Pay-Per-View Pick 'Em Game Results for Money in the Bank 2013 and Final Season Standings

WWE "Money in the Bank" 2013 is officially in the books and so is the Cageside Seats Pay-Per-View Pick 'Em Game. With 31 points on the line and the title at stake, who came away victorious to stand tall at the end of the season? Find out here!

WWE tore through the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, last night (Sun., July 14, 2013) with its Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) event, featuring Randy Orton successfully bringing home the red briefcase in the WWE championship ladder match.

For those of you who guessed that correctly in the latest installment of the Pay-Per-View Pick 'Em Game, that was worth 10 points.

The rest of the card featured the following results:

John Cena def. Mark Henry
Alberto Del Rio def. Dolph Ziggler
WWE title Money in the Bank ladder match: Randy Orton
World title Money in the Bank ladder match: Damien Sandow
AJ Lee def. Kaitlyn
Curtis Axel def. The Miz
Ryback def. Chris Jericho
The Shield def. The Usos

With this being the final event in the season, there were bonus points available. In total, there were 31 points available for the 8 matches, with the best case scenario being an 8-0 record for 31 points. If one of you managed to pull that off, it could have earned you the title.

So let's see how you all did.


1. bangarang - 31 points, 8-0 record
2. Chris Hines - 6 points, 6-2 record
2. AlexMathew.XtremeHardyholic - 6 points, 6-2 record
2. sioux1337 - 6 points, 6-2 record
2. Joel Hernandez - 6 points, 6-2 record
2. ZeroIndulgence - 6 points, 6-2 record
7. J-Rodzilla - 5 points, 5-3 record
7. Dr. McSexy - 5 points, 5-3 record
9. punkedge826 - 4 points, 4-4 record
9. toughluck - 4 points, 4-4 record


1. banarang - 207 points
2. Chris Hines - 175 points
3. J-Rodzilla - 171 points
4. AlexMathew.XtremeHardyholic - 169 points
5. sioux1337 - 167 points
6. punkedge826 - 166 points
7. Dr. McSexy - 165 points
7. ZeroIndulgence - 165 points
9. toughluck - 164 points
10. Joel Hernandez - 163 points

Congratulations to bangarang for doing such a stellar job being on par with the WWE brain trust. It's not at all suspicious that your IP address traces back to Stamford, Connecticut, right?

Just kidding.

Send me an e-mail to claim your prize and thanks for playing, everyone!

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