WWE Superstars Results and Reactions from August 15: Show...Boom

Big names hit the Thursday night internet show as we gear up for a big pay-per-view (PPV) weekend. Are names like Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston enough to make it worth a watch? Read on to find out.

All of the contenders for Mr. Superstars are here; let's get it started!

Zack Ryder defeats Heath Slater

in approximately eight minutes via pinfall

  • This is Iced Z before his latest haircut. Is it easier to hide how thin it is on top with the spiking, I wonder? The boys get the crowd going with thirty seconds of yelling their catchphrases at one another, before Ryder reveres an arm drag to lock in an arm bar. Slater comically tries to reach all four ropes as the crowd breaks into dueling "Let's Go Ryder...3MB" chants.
  • Zack manages to toss his opponent over the ropes and then connect with a drop kick through them before the heelish tactics of Heath's bandmates allow him to gain control. At one point, the frontman taunts the referee with a Pete Townsend impersonation, hits a neckbreaker for two and then complains to the already agitated ref while Drew McIntyre punches Ryder in the face. Jinder Mahal gets in a few kicks on the floor, too, so as to not be hindered.
  • Not for nothing, but that JJ Watt fantasy football ad is great. I need a confetti machine in my living room for when I walk in - I bet it does wonders for your self-esteem.
  • The greatest thing in this match is when Heath confers with 3MB on strategy, and you can hear Drew tell him to "kick him in the head". And then Slater goes and does it. Twice.
  • That doesn't finish the scrappy Long Islander off, though. And a superkick that stops a brief comeback doesn't either. Ryder does land on his feet when the red-haired rocker tries to suplex him, and reverses into a neckbreaker that earns him a two count.
  • Tony Dawson, working commentary with Alex Riley, tries out something new where he screams "GOT HIM" on any pin attempt where the ref makes it to two...and he need to not do it ever again.
  • Ryder sets Slater up in the corner, but the West Virginian flips over him and tries for a roll-up. Z stacks him up instead and one, two, three...he DOES "get him".
  • Match Footage below via WWE.com's Official YouTube Channel:

    WWE must be busy today or something, as they haven't released the usual clips from these matches. If/when they do, we'll add the video here.

    Our first Raw replay is DB and Cena on MizTV from after John takes his shirt off (and talks about cancer kids). This rewatch makes me appreciate the work Miz does silently reacting to each verbal jab, and reignites my hate for HHH's entrance. Then we get the US Championship #1 contender battle royal from the final six on down.

    Kofi Kingston & Dolph Ziggler defeat The Primetime Players

    in approximately three and a half minutes via pinfall when Kingston pins Darren Young

  • Well, this is odd. I wonder if we aren't looking at the latest "creative has nothing for you" tag team sensation. They seem to have pretty good chemistry, and Ziggy is displaying more overt babyface-ness here than he has in the whole AJ Lee/Big E Langston feud. He and Kofi connect early with a tandem slam, hip gyration, elbow drop sequence on Young.
  • DY yanks Dolph off the ropes and tries to cover before tagging in Titus O'Neil. The big guy holds on through a couple of gutbreakers and then releases so he can bark at the crowd.
  • Darren is back for a double team shoulder block, but his jaw jacking to DZ lets the Show-Off get himself together enough to dodge a dive into the corner and make it to Kingston for a hot tag. A drop kick and Boom Drop leads to the Trouble in Paradise set-up, but Titus is up on the apron to draw Kofi's attention.
  • That allows Young to get Kofi up into Fireman's Carry position, but the Ghanaian wiggles out and hits a quick springboard back body to go for a cover. O'Neil breaks that up, then gets drop kicked by Ziggler. Young takes a Zig-Zag followed by a TiP and...that was quick.
  • Match Footage below via WWE.com's Official YouTube Channel:

    See above.

    A "Special Look at The Best vs. The Beast" makes me shed a tear for Punk and Paul's lost friendship, and takes us home for the night.

    A lot of star power, but not necessarily put to good use. Slater's hammy jobber villainy is the selling point for me, but if you're a mark for any of the other names here, your enjoyment may be greater. Grade: C.

    What about you all? Jonesing for pro graps on SummerSlam weekend bad enough to watch Superstars this week?

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