WWE House Show in Glens Falls New York, my experience

OK, so last night, I went to a WWE house Show in Glens Falls New York. This was actually my first WWE House Show. I`ve been to 2 smackdown tapings, 2 Live Raws, and an ECW House Show, but never a regular WWE house Show. It was upstate New York, so I was hoping for a fairly smart crowd, but, yeah know, a vast sea of yellow cena shirts greeted me at the door. Luckily, I did sit next to fellow Smarks, so we had fun with them. Alright, so now on to the matches

Match 1: R Truth v Antonio Cesaro: Really fun match to start with. Jesus was R truth over though. I cant say im a fan, but I had to participate in the " whats uping " that was going on. Cesaro came out. Me and the 4 or 5 smarks next to me gave him a standing ovation, when a fat hairy lady behind me called us "commies". R truth won by pinfall.

Match 2. Hunico v Ted Dibiase JR: Ted won by doing the million dollar dream. That is all.

match 3: Brad maddox comes out and tells everyone its time for an "empty arena divas match", so everyone has to get out of his building. Awesome. It turned out to be Naomi v One of the Bellas. Naomi won, because Divas.

Match 4: Fandango v Wade Barret v Sheamus. Really good match actually. Wade Barrets new theme is so awesome live, so awesome. Fandango did a cartwheel, which led me to the conclusion that Fandango and Damien Sandow have to form a tag team, and cartwheel to dominance. Wade Barret won the match, but then sheamus brode kicked him from behind. After that, a 20 minute masturbatory exit for sheamus, even though he lost the match.

Match 5: Brian Wyatt v Zack Ryder: Brian Wyatt is awesome in every way. He came out proclaiming " THE FOLLOWING CONTEST IS A SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER MATCH!!" May we add this finisher to the tournament?? He leans over, kisses you on the forehead goodnight, and sends you face first into the mat. Here is a video i took of it.

Brian Wyatts New Finisher is SICK!!!!! (via Ddonuts5)

Match 6: Zack Ryder v Brad Maddox. Maddox wrestled. That is all.

Match 7, Tons of Funk v PTP. Justin Roberts introduced sweet T in the best way ever watch:

Justin Roberts - Sweeeeeeeeee T!!!!! (via Ddonuts5)

Match 8: Cena v Ryback, Tables Match. The crowd went nuts for Cena, of course, but what surprised me, was there was a group of kids in Ryback stuff, who HATED CENA. They were only like 8. Cena won in an alright match.

After the show: I shit you not. We sat by the tour bus for a while, and John Cena came out, IN HIS FUCKING WRESTLING GEAR!! That is just hilarious to me.

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