Let Me Explain: Randy Orton Cashing in Benefits Us All



Last night's WWE Summerslam championship main event ended is a very controversial way, within WWE and to the Universe.

Daniel Bryan was successful in capturing the WWE Championship from John Cena but was unsuccessful in retaining the title against Randy Orton who cashed in his Money in the Bank contact moments later, thanks to special guest referee Triple H.

All night I've been up reading comments from the Internet wrestling community on web sites and forums and basically everyone who watches WWE is pissed off. I get it, WWE has buried Bryan before and now that he finally won the title it was taken away from him. So now everyone thinks his career is over, that's it, Daniel Bryan is once again buried...uhm no.

Let me explain why this is good for Bryan, Triple H, Randy Orton, the WWE in whole, and the fans in the WWE Universe.

If you didn't order WWE Summerslam the you probably didn't see the controversial ending but I'm sure most of you probably read the tweets on twitter. Just in case, I'm going to recap.

Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship from John Cena and was celebrating his win with the rest of the WWE universe. That was until Randy Orton's music hit and cashed in his Money in the Bank contract. Daniel Bryan could have successfully defended his newly won title if it wasn't for the special guest referee of the previous match Triple H turning on Bryan and the fans.

Triple H ended up helping his former Evolution partner win the WWE Championship, thus turning both himself and Orton heel. Now let me tell you why this is good for everyone.

John Cena and Daniel Bryan's match was already a high profile match, even before it was announced on Monday Night Raw that Cena would face Bryan. We just knew it was going to happen, we could feel it and we couldn't wait for it.

The build up to the WWE Championship match was tremendous and really hyped it up to where I actually wanted to see a John Cena match (which is very rare). You add Triple H as special guest referee to the mix, who is a basic has been now but he adds a little twist to the match and a little more fame to himself (which intertwines with how this is good for us).

You also take the Viper Randy Orton and let him win the Money in the Bank, Orton, whether he is fighting mid card, dark matches or main event can light up an arena with fans standing at their feet cheering for him, face or heel he gets the crowd on his side. Now here comes Orton who we all know gets what he wants and we know from past MITB experiences he's going to win the WWE Championship from Bryan or Cena. Now we have John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Randy Orton in the mix.

We take Mr. McMahon who has been fighting with Triple H since the beginning of the summer. Mr. McMahon is against Bryan while Triple H is for Bryan. Plus with the rumors of Triple H and Mr. McMahon fighting at Wrestlemania 30, we know that special guest referee Triple H would favor Bryan in the title match, making people wanna see this a little more now.

Then we take the rumors that ended up being true of John Cena needing elbow surgery right after Summerslam. Those rumors also stated that Bryan would be given the win in his championship match. Now fans don't only wanna see John Cena lose but they wanna see how he loses and Daniel Bryan finally win a high prestige title.

So here we are, the night of Summerslam, Daniel Bryan and John Cena are wrestling for the WWE Championship in a very high profile match. We have our thoughts and predictions embedded in our brains. The atmosphere is electric throughout the WWE Universe. We know Bryan is gonna win and we wanna see how. Finally Bryan gets the pin and wins the WWE Championship, the beard is running wild..then..

Randy Orton's music hits and we know he's holding the MITB briefcase and we know he's cashing in. We wanna see Orton win but don't wanna see Bryan lose. Bryan looks good, ready to defend. Then Triple H turns on the fans and screws Bryan out of the title, 1..2..3 Randy Orton is your new WWE Champion.

After weeks of Triple H arguing against his father in law, after weeks of Triple H being on the side of Bryan, Bryan hyping up his match, WWE hyping up Orton cashing in at Summerslam to the point where we don't believe he will and he does. Now you're telling me you're pissed about this?

Why? I am shocked, I am pumped and I have generated more interest in WWE than the past six years since they've gone PG. WWE is finally realizing that they can still add the shock value and entertainment value while being PG.

I'm pissed Bryan lost the title so quick, don't get me wrong but it shocked me, it generated my interest and it

was controversial and as Eric Bischoff once said "Controversy creates Cash". You're telling me you don't wanna watch Raw tonight to see what happens? Cause that's what WWE was going for, generating interest.

So now we get to see Daniel Bryan take on Randy Orton at Night of Champions for the WWE Championship, we get to see two amazing athletes compete against one another in what should be a grudge rivalry. When Cena comes back, we get Cena into the mix who will be wanting his revenge. Thus equaling a triple threat run for the WWE Championship.

I wouldn't be surprised and i really hope this happens if Triple H, Mr. McMahon, Randy Orton, Wade Barrett align themselves. That would be tremendous! And that's good for us, we want controversy, we want shocks, we want all this interesting buzz fueling the story lines because we need something fresh and exciting.

Now let me tell you how it benefits the wrestlers.

Daniel Bryan has been world champion many times around the world before even joining WWE. He is one of the greatest professional wrestlers in history and by far is already a legend among the business. He's more over with the WWE Universe than Randy Orton or Triple H. Bryan holding the title for this short of a time is benefiting him more than if he held the title from now to Survivor Series.

Look at Sheamus, Sheamus debuted on WWE Raw and almost immediately went after WWE Champion John Cena. Two or three weeks later Sheamus won the WWE Championship after only being on the main roster for a few weeks (he originally was on ECW but WWE didn't count that as a main roster).

Where is Sheamus now in the rankings? He's not in the main event anymore, his character has run dry? I blame his current WWE status on him being pushed to early and him winning the WWE Championship to early.

Now that Daniel Bryan has held the title, even for a few moments, he has the taste for gold and will do anything to get it back. He will go all out against Randy Orton to win that title back and that benefits him because he gets to fight for it longer, prove himself more to the WWE, and gives him more time to hold the WWE title throughout the years to come.

Randy Orton for the past two years has also been in the same status as Sheamus and desperately needs to be back into the main event spotlight. Orton can still light up an arena but we miss the viper holding the WWE Championship. Orton could have easily of faded into nothingness but didn't but could still have been useless to WWE. Having him win the championship now in a controversial way, generates even more buzz for the viper and lets us see the old Orton we know and are afraid of.

Mr. McMahon and Triple H are undoubtedly WWE legends and will forever been known throughout the WWE Universe. We miss the McMahon's and Triple H on tv, we want them back for a longer role than just showing up every once in a while. Whenever the McMahon's (including Triple H) have been on TV lately it's been a crappy role to say the least.

We had Triple H and Lesnar's ball buster feud, McMahon's evaluation of General managing and even lately their arguing of what's better for the company. Well now we have them on the heel role and once again, controversial and we all love when the McMahon's are controversial, they're at their best when controversial.

So why are you pissed? Cause Daniel Bryan lost a championship he has his entire WWE career to earn back? That's no reason to be pissed. Enjoy what we have now before WWE loses their creativeness once again.

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