John Cena: The Most Brilliant Gimmick In Wrestling

Is SuperCena outsmarting the smarks? - jmw-designs©

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Did the title catch your