TNA Impact results and live blog for May 9: Six Man Tag Team Match

TNA returns to Spike TV tonight (May 9, 2013) with its latest episode of "Impact", live from Tupelo, MS. Tonight's show features a Six Man Tag Team match, The Icon Sting, Hulk Hogan, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, Devon, Mr. Anderson and much more.

TNA Impact Wrestling comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 9, 2013) from Tupelo, MS. Tonight, "The Road to Slammiversary World Tour" continues, featuring the following talent:

The Icon Sting, Hulk Hogan, Bully Ray, Devon, Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, a Six-Man Tag Match, and much more! For more on the events taking place tonight, check out our Impact Preview.

It all goes down tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV, so remember to check back right here to follow along with the live blog as it all goes down.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

Dear god, I'm still live blogging TNA. Don't I have a minion or two to do this for me? Whatever happened to my henchman?

We'll start with Sting and Kurt Angle making their way to the ring, presumably to announce who their partner will be in tonight's match against Aces and 8s.

Sting starts by putting over the fact that he's the number one contender to the heavyweight championship. Bully put together an elaborate plan to win the belt and he succeeded but Sting's plan is to strip him of his power on June 2 at Slammiversary.

That's why Sting asked Hulk Hogan if he could assemble a team to take out Aces and 8s tonight. But he didn't need just the best, he needed the best of the best. That's why he called up Angle, who takes the microphone and puts over how he made D-Lo Brown scream "I quit" last week.

You know, because that's such a big accomplishment.

Anyway, Angle calls AJ Styles down to the ring because he's "got something to ask" him.

Styles is still using his old music and he walks out using the ramp. He's still trying really hard to pull off this sort of emo/biker gimmick. The squinted eyes, the black beard, the leather jacket, the longer hair, the stoic expression at all times.

Angle asks him straight out if he's going to join TNA against Aces and 8s. When he gets no response, Angle says he's not asking anymore, he's DEMANDING an answer.

Sting plays good cop by grabbing the mic and telling Styles he's been in the same place before. He references his 1997 run when he was hanging out in rafters and acting mysterious but it's about doing the right thing and that's what Styles needs to do now.

The crowd gets into it. "You hear that roar? That's the house that AJ built!"

Sting goes into pep talk, rally mode and extends his hand to Styles to join. He gets no response to that and Angle once again gets in his face: "I'm tired of this crap! You're either with us or against us!"

Styles walks away. Angle screams for him not to before running out after him. Now they're brawling on the ramp while Sting looks on in the ring and Tazz laughs about it on commentary.

Meanwhile back in the ring, Ken Anderson, Devon, and Bully Ray show up to attack the Stinger from behind and lay him out with the 3-D.

By the time Angle gets back, they're gone.


Styles walks away while an interviewer wonders how he could leave the TNA guys out there high and dry.

AJ simply rubs his lip, looks at his hand, and storms the rest of the way out.



Time for the Knockouts and a tag match.

Tara & Gail Kim vs. Mickie James & Velvet Sky

They didn't get much time to work. Mickie took a beating before making a comeback and getting the hot tag to Sky, who sold her bum knee all throughout but hit her finisher and got the pin on Tara.

After the match, Kim laid out Tara in a fit of rage. Then, no different than last week, she locked in a Figure Four on the ringpost before ODB pulled her off.


Aces and 8s are celebrating in the back. They took Sting out and AJ is rushing off and it's a big win all around.

Suddenly, D-Lo Brown shows up and he says he wasn't aware there was a meeting with the group. Bully puts him on blast in front of everybody and says there's another meeting, this one in the ring, and invites everyone to it except Brown.

The rest of the crew heads off leaving only D-Lo with his supremely sad face left to ponder his future in the most elite group in the pro wrestling world.



Bad Influence takes James Storm a six-pack of beer backstage in his dressing room. They just wanted to come back and tell him how great he is and get him ready to be referee for the big match tonight.

But they also brought the beer to remind Storm of what Bobby Roode did not so long ago.

They offer Storm to join them -- they could add a third member to Bad Influence -- but Storm resists and they bail out, leaving him with the beer to think on things.


Aces and 8s hits the ring and D-Lo Brown is, in fact, walking alongside the rest of the group. Because when you ride with Aces and 8s, you never walk alone, remember?

Anyway, Ray goes into the usual schtick while promoting their match later on tonight.

He issues a warning to anyone in the back who is thinking of joining Sting and Angle to go against Aces and 8s because "you don't want any part of us."

But that's not what they're doing out here tonight. They're out here to deal with Brown. Bully says he'll make it short and sweet: "Turn in your colors right now. Take off that cut off your back and put it in my hands right now."

Brown says no, emphatically shaking his head.

Ray says he'll only tell him one more time. Take the colors off and hand them over right now.

Again, D-Lo refuses, this time saying "my cut is my life."

