Please let that be a double turn.



Last night at Payback, supposed babyface Alberto de Rio took back the Mid-Card Championship from Ziggler under a wave a boos.

The story looked quite simple, Ziggler had a concussion a few weeks ago and Alberto del Rio constantly focuses on the head of his opponent as if he wanted to give him another one. He even resorted to kicking the head of Ziggler while a doctor was checking on him, of course the crowd was enraged at this and sided with the much more sympathetic Showoff.

Right now we should be celebrating, even if Alberto took back the Mid-Card Championship. This could be monumental for Dolph, working his way back up top as an underdog face and finally winning the title back could go a long way into making him a long term star.

But most of us aren't celebrating just yet, we've been burned by the "Creative" Team and #WWELogic way to many times to take things at face value anymore. The match at Payback looked like a double turn, felt like a double turn and the crowd reacted as a double turn but I'm here at my keyboard writing about show I fear that it wasn't.

That's right, I'm afraid that this beautiful double turn might have only happen in the heads of millions of fans and was just a by-product of wishful thinking. You might think I'm going a bit crazy but I believe I have my reasons to not be convinced just yet.

Here are some of them:

* First of all we were in a smark town, Dolph Ziggler got cheered from the start.

* Second, Del Rio had been acting like your prototypical WWE (dick) Face for a while now. Tonight wasn't that much different.

* Spanish face announcer Carlos Cabrera notorious for being a total face mark defended ADR's actions all the way through.

* I read that the English Announcers didn't make the turn obvious.

But there are also things that keep me hopeful, like the post match promo where RR had a smug face reminiscent of their heel days and also the production crew constantly showing us the booing fans.

To Conclude, I'm like 75% sure that this was in-fact a double turn that is being done with a bit of subtlety and if that's it then my hat is all the way off to whoever came with the idea and to all the performers involved.

But if WWE Faces were consistenly heroic good guys I should be 99% sure instead of feeling sick to my stomach that WWE is going to ruin this once again.

Please WWE, don't dissapoint me again, let this be the double turn that we all saw last night.

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