WWE NXT results and reactions from August 28: The Big Comedown

Lots of talking, and short matches, and...was there any chance this episode wouldn't be disappointing after last week? Read our thoughts, and since everyone can watch for free on Hulu right now, give us yours on the latest offering from WWE developmental.

Opening with an interview, Corey Graves is set to speak with Renee Young when Rick Victor of The Ascension interrupts. I guess he was trying to be chivalrous, but the Savior of Misbehavior pushed Young off camera, and this episode and I are already off on a bad foot. NOBODY PUTS RY IN A CORNER!

Victor is taller than I thought - posing in front of a 6'5" monster will do that - but his monotone delivery comes across as more disinterested than intimidating. Conor O'Brian attacks the NXT tag champ from behind, then throws a piece of the set on him and tells him to "stay down". Get it?!?!

Tyler Breeze defeats CJ Parker

in approximately three and a half minutes via pinfall

  • Ugh, not sure this hippie gimmick is stomachable - let alone anything that could get over. I liked Parker better when he was silently "videolovin" interviews.
  • The man who summers in Milan gives us another facet of his character when he comes out snapping angry selfies. The crowd is responding to him, and pretty much as you'd want them to - they're excited to jeer him and having fun doing it.
  • The early antics see CJP trying to get Breeze to smile, but that doesn't work on him, or the audience. Tyler avoids a lock-up, screaming at the bohemian to not touch his phone, his face..."Don't touch anything!" When he does engage, it's to slam Parker's face against a turnbuckle and yell "You're disgusting!"
  • Do they realize they gave the guy the same name as Pamela Anderson's character from Baywatch?
  • CJ gets in some okay offense - he spins the model around while he has him in fireman's carry position and nails him with a senton after dropping him, then connects with double high knees in the corner. But after Breeze ducks a forearm, he scrambles to his corner while Parker tries to pull him back by a foot. That lets the gorgeous one grab his phone and use it to crack the moonchild in the head for the win.
  • Whew - Renee's back. And with Emma! A chance to relive one of my favorite segments in the show's history! This isn't quite as good, but the Aussie cuts a promo that's a good mix of her usually goofiness and some intensity for her rivalry with Summer Rae. Paige and her destiny of being Womens champ will have to wait, but Summer will only have to wait two or three minutes to get her butt kicked.

    My favorite part is when Young asks, "is that a thing?" when E claims that after defeating SR, she will play some "Dance, Dance, Emmalution".

    Tony Dawson informs us that Adrian Neville will face Conor O'Brian in our main event - it's one-on-one due to Neville's partner's injuries from the opening segment. Now playing the part of The Wyatt Family on NXT...

    Ring announcer Kendall Skye lets the crowd know that Tyler Breeze has left the building (love that) and leads us into our next match.

    Emma defeats Summer Rae

    in approximately four and a half minutes via submission

  • Emma fans are called "Emmacrats", per Dawson and William Regal. Do you think they sit down and plot out possible puns when picking the names, or is it just a happy coincidence that a character like E has so many possibilities?
  • After going for the Emma lock, Summer crawls away to the ropes. This happens twice before each starts grabbing the other's hair as they roll around and slam their heads to the mat. This is my other big problem with WWE-style female wrestling (the first being body part based offense, e.g. Naomi's butt attacks) - they go to this cat fighting shit way too often. If, as we were discussing in this week's Raw Reactions comments, you should judge women's wrestling just as you judge men's, what am I to make of this? How would I view Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins shrieking and pulling each other's hair for a minute? Similarly, what would anyone make of Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey just slap fighting for half a round on a UFC pay-per-view (PPV)?
  • This match feels like a bit of a step-back for the NXT women, as the #1 contender to the crown is mostly deliberately working her way through spots that we've seen her do before.
  • Fandango's dance partner freaking owns her First Lady of NXT character, though. If her ring work catches up to her acting, she'll have a chance to be an all-time great. She's showing some signs - she slips out of an attempted Dilemma for a nice armbar toss, focuses on the same arm using the ropes and her legs for leverage (body part based offense!) then breaks out a new full-nelson submission hold where she locks the arms by securing the neck with - you guessed it - her legs!
  • After some rolling pin attempts, E does get the boston crab in the ropes, followed by her low crossbody in the corner. She slingshots the blonde face first into the middle of the ring and cinches in the Emma Lock. Rae quickly taps.
  • Before E can really get her groove on, Summer jumps her from behind. As the victor tries to back up the ramp, her foe reemerges with her bubble gun and throws soap in her eyes. She mocks the Emma dance and storms off.

    "Earlier tonight" - Sylvester Lefort, Scott Dawson, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady were having a confab backstage. The Frenchman says that Dawson makes him money, Cas says all he does is lose, Dawson says where's my money, Lefort says you'll get it when you win and Enzo mockingly turns down a chance to join Sylvester's "Legionnaires". Which is too bad, because I could totally see Cassady as Timber Wolf.

