WWE SummerSlam match card preview: Natalya vs. Brie Bella


The latest sign of how high WWE executives are on 'Total Divas'? This match is on PPV. Could it actually be decent, and will it lead to a Divas championship for the victor?

Singles Match

Brie Bella vs. Natalya

The least likely pay-per-view (PPV) match in years is here! Ripped from the headlines of E! Entertainment Television, it's Daniel Bryan's girlfriend versus the whiney one!

The Road to SummerSlam

The Bellas took a little time off, but these two have actually been working for WWE for quite some time now - five years running, to be exact. But it took a "reality" show to get them a PPV match.

Despite her roots and Hart family connections, her widely acknowledged place as the best technical wrestler in WWE and willingness to do whatever the company asks of her, Natalya has been saddled with some horrible gimmicks and has only held the Divas title once.

Due to their being the type of "laddie mag" attractive that WWE usually prefers, the Bella Twins haven't been through quite as much degrading characterization as Natty, but they've still mostly been known more as "mean girl hawt twins" than actual human beings or athletes. Despite this, both Brie and Nikki each have as many women's title reigns as the Canadian. Brie is thought of as the better wrestler of the sisters, and due to a lingering injury to Nikki, she gets the nod this weekend.

In story, the Bellas bully Natalya because they think she's an "ugly duckling" even going so far as to interrupt a match of hers with a duck call a few weeks back in a particularly horrible segment on Raw. They've also mocked her role as mentor to new girls JoJo and Eva Marie on the ratings smash Total Divas.

There hasn't been a whole lot of story beyond that established for the match, but much of that may come after the fact during the extended season one episodes of the E! show. The ladies are also pulling double duty on Sunday, as their tag match (Natalya and Maria Menounos vs. Brie and a partner of her choosing) is scheduled to take place earlier in the day at Axxess.

What's at stake?

Uh, the Total Divas championship?

Seriously, rumors were floating even before the show started to air that it was going to lead to a title reign for one of its stars. Whoever wins this probably has an inside track on wearing the belt currently held by AJ Lee in the not-too-distant future.

Who will prove to be the better woman? And will the match go on in time for all their fans to flip over to Total Divas at 10PM Eastern?

CSS will have you covered for all the fallout from SummerSlam, and (sigh) probably Total Divas, too.

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