Dare to Dream: Linking Chikara to the WWE

Something doesn’t seem right. Chikara, in the midst of crafting an angle for the ages, one where there is a proposed rift in time creating parallel universes, up and disappears. No company, as hot as Chikara was, would cease any and all business, even for the sake of story. It just wouldn’t happen. I think, way out of left field but still more likely, that Mike Quackenbush has signed his company into a developmental deal with the WWE. I know what you’re saying, "That’s just stupid", and "Why would Chikara sell out like that when they were doing fine?", or more troubling, "What does WWE have to gain by helping a little known East Coast promotion?" and you’d be right to question, but let me explain.

While watching the 8/19/13 RAW they ran an advertisement promoting a new tag team called Los Matadors. Now we know that Los Matadors is just a repackaged Primo and Epico and as far as I can tell those two have never been associated with Chikara. But the site of two blatantly ‘comedy’ characters akin to something you might find in Chikara (Los Ice Creams for one) struck a chord with me.

I decided to ask the Googles whether or not WWE bought Chikara and the first link that came up was:

This is a one paragraph article, dated February 28th, 2008, promoting Chikara’s flagship event. Please note that this article is posted on! I have never seen WWE promote any other federation, in any capacity, which was not in some way tied to the E. This seemingly innocuous article, coupled with the arrival of decidedly non-WWE type gimmicked characters, got my gears turning.

What if in Chikara’s brilliant alternate dimension storyline Chikara was bought up by WWE?

Now in order for this to work it would require an inordinate amount of cooperation by both companies. This is not something that can happen without major components knowing the truth, so keeping the real world logistics of such an endeavor a secret is a momentous and probably impossible task. Yet here I am trying to connect dots.

Let’s go over what we know about the alternate dimension story line.

Chikara was "sold" to a multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation known as Worldwide Media Development Corporation (or WMD) a few years ago. Wink Vavasseur, a businessman with no wrestling background was put in charge of Chikara as the Director of Fun.

Towards the end of 2012, Chikara fans learned that Worldwide Media Development Corporation was actually a holding of Titor Conglomerate, which also owns Condor Security, a private security company whose employees usually flanked Vavasseur at shows. We also learned that Vavasseur got the Director of Fun job, because his father, Conrad, is an executive at Titor.

We know Archibald Peck has traveled back and forth through time. We know that this has caused chaos in Chikara, which has led to Vavasseur and the Titor Conglomerate asserting their control. Titor has since shut Chikara’s doors because a few key members of the roster were getting too close.

What if in the alternate dimension the Titor Conglomerate is really Titan Sports, the parent company that originally purchased CWC (the holder of the rights to WWE).

What if in the alternate dimension Condor Security is really the Shield. Last night on Raw we saw the Shield acting as security for the McMahons much like Condor Security did for Vavasseur.

Those are two possible in-story links that may hint that WWE may be participating in the alternate dimension story line. A lot of maybes and ifs, but its still pretty interesting when you start extrapolating the idea and making bold assumptions.

The WWE has taken a turn where they actively are acknowledging that independent wrestling exists. A minor detail but still very much unheard of by WWE standards. This increased interest in independent wrestling can be seen most evidently by they way WWE has snatched up a whole lot of independent talent and has upped the ante with regards to training future superstars.

Sara Del Rey, at the peak of her career, decides to up and leave Chikara for WWE. Not to wrestle, but to train other wrestlers. Is it possible she was sent to WWE to train young WWE wrestlers in the Chikara style?

Claudio Castagnoli, once a Chikara mainstay and one of the most important Chikara characters as the leader of the BDK, up and leaves for the greener pastures of the WWE. Yes he changed his name and adopted a new gimmick, but this is the alternate dimension.

Daniel Bryan may be the lynch pin of this whole thing. Right now he is embroiled in a story line where he is about to take on the machine that is WWE corporate. Could this be the start of the unveiling of the cooperation between Titor and Titan? Daniel Bryan once wrestled under his real name Bryan Danielson (perhaps Daniel Bryan is the alternate dimension version of Bryan Danielson). When he first went to the ‘E’ he was fired and for the very short time before he was rehired he wrestled most prominently in Chikara. Please remember that DB was fired for using excessive force while in character and on camera. It seems odd that a great wrestler would be fired for such a reason and then rehired a few months later.

Is there even a 0.01% chance that Chikara and WWE are in the midst of pulling off one of the grandest experiments wrestling has ever witnessed? A story that stretches back years, involves hundreds of wrestlers, thousands of workers and may provide WWE with little tangible return other than indy cred and a stable full of people to train their future superstars. Would Quackenbush really sell out his pride and joy for the sake of one tremendous all-encompassing story that would tie up his little promotion in a neat little bow?

Is it possible that WWE could cooperate with/buy-out another company and then let them run with total autonomy for a few years just to build towards an ultimate climax where the time rift is righted? Would WWE really catch and release like that? Could this all be building towards a huge WWE/Chikara King of Trios? I mean, WWE has been reemphasizing stables and tag-teams. Tag-team wrestling is one of the calling cards of the Chikara style. Stables of three men can also be called trios and the WWE suddenly has loads of them. Can an industry that normally settles for short-term gain set aside everything to tell one long-term story?

And finally is all this (circumstantial at best) evidence [the article, the Los Matadors] just WWE trying to modernize themselves? If Ultra Mantis black shows up on WWE TV I’ll know I’m right. Until then it’s fun to dream.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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