NXT Spoilers for 8/22 Taping

Good evening from Orlando, cagesiders! Vince McMahon's Traveling Redneck Circus has stopped in for another NXT Taping, and yours truly has finally figured out how to bring you all the goodness! Tonight's special guests are Zeb Coulter, Jack Swagger, and MARK HENRY.

Emma beat Summer Rae by tapout. I missed this match and found out about this from the guy beside me.

When I got to my seat, Enzo Amore was getting pinned by Scott Dawson. Dawson has Sylvester Lefort, and Enzo had Big Cass. Dawson gets the win when Enzo is distracted by Alexander Rusev attacking Big Cass. Apparently Rusev is with Lefort's Money Seeking International Wrestling Legionaires. Or something like that...

Sami Zayn comes out for a promo. He's not great, but he's better than Daniel Bryan was at this point IMO. Sami says he loves the buzz his 2/3 falls match with Caesaro got, but was disappointed in the result. This brings out Bo Dallas, who seems to be teetering on a heel turn. We don't care, "No More Bo" 4 Life. Next out is Zeb Coulter to question Sami's immigration status (I agree go back to Quebec francophone), but it's only a distraction for Jack Swagger to attack. We the People as Bo Dallas looks on in mock sympathy.

Conor O'Brian v. Adrian Neville- Interns were not on the ball tonight. Summer Rae's music plays by mistake, almost an improvement over The Ascension. Rick Victor comes out holding one of the tag title belts, Neville the other. Anyone know why that is? I would imagine their entrance comes off really well on TV, but even though WWE edited their entrance, the Ascension still suck! Stylistically this was not a great matchup, but Neville hit an impressive 450 for the win. Afterward Ascension beat down Neville, then Corey Graves hobbles out with taped ribs and receives a beating for his troubles. For some reason, the Ascension leaves with only one tag belt, despite laying out both champs with both the belts in the ring. Nitpicky, but I feel like if I was them, I would take both to make a statement.

Bayley & Charlotte over Alicia Fox & Aksana- Bayley gets the pin and then hugs it out with Charlotte after the match. We all win. Not a terrible tag match either.

Corey Graves over Rick Victor- Absolutely tortured me with the Ascension tonight. And I hate the name Rick Victor. Or Vic Richter. Between this guy, and his partner, Glacier 2013, I'm a little concerned with the brain trust at NXT. Graves picks up the win after a heat vacuum of a match. Dead silence throughout.

Alexander Rusev over Mason Ryan. Rusev is agile for his size. Didn't think Mason would job here. Rusev's finisher is the camel clutch, but he isn't very good at applying it yet. Rusev/Dawson as a tag team with Lefort as the manager would work on TV.

At some point, Alex Riley came down to do commentary. I don't know if Riley was deluding himself, or just lost, but he tried to walk to the ring. Byron had to nod toward the commentary table for him.

Jack Thwagger over Sami Zayn. Easily match of the night, definitely worth checking out. Great match for both of them. Swagger wins with the Patriot Lock after Bo Dallas makes an appearance on the ramp to distract Sami Zayn. Seriously Bo ruins EVERYTHING.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass over Rusev/Dawson via DQ. The rarely used 5 counts for double team came in to play for the finish. Decent little match, although I missed Enzo on the mic cause I was getting a milkshake. SAWFT. Rusev/Dawson use a variation of the Hart Attack when Rusev hits a running wheel kick. Pretty sweet.

Bo Dallas interview. Sucks to be me.

Xavier Woods over Leo Kruger. FML. Rest hold clinic. Woods may have botched his finisher. Whatever.

Sami Zayn over AJ Styles on roids. Oh wait, that's Curt Hawkins. Decent match with Zayn picking up the win.

Aiden English squashed a jobber. I didn't even bother picking up his name because Aiden English is what mattered in that match. English is a star and he should end up on TV.

Xavier Woods, CJ Parker, Corey Graves, and Adrian Neville over Tyler Brees, Leo Kruger, and the Ascension- So I came in to this match kind of hating Brees, but he was clearly the star of this match. The crowd would constantly ask for him to get in the ring, and Brees would avoid the tag. Then, he would tag in, hit a move, take a bump, and tag back out. "THIS IS AWESOME" resounded. In the end, the heels bail on Brees, who eats finishers from every face. "NOT THE FACE" was pretty clever.

Mark Henry beat down Sylvester Lefort after a promo. Fun times for all.

Not the best NXT I've ever been to, but a good time and well worth the $10. Hope you all enjoyed!

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