshaking entrance was so epic.

7.L.A.X.(Homicide and Hernandez)



Besides the fact that this team had a natural fluidity to them, perhaps the best thing about them, was their ability to switch from heel to face and be able to do both equally well, although Hernandez has been stuck with a 1000 different partners since then who come no where near LAX as a team, it really set up Hernandez as a solid tag team competitor and most of all, both guys can flat out wrestle.

6.Team 3D



If this was a rankings based off completely on talent and work, these guys would easily be top three, probably even 1, they are in my mind the best tag team of all time(yeah I said it)But these guys brought something a lot of other TNA tag teams couldn't add and its not their fault, but that thing is legitimacy. Not legitimacy simply because they were in the division and champions, but when TNA tag teams went against them and pulled off amazing matches, beyond those who love TNA, it creates a level of respect for that team.

5. America's Most Wanted(Chris Harris and James Storm)



You really can't have a top TNA tag team list of any kind without AMW probably the best team of TNA's early days, AMW was awesome from their ring gear to matches, from their feuds with Triple X to the Naturals, they could work with most teams and make it interesting. Also that team would give us James Storm who would eventually give us a tag team we will see in a little bit.....lets forget it spawned Braden Walker and leave it at that.

4. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels



Another one of the teams that helped carry the tag division and X-division, these two guys really did it all,fought for belts against each other and fought to defend belts with each other. AND, both guys are phenomenal wrestlers(pun....not intended) and their matches as a tag team just worked, probably because the fact that these guys are best friends translated incredibly well to TV.

3. Bad Influence(Kazarian and Christopher Daniels



Daniels should have been a TNA world champion in his career and although he never got that, he proved why he should have when matches up with Kaz, it seemed TNA just had nothing for both guys and threw them together out of lack of ideas...but BOTH guys took it and ran with it, hell they are STILL running with it, simply awesome in the ring. They are even better on the mic if that's possible, they don't know how to be boring, they really don't. The best team in TNA and they don't have the tag title they should have.....lets hope TNA comes to their senses

2.Beer Money(James Storm and Bobby Roode)



This team really could be number 1,and I literally went back and forth on it literally, I ultimately put them at number 2 and that's no disrespect to them more of how much I love the number 1 team. This was one of those tag teams when matched up I thought TNA was just out of ideas for them, and perhaps they were, but both men worked really hard to make the team work and they are one of the teams involved in TNA's greatest tag team era.

1. Motor City Machine Guns(Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley)



I LOVE EVERY DAMN THING ABOUT THIS TEAM. Ring gear-check,entrance theme-check, matches- check and they just had this natural feeling together where it just felt right with them teaming together. I could and would watching MCMG wrestle at any time. If we don't get a reunion in the near future, I might possibly die a little. Their best aspect was their ring work, but their ring work is so awesome they capture my number one spot.....damn do I miss them...

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