My SummerSlam Predictions(And W/L Records)

- John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE championship)

My guess is that DB will go over in this match due to his enormous popularity and to write Cena off TV while he has surgery. However I'm expected Orton will cash in either straight after or in the weeks leading up to Night Of Champions due to the rumored Bryan VS Orton match. But expect Triple H to ruin the match somehow or give a biased fall to one of the competitors because Cena can't lose clean because it'll upset his little 5 year old fanboys. Cena has a SummerSlam W/L record of 4-5 meaning he has lost more than he has won while Daniel Bryan has only appeared three times at the event but has got a W/L record of 2-1, either way someones W/L record will be equaled out, depends whether it's the best wrestler or the best entertainer. My Pick:Daniel Bryan(But expect it to be an unclean victory in some way, most possible would be Triple H turning heel)

- CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

My guess here is that Punk will go over to write Lesnar off TV until WrestleMania but look for Paul Heyman to do something to interfere. WWE will probably opt for the more popular wrestler(CM Punk) to win to keep the crowd happy. My Pick:CM Punk

- Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian (World heavyweight championship)

Del Rio to go over because as much as WWE doesn't care about the WHC they wouldn't want it to be changing hands all the time and would want a lengthy reign. Expect a heelish victory for Alberto to keep his reign going and allow poor Christian to fade back into obscurity. WWE is doing the typical "Oh so the champion has lost to the challenger numerous times in Non-Title matches? Make him retain because fuck logic." They're going to have Del Rio win because Christian has won free televised wins so they want to have a different outcome on paid programming. My Pick:Alberto Del Rio

- Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. Big E. Langston & AJ Lee

Either way this ends it will keep the rivalry fresh but hopefully this match will actually be good as i am currently not interested at all in the match-up or outcome. Big E and Ziggler can work a good program but it needs to be separate from the AJ/Kaitlyn feud. In my opinion this should be the pre-show match instead of Ambrose/RVD. My Pick:Dolph Ziggler &Kaitlyn

- Bray Wyatt vs. Kane (Ring of Fire)

Bray Wyatt to get a clean win here to write Kane off to film See No Evil 2(Geez this SummerSlam looks like its gonna be writing off a ton of people) and so Bray can get his first win(Under his gimmick) on main WWE programming to keep it a hot stable etc. But after the film expect Kane to re-ignite this feud in one way or another. My Pick:Bray Wyatt

- Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

I really don't care at all for this match but my guess is that Sandow will go over due to the fact he's newer than Cody and either way it looks like this feud will continue to a match for the case at Night Of Champions so this match is really just for momentum and i think Sandow is the one to receive that momentum. My Pick:Sandow

- Natalya vs. Brie Bella

As much as i don't care for this match I'm glad one of the only actual talented divas(Natalya) is getting a PPV match. Expect something related to Total Divas to decide the victory. But my bets are on Natalya because SummerSlam is a kind of Hart tradition(Just look to the past) so she might pick up the victory to keep Hart fans upbeat. Unfortunately due to the Bella's relationships with Bryan and Cena I'm expecting Brie to get the win though im going with Natalya. My Pick:Natalya Neidhart

- Dean Ambrose vs. Rob Van Dam(United States Championship)

This one is hard to predict as RVD is signed on till October so WWE definitely has plans for him due to his overwhelming success and Ambrose is currently suffering collateral damage from The Shield's heat so he may suffer a loss here which would give RVD one more reign and maybe set up a big match in October to write RVD off with a Shield attack or something. But keeping in mind that RVD might want to put over the newer superstar to make him look good is the reason i can't make a definite prediction. Either way this match is going to have a talented winner. My Pick:Dean Ambrose

Win/Loss Records:

Del Rio=1-2
Brie Bella=0-0
Bray Wyatt=0-0
Cody Rhodes=0-1
Damien Sandow=0-0
Dolph Ziggler=
Big E=0-0
AJ Lee=0-0
Dean Ambrose=0-0

That's an awful lot of SummerSlam debuts ladies and gentleman.

Those are just my predictions, feel free to comment yours. And enjoy SummerSlam tonight. Remember the SummerSlam Live Blog at ET. Have a good night CageSiders.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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