The Dream World Heavyweight Title Program

Dolph Ziggler is by far the best thing to happen to the WHC picture in some time, I think we can all agree on that. However, his program with ADR and Swagger has been getting stale to say the least. While rumor has it that ADR will end up taking the title back at some point that's all moot. Had creative done the WHC the right way, and Swagger not botched a kick (By the way, why is he still around he is useless, but that is another post) I think the WHC could be the premiere title with the best matches around if my WHC title picture was given a chance by creative.

Although it saddens me to see D-Bry and Kane on the verge of a break up I think it could lead to endless potential. Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler in WWE. Everyone knows it. When the guy hits the ring its pure gold, and his work on the mic is equal to if not better than Mr. Pipe Bomb himself, CM Punk. Bryan has had numerous amounts of gems vs Ziggler and i have no doubt the two would produce gold once again if given the chance.

Daniel Bryan Vs Dolph Ziggler (via Kais Abou Housien)

Now while you have those two, even that rivalry would get boring after say two or three pay-per-views. So my idea to produce gold would be to bring Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston into the picture as well and have all four jockeying for position at whoever happens to hold the title.

Before you start questioning what I'm on while writing this, think about it. When Ziggler was still under the advice of Vickie 'EXCUSE ME' Guerrero, he had a great program with Kofi including this match, or two since Vickie had her way, for the IC Title, which was one of my favorites.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston - intercontinental championship match(smackdown 01 7 11) (via camilo figueroa)

That match was a classic and just speaks volumes about how good those two can be together. Mix in Daniel Bryan and you could have some triple threat matches that have the potential to be match of the year, and even some of the greatest of all time.

Where does Randy Orton fit in you might ask? Say what you want about Orton, but when the guy is committed he can put on some quality matches. Sure lately he hasn't been giving the most stellar performances, but I'm sure if you were stuck in feuds for months heading in no direction you'd get bored as well. Give him a challenge to step his game up and match the energy of the other three I think we can see the Viper of old make us jump out of our seats.

WWE RAW 8/29/11 Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler (Champion vs Champion) (via TheCaptainMartin)

Needless to say, creative has their own plans and will probably ruin this idea anyway if given the chance, but if they for once got their collective heads out of their asses and put four talent guys in the ring and had them go at it, they might be able to get us back interested into a WHC program.

Who is your dream four or three even to compete in a WHC Program? Who would you change. Let's discuss it in the comments!

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