    Interesting scene where Sasha Banks confronts Summer Rae as she's leaving the building. In addition to allowing Ms. Rae to get in a great line about how SummerSlam was named after her, this also sets up a potential heel turn for Banks (who has shown signs of a temper and vicious streak in recent matches). Sasha seems to be considering the First Lady's advice to get a backbone and follow her lead.

    Scott Dawson defeats Enzo Amore

    in approximately three and a half minutes via submission

  • Lefort announces his man, as usual. It's not quite as bad as normal, since he gets in a somewhat funny line about the French being known for finding good fighters. He's blown out of the water by Amore's line about how if he and Colin has a dime for every time they got beat up as kids, they would have "ZERO DIMES".
  • This is where Enzo shines, in these thirty second rants while walking to the ring. If there was any doubt from the earlier pre-tape, he and Big Cas are faces now. The crowd is insane for them and they're definitely working as técnicos. The good news, I guess, is that that Mason Ryan program should be over.
  • Amore has some acrobatics in him, as he goes 360° to land on his feet from a hip toss and later hits a hurricanrana, but this is mostly Dawson doing his stomps and slams and suplexes thing.
  • The end comes when Alexander Rusev rushes Big Cas at ringside, distracting Enzo so that Scott can suplex him and cover for the win. Looks like the Bulgarian has been signed by Lefort, making his group even weirder. Nothing here to make me care about it, though.
  • The sexual tension is palpable, as Ms. Young welcomes Sami Zayn to the ring for another interview.


    Fans of aughts' punk will be pleased by Sami's Against Me! shirt; fans of 'shipping Zayn and Renee will be pleased to learn that he calls her a "ray of sunshine".

    Addressing his defeat in the two out of three falls match last week against Antonio Cesaro, he says that he's proud of the reaction it got (the crowd chants "match of the year" and Michael Cole's praise for it was mentioned) but still knows that he came up short and that he has to keep his focus on gaining the NXT championship.

    Cue Bo Dallas, smiling and waving to the crowd while they chant "no more Bo". There's no subtlety to his character any more. He's a heel who thinks he's a face, a hated man whose ego has convinced him he's adored. Dallas says that no one wants to hear from a loser like Zayn, because that's depressing.

    The Syrian-Canadian excuses Renee like a gentleman (look and learn, Graves!) and gets in to a back and forth about whether the crowd is booing Dallas or "Bo"ing him. Giving up on convincing the champ, he says he wants a title shot...when out strolls Zeb Colter.

    Zeb tells Bo to not give Sami anything until he provides proof of citizenship. Zayn tells Colter to give Cesaro a message - after I'm NXT champion, I'll deport you both to hell. Cesaro's Real American compadre then slides in the ring to assault SZ, while Bo casually exits the stage. After a gutwrench powerbomb, Jack Swagger drapes the Gadsen flag over the likeable one and everyone chants "We the People" because chanting is fun.

    A show that is structured more like your average Smackdown than a usual NXT continues that with a video package recapping the roster's exploits at SummerSlam Axxess. The most interesting things about this are that they're using an injury to the champ from his match against Sami Zayn here in storyline, and that they have John Cena put over Adrian Neville via voiceover.

    Adrian Neville defeats Conor O'Brian

    in approximately four and a half minutes via pinfall

  • I like that Rick Victor is carrying Corey Graves' half of the NXT tag titles with him, even though Dawson and Regal don't mention it. Taking trophies is something that their "magical predator" characters would do.  Other than that, I'm kind of over The Ascension's entrance. I don't know if it's because they're not as cool as the group that creative is using them to replace or if Victor doesn't have the presence the cop-beater had or what, but I'm not feeling it.
  • They keep this one moving, as it alternates between Neville's agility and O'Brian's power thoughout. I do enjoy the way that Conor sells. His dazed stumbling is both believable and very effective at conveying the monster who's wounded but not mortally so.
  • Weird botch where the referee seems to count three on CO'B when he gets covered following a basic backdrop. The big man throws his opponent out of the ring to gather himself, but the Jumpin' Geordie springboards himself back into action for a crossbody and goes up top to hit his Red Arrow corkscrew shooting star press and get a legit three count.
  • Victor in to put the boots to the Brit after the bell, which prompts the save by Graves (with his ribs taped up and unable to lift one arm - as usual he's selling it very well). He's too banged-up to be of much assistance, though, and he gets taken down by The Ascension's high/low tandem attack.

    They need something more impressive looking than a legsweep/heel kick move for a team finisher.

    Well...that wasn't a very good show. A bunch of sub-five minute matches featuring newer characters that haven't found their groove yet, and the main event was essentially the Zayn interview. And that was on a show full of interviews.

    Grade: D+

    Am I being too harsh after the high of last week? Do I just miss The Wyatts, not to mention Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger, too much? Your turn - you know what to do.

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