WWE Raw: AJ Lee's Promo Soars While the Bella Twins Race to the Bottom

It's downright painful to watch most wrestlers in the WWE Divas' division.

Even when they're doing something incredibly right, the worst members of the female roster always seem like they're actively trying to ruin it.

That was the clear dichotomy between AJ Lee and the Bella Twins on Raw this past Monday, highlighted by a promo that's been the most interesting thing in WWE women's wrestling for a long, long time.

AJ Lee, to put it mildly, hit all the right points.

In one fell swoop, AJ buried Total Divas on E! (while simultaneously putting the show over), got a huge reaction from the wrestling fanbase and solidified herself as the greatest talker in the WWE female ranks outside of Stephanie McMahon-Levesque and Vickie Guerrero.

In fact, the best part of that whole segment was AJ, while the worst -- as usual -- was the Bella Twins.

There are certainly worse female wrestlers on the roster than Nikki Bella and Brie Bella, but if you wanted to see everything wrong with the Divas division in a single moment, this promo was yet another occasion in which the sisters sabotaged themselves.

It's "Pro Wrestling 101" basics -- when Creative is letting one of the roster's best stars get that kind of time of microphone, you let them speak.

No one interrupts CM Punk, Daniel Bryan or John Cena when they're on the stick.

That's not just common sense -- the script needs to be heard -- but it's also base-level professionalism.

Sadly, the Bellas continually strain their collective brainpower and still fail to figure out how to be heels without being irritating. Despite being "veterans", neither one can help but squawk like seagulls when they're not the center of attention, a crippling facet of their characters that ultimately makes them annoying to see and hear.

(Ironically, that's a situation made only worse by the Bellas' time on Total Divas, which doesn't do very much to separate them from their self-titled "alpha bitch" TV characters.)

Instead of taking the strong, silent lead from Natalya, Cameron and Naomi -- three stellar talents who emoted awesomely cool anger as they allowed AJ to speak her mind -- the Bella Twins only proved AJ's point about them being awful performers.

There simply aren't very many wrestlers on the roster that would actively try to interrupt another talent's promo spot, especially when the script clearly isn't calling for ad-libs and off-camera cat-calls.

That's not the Bellas working for heel heat, either -- that's them just being bad at their job.

Unfortunately, that's been the twins' problem for several years -- although they're technically not horrible physical talents, they're plain awful when it comes to acting. They have no idea how to read a situation and pick their verbal spots, as evidenced by their incessant babbling at ringside on Monday night.

(Eva Marie didn't look any better for it, either.)

In essence, both Bellas proved AJ Lee's superiority in the worst way for themselves.

One day, the WWE will probably be better off when the current Divas Champion is the undisputed top dog and the Bella Twins retire on the backs of their poor, henpecked boyfriends' salaries.

Brilliant performances like AJ's can save the WWE Divas.

But as long as talents like the Bellas are around, it seems like there's always going to be two horses deadlocked in a painful race to the bottom for women's wrestling.


McKinley Noble is a tech reporter, pro wrestling mark and MMA conspiracy theorist. His work has appeared in NVision, PC World, Macworld, GamePro, 1UP, CNN, The Los Angeles Times and Bleacher Report.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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