TNA 'Slammiversary' Preview: Devon vs. Joseph Park


The television title, held by Aces & Eights' Sergeant at Arms for many months, is on the line against the lawyer at this Sunday's PPV. Even more than that, though, everyone is wondering if Park's "brother" Abyss will find his way into the match - one way or another?

Television Title:

Devon (c) vs. Joseph Park

The lawyer has been in a thorn in Aces & Eights side throughout their existence, especially due to the mysterious appearances of his "brother", Abyss. Likewise, the club has stalked and abused Park for months. At Slammiversary, it will be settled one way or the other, with the TV title on the line.

The Road to Slammiversary

Joseph Park came to TNA last year searching for his brother, the monster Abyss. In the meantime, Park got involved in backstage business on Impact Wrestling, working with Hulk Hogan to investigate the Aces & Eights motorcycle gang that was terrorizing the promotion. That work culminated in Park having a match with DOC, a match he lost.

That loss sent him off to train at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). He returned to face Devon, the Sergeant at Arms of the club, at Genesis, but was defeated. Since then, he has continued to improve his game and racked up a few victories to go with it.

But his sense of justice again put him in Aces & Eights path, when he set out to have Brooke Hogan's marriage to club president Bully Ray annulled. Devon made it clear to the barrister that he should stay out of their business, and he emphasized his point by beating the big man with a steel chain.

While recuperating in his family basement, Park watched Aces & Eights continue to make trouble for everyone on Impact. When Hulk needed help for Kurt Angle and Sting in a six-man match against the bikers, he placed a call to the Park estate. But Joseph wasn't the man who responded.

Abyss returned and cleaned house. Despite Park's believable denials, everyone at TNA seems to believe that the monster may be hidden within the mild-mannered attorney. D-Lo Brown found that out the hard way when he drew blood in his contest with Park and received Abyss' patented black hole slam in return.

Devon now has a chance to end Park and maybe Abyss to, but he has to put his television championship on the line in order to do so. His brothers in arms have played a big role in his holding that belt for 12 of the last 15 months. Are even they enough to stop the Park brothers, even if they both exist in the same man?

What's at stake?

The title, but more than that, Joseph Park has long been a problem for Aces & Eights. Devon can end that, but might he unleash the monster on his club, or even on all of TNA?

Stay tuned for the latest twists and turns in this sage, right here at CSS!

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