Should Sting come to the WWE?


Over the past few weeks there have rumors swirling that TNA Impact's Sting is considering signing with the WWE for a short-term deal after his current contract with TNA expires in January 2014. If Sting were to sign with the WWE, it's widely accepted that he would challenge the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX for a chance to break the streak.

This is a dream match old school fans have been dying to see ever since World Wrestling Entertainment bought WCW back in 2001. Sting has always been seen as the one guy Vince McMahon was never able to buy, and if he were ever able to come to the WWE it'd only make sense that he would wrestle one of the last remaining torchbearers of the Attitude Era- The Undertaker.

Unfortunately even with WCW long gone the idea of the match happening has always just been fantasy. But that all changed in 2011, when the image above image started floating around the Internet.

Rumors spread frantically this was a leaked image from the WWE. And to continue the hype, there was a promo showing on WWE television where a man in a trench coat approached a log cabin, followed by the date 2-21-11. Internet fans thought for sure that Sting was the man in the trench coat, and that the dream match between the Icon and the Phenom would finally take place.

But that didn't happen.

It turns out that the promo was actually for the Undertaker, who would eventually face Tripe H at WrestleMania XXVII. Meanwhile, Dixie Carter misunderstood why people were excited about Sting and rushed him back to TNA using a similar promo to the Undertakers. Fans threw their hands up, learning that not only was the original image a fake but that Sting vs. Undertaker was not going to happen.

But with the WWE showing Sting as one of the all time great World Heavyweight Champions (technically WCW Title but still the same belt) during a montage on Raw a few weeks back there was suddenly a glimmer of hope. And with Cageside Seats' Rumor Roundup reporting that WWE and Sting are considering a deal for 2014, the dream match might finally be happening.

But when you really think about it, is Sting vs. Undertaker really the match we want at the biggest pay per view of the year? Sting will be 55 years old, WCW will be 13 years dead and the Sting/Hollywood Hogan feud will be 16 years in the past by the time WrestleMania rolls around. The styles of the two might not make for a good match since Sting is notorious for forgetting his spots and Undertaker is notorious for meticulously planning out every moment of his WrestleMania matches, so that will probably be an issue. Also it's a little too obvious on TNA that Sting isn't in top physical form given that he wears a t-shirt during hit matches now. Finally, even with all the WCW footage the WWE has, it will be hard to make Sting a big deal to kids who were in diapers when Sting was in the rafters.

But should it happen? Absolutely.

Ever since the Attitude Era ended WWE has been trying to find ways to bring nostalgic fans back to the product. DX reunited several times, the Rock has been in the main event of the last two WrestleManias, Paul Heyman is once again managing Brock Lesnar, Undertaker's streak has reached 22 years, Stone Cold Steve Austin keeps debating on whether or not he should come back and the Ultimate Warrior is the big advertising hook of WWE 2K14. WWE loves to use nostalgia and as much as older fans want to deny it, we want to see dream matches like this finally happen.

Sure there are plenty of reasons not to have Sting return, but there is so much money to be made by the nostalgic fans. They'll make Sting t-shirts, action figures, a DVD reviewing his WCW career and advertise him for multiple Raw appearances before his WrestleMania match. The amount of money and ratings the WWE will get from all of this is just too much to pass up.

And once again, we'll get our fix of remembering when wrestling was awesome again by watching an Icon face a Phenom.

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