Crash's Raw Review- Daniel Bryan steals the show


If last night’s Raw taught us anything, it’s that even though the WWE messes things up (A LOT!) they occasionally make the right call when it comes to a wrestler and it pays off like gangbusters. Daniel Bryan, the Internet darling who had to overcome his small size and the god awful NXT Season 1, was put through a gauntlet match on the main event of Raw right after signing a contract for a WWE Championship match at SummerSlam. And for over 30 minutes he put on a wrestling clinic, with the biggest surprise being a 20-minute, incredibly entertaining match between Bryan and Antonio Cesaro.

Sure, I have gripes with last night’s Raw, but I highly recommend you take a break from looking at Brie Bella’s nipple slip and try to find the main event online.

- I admittedly was a fan of Brad Maddox when he first debuted, but wow this guy has been pretty lousy these first two weeks as General Manager of Raw. He always looks uncomfortable, Creative doesn’t know whether he’s a heel or a face and he really took away from what was a good opening promo between Cena and Bryan. Also, I hate how on the nose the announcers were about Vince McMahon really being the only one who doesn’t think Bryan isn’t good without saying it.

Why not, instead of Maddox, have Vince be the one to have the contract signing and then tear down Bryan for being small? Are they afraid to show how much Vince cares about the size of his wrestlers in real life? Wouldn’t showing Bryan as the rebel to the McMahon family make him more likable? And to add to my list of questions, why does Bryan need to "prove himself" when he’s already a former world champion and had multiple WWE Championship matches a year ago? It’s hard to complain about the whole situation considering how well it ended up, but this was bad storytelling.

- The Total Divas preview wasn’t even three minutes long and it still made me want to claw my eyes out with a fork. This show looks pretty dang awful, and what’s worse is that it will probably affect what happens on Raw every week. Woo-hoo.

- CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar- The Best vs. The Beast. Man, I cannot wait for this. Punk is gaining momentum now as a face and his angry promo towards Heyman was fantastic. I loved how he called out the "Live via Satellite" gimmick for being really stupid, because it is. Nothing stops those segments from just being recordings, so saying it’s a live feed just insults the intelligence of the audience. It will be interesting to see how they fill the next few weeks of programming leading up to SummerSlam, since they’ve already had two great promos between Heyman and Punk and a beat down from Lesnar. Maybe they could have Lesnar do another prerecorded UFC-style hype video, similar to what he did with his match against Cena last year.

- Right now the SummerSlam undercard is shaping up to be Rhodes vs. Sandow, Ziggler vs. Langston, and a six-man tag between The Shield, the Usos and Mark Henry while The Wyatt Family, Kane, Rob Van Dam and Curtis Axel will all be involved in some way. That’s a pretty solid way to wrap up the summer months.

-All that being said, I have absolutely no idea what they want to do with Alberto Del Rio now that Ziggler is busy, but hopefully his match with Rob Van Dam scheduled for Smackdown gives us a clue.

Lightning Round!

- Even after two weeks that leg bruise on Sheamus looks nasty

- Miz will host SummerSlam. What will that do for the show? Nobody cares!

- Eva Marie wants to make a name for herself, so she died her hair neon red. Genius!

- Irony- the guy getting the You Can’t Wrestle Chants is usually the wrestlers Vince likes to promote

- Let’s face it, after three divorces, King is used to getting slapped by women

- Nothing gets Texas fans hotter than talking trash about their state

-"My heart don’t pump Kool-Aid"- but you dressed like it for years, Mark!

- What’s scary about Cena’s joke is that at one point they did throw a world title on Great Khali.

- Anyone else think Ryback won’t have a SummerSlam match given that he’ll be buried by Cena next week?

- They've turned down the goofiness in Bryan’s character and it couldn’t have come at a better time

- Hunter and Stephanie keep talking about trains. Which train gets me away from these stupid backstage promos?

- I watched Smackdown for the first time in a while last week. Jesus H Christ that new theme song is bad!

Why should you watch Raw next week? We’ll see if Kane has joined the Wyatt Family.

Until next time!


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