What WWE 2K14(And Future WWE Games) Need

I've always liked playing WWE games, it's a pastime for me but every year I feel there's something missing, I have taken the liberty of making a list of what I consider should be in all future WWE games so it is the best WWE game experience of all time. Shall we get on with the list?

Over 6 superstars in ring at once

This is an obvious one, it has been too long with the 6 Superstar limit, and surely they can get the technology to be able to pull this off. If they do then we can enjoy proper Survivor Series tag matches and Royal Rumble matches

In-Depth Title builder

They were halfway there in WWE13, a couple more tweaks(Custom plates and logos etc) and they have it. I suspect this will be in 2K14 as it would seem pointless to have a crappy title builder in the predecessor but not have one at all in the sequel

Career mode

This is a good idea because they can start afresh with an option like this and use past Season/Career/RTWM modes and combine factors of them to create a career mode in which you can start from the developmental areas and slowly build your way up into the big leagues and win every title

GM Mode

C'mon, this is a no-brainer, GM Mode is personally one of my favourite features in WWE Game history. You may be saying ‘It'd be impossible with RAW being the always dominant brand' I agree, that would be hard. But it's a game and they can mix it into Universe mode or something where RAW and Smackdown are actually fairly equal. This is a fun little mode because you can set feuds and make dream matchups and compete with another GM.

Every current superstar (and legends)

I put this unlikely thing in my list because even the non-carders like JTG and NXT supertars have fans too and they put as much passion as other people in the game so they should be recognised for their job by being given a place. This however is a tall order for 2K to try because it would be difficult to create that many entities/animations. But we can hope in the future that it will happen


Do I have to explain my reasoning here?

Falls count anywhere areas, backstage, outside, in crowd etc.

I remember playing WWF SMACKDOWN!:JUST BRING IT and falls count anywhere literally was that, you could fight backstage, in the car park, in the locker rooms and even outside the arena, all in the same match and being able to move between them with ease. This is what WWE games are missing, they need to bring this feature back

Elimination Chamber can be in any arena

Is it that hard?

Normal move creator (fully in-depth)

This may sound weird but has anyone else wanted to make a normal grapple move that isn't a finisher? No? Oh... It would be fun though because it would make your CAW feel that little bit more special

Taunt Creator

This would also make a CAW feel more special because you would be able to creat your own taunt, which would be awesome

Better CAW graphics

It would be awesome if this could happen, it'd make the CAW's look more like the actual superstars and therefore more realistic

More CAW options

This is nothing special, just stuff like voices for cutscenes and stuff

More create-a-story scenes/options

This is pretty much a guarantee because they add more each time but some more options would be pretty cool, like using superstars voices for scenes like they do with commentators.

WWE Universe feud builder

What I mean by this is that you set the people in the feud, what the feud is and how it plays out. Kind of like in GM mode

Add more match types

This is a must

-Ambulance match
This is an interesting little match and it'd be nice to have this in there because it shakes things up a bit
-Casket match
This has always been a classic match type and is fun to play and I think it'd be great if they revived it in 2K14
-3 Stages Of Hell match
This would be good because you would click on this and you could pick the 3 stages, it would lead to some fun and interesting combinations and its possible they'll bring this in because of the Cena/Ryback match earlier this year
-Hair vs Hair match
This is a fun little match, if they could create a little bald animation for the end of match shaving it would be quite fun
-Roulette Choice
Select two superstars and randomize the match type using the roulette choice
-Punjabi Prison match
In the words of Michael Cole "This structure is just awe-inspiring". This match type would be amazing in a game due to the uniqueness and originality of it. It should definitely be in a future WWE game
-8-Man Tag match
One sentence, Survivor Series tradition
-10-Man Tag match
Also Survivor Series tradition
-Gauntlet match(3+ opponents)
Can't be too hard to do right? They don't even need to make more than 6 entities, you can have 1 vs 5
-World War 3 match
This'll never happen due to the utter chaos of this gimmick. But we can dream right? Also WWE does have WCW rights so...
-Singapore cane match
I love this match due to the creativity and it would be fun to play
-Stretcher match
I would like to see a stretcher match in a WWE game because it is so unique and would definitely be good to play
-Triple threat Tag match
I just love this kind of match
-Fatal Four way tag match
Same as above
-20 Man battle royal
Because a 6 man battle royal is not a true battle royal
-Yappipi Strap Match
Hulk Hogan
-Last Chance Match/Retirement Match
This would be a good match but would only really work on Universe or GM mode because it is high stakes for the challenger and/or the champion
-Doomsday Cage Match
If a WWE game had this I would buy it straight away
-Beat The Clock
This is a fun little tournament that is commonly used for Number 1 Contendership but would work for titles too, however this also seems only suitable for GM mode or Universe mode

Hall of Fame mode

This could be a section on the superstar select screen which contains EVERY Hall Of Famer(Yes even Donald Trump), in terms of it being a mode I think it could be conjoined in Career mode and after your CAW has met certain specifications you get inducted

Celebration maker

This would be really good because it also makes your CAW feel a bit more special

More than just facial bleeding

You don't just bleed on the face so 2K should make it that any part of the body can begin to bleed

Well those are just my opinions, what are yours? Feel free to leave comments if you disagree, agree or feel like I've missed something or a lot of things out.

P.S: The fanpost editor was messing me about so if this post looks off or anything then there's my reasoning

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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