The guys behind him rip his vest off anyway. Anderson gets in his face and says this club is not for quitters and Brown quit against Angle. Ray says that's exactly the case and now Bully wants to cry "like a bitch"?

He asks what Brown is going to do to get his cut back and D-Lo offers to take out Magnus tonight. Ray tells him he'll sit next to the timekeeper ringside while Magnus takes on Doc and if he "better hope Doc wins if you want any chance of getting back in Aces and 8s."


Magnus vs. Doc

The match didn't run very long and centered around D-Lo messing up yet again. Late in the match, Brown grabbed on to Doc, thinking it was Magnus, and allowed Magnus to get the roll up for the pinfall.

He acted shocked and dismayed at the situation immediately after, regretful for what he had done without even realizing it.

Doc pushed him walked off pissed.

A commercial break returns to show Brown in the back and Bully telling everyone to hold him down while they threaten him with a hammer. Instead, Anderson says they should just give him a job he can do, which would be washing the bikes of everyone in the group.


We go to Hogan backstage and he's walking up on Sting and Angle, telling them he wants in on the match. Thank god Sting and Angle talk him out of it, saying his doctor said he can't go.

Hogan relents.

Hulk says he's got a wildcard that could change the game completely but Sting and Angle aren't happy about the "if" part of the equation, so they recruit Magnus and sell Hogan on him.

Looks like he's the choice.


Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are backstage walking and arguing over what they're about to do. Roode thinks it's the worst idea ever but Aries says they need to do it.

So they take a beer to Storm and Roode apologizes for beating him the way he did and says he was always jealous of Storm because he's the one who made the Beer Money tag team what it was.

Storm takes the beer, and a dig at Roode that his loss to Aries wasn't a fluke, and walks off.

Roode is livid while Aries keeps a cool head.


Bobby Roode & Austin Aries vs. Bad Influence

Mike Tenay just said about James Storm that he's "never seen anyone fill out a referee uniform like that since Ed Hochuli." Never again, Mike.

Storm has been calling down the middle as special guest referee. They did tease issue between Aries and Storm when the latter missed a pinfall attempt thanks to keeping Kazarian out of the ring.

The match has been outstanding but Storm looks like he hurt his leg getting a bit overzealous during a count. He's been struggling to get up and moving around really poorly. Pretty crazy he hurt himself just counting a pin attempt.

Storm hit the Last Call on Daniels when he was going for it on Aries. Instead, Storm counted two and stood back up. Then he hit the Last Call on Aries too. He looked like he was in plenty of pain doing that twice.

They play his music and say the match was thrown out.


Backstage, we see select members of Aces and 8s beating the shit out of Magnus. That's going to take him out of the six-man tag team match tonight, it seems.

But wait, he's fighting back! He might have a fighting chance!


The numbers game catches up to him and they end up leaving him for dead but not before screaming at him really loud and tough like.

They're so tough.


Kenny King comes out to cut a promo. He's overly complimentary of the man he introduces, Chris Sabin, who made his return last week and earned a title shot at the very belt King holds.

That's next week, and TNA promotes as much right now.

King asks for Sabin to tell his story, all super respectful. Sabin goes into it and says he spent two years in two places, physical rehab and his basement. King has no idea how much anguish that caused him but also how much motivation it gave him.

He cuts a promo on why he'll win next week and be the next X division champion.

King takes the mic and continues his complimentary streak. He says Sabin is already a champion in his eyes. So he wants Sabin to hold the belt right now.

Finally, King goes heel mode and calls him Frail Sabin, says he has a stupid haircut and this is the closest he'll ever get to the title as long as King is the champ, sucka!


They cut to the back and we see Aries, Roode, Daniels, and Kazarian fighting and getting hustled out of the way by referees and security personnel.

Then Storm is shown lying on the ground hurt. That injury from earlier might be a work and this is what's getting him off TV. Or the injury from earlier was legit and this was worked to get him off TV for a bit.

Who knows.


Main event time.

Team TNA vs. Aces and 8s

They continue playing up the fact that the babyface team doesn't have a third man. Hogan gets on the phone and tells some mystery guy he needs to know RIGHT NOW if he's in.

Sting goes off saying they ran out of time.

Hogan as the third man? This isn't 1996 but sometimes it sure as hell feels like it.

They start the match with it being just Angle and Sting and apparently the third guy will join the party whenever he gets here.

Midway through the match, the broadcast crew says they've got a camera in the back to showcase some activity. Once they cut to the back, we see Aces and 8s completely laid out cold while the commentary team wonders who the hell did it.

If D-Lo Brown is the third man, that's it.

Angle gets a hot tag to Sting late and he cleans house. They build towards Sting and Ray having a big confrontation, a preview of their title match main event at Slammiversary. It doesn't take long before Aces and 8s takes over and gains complete control.

Devon gets the table and the Dudleys set up for the 3-D. Suddenly, Abyss' music hits and he's the third man. He puts Anderson through a table then takes out Devon to get the pin and the win for his team.



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