Live report from 8/12 RAW

So this is the first RAW I have been to since 1998. That was the night Stone Cold confronted Mike Tyson and HBK mocked the Undertaker getting burned by Kane. So there was a high bar set for tonight's show for me. I was sitting far behind the announce table. Close enough so that could watch the ring instead of the titantron.

First of all, there is a HUGE difference between seeing RAW live and a Smackdown taping. I went to one in January and the buzz for RAW is so much greater.

Superstars taping non-spoilers

Tamina vs Kaitlyn was a nice match. Crowd was really into Kaitlyn. More than one "Lets go Kaitlyn !" chant

Zack Ryder vs Heath Slater. Look, I was buzzed the whole night but I really liked this match. So much back and forth, 3MB interference and I really didn’t know who would win. Plus we got dueling "lets go Ryder" "3MB!" chants going. Sacramento loves 3MB.

Now for the real show.

Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan. Everything he did was a quasi-religious experience for me. Perfect opener vs Barrett. Hit all his moves and then gets screwed by Brad Maddox. Oh it was amazing. SO MUCH HEAT on that fast count.

Orton vs Sandow was kind of a drop off from the first segment. Crowd was into Orton but I was disappointed that there wasn’t a Sandow promo. When Sandow blocked that RKO, I felt that was a big deal. He just got elevated a bit more there.

Seeing Cody on the ‘tron with his moth moving but not hearing any words was weird. I imagine this is how Jolie sees him all the time.

Dean Ambrose + titantron+hash lollipop= fantastic promo. I was transfixed.

The crowd went crazy for the 2k14 commercial with the Ultimate warrior. Some reports say it was the biggest pop of the night, I disagree. But crowd did love it. Apparently there was a Big E. video before the mixed tag match that we didn’t see.

Ok. So a big reason I had to go was to see AJ Lee live and in person. She is sooooo pretty. As for the match….oy vey. It started good, Nattie and Aj then AJ yelling at Hornswoggle. But the ending. It was the strangest thing ive seen live since VKM tore his quad at 2005 Royal Rumble. It looked like Nattie dropped the hold just as AJ was tapping. I thought maybe she slipped and could hold it on. Then she got up and grabbed the ref’s hand and said something to him. Then they repeated the spot. It was clear that something had gone wrong.

Vince made me leave the beer line. Glad I did. (saved $8 too). Great segment with him and Brad. My highlight was Vince scolding us for the HHH chant (which of course made the chant louder). I may have been only one to shout NO! after that Pedigree. Poor Brad. Vince’s reaction was prefect as well. Disappointed that Sacramento got "What?" going

I love the Wyatts. But seeing their entrance live was kind of a let down.

Del Rio vs Kofi. Started slow but they found somewhat of a groove. I swear there was a Danny Trejo look alike who got a little SI! chant going during this match.

Zeb cut a great heel promo on California. He was getting a ton of heat. Then they killed it off with a commercial break and video package. It was like the promo happened years ago by the time the match started. The match itself was meh until the ending. There was a rather loud DUI chant at Swagger.

Sidenote on Swagger- he has the strangest build. He is all limbs and no neck.

Safe to say this was the best Miz Tv ever. I actually liked Miz, he was back to his heel douche mode for a bit. When he cleared out later as HHH arrived, it was affected it made me laugh.

The crowd was clearly pro-Bryan at the outset. Cena makes crowds react in ways ive never seen. At his highest point of pandering, there were multiple chants competing. I could even make out what they were saying.

"don’t interrupt me" was a total mark out moment.

The slap confrontation was the greatest ever.

The only bad thing was that my seats were situated behind Bryan. So I had to rely on titan tron when he was speaking.

I still like Fandango. He seemed to be adding a little more flair (lower case f) to his act. I don’t think Summer Rae is super hot or anything (certainly attractive though) but she really is a good valet. Really present and in the moment.

The rare RAW battle royale! I loved it. Even watching them gather in the ring before the start was cool. The guys were clearly trying to crack each other up without breaking character. 3MB standing very close together, Fandango trying to join them, everyone picking on Darren Young for some reason. Did the tv pick up on Slater climbing outside and moving around the ring?

Crowd was pretty hot for the finish. I felt like people are still unsure what to do with Ryback. He came out and seemed to get cheered. The love for RVD is crazy.

I really dug the Heyman promo , perhaps it was a bit long. There was an idiot with an air horn and another idiot started a boring chant. As with Kane, WWE does a good job sneaking guys around. Never saw Punk until he came out from the announcer table.

We left as soon the show ended and missed the dark match (my ride wanted to go, no choice.)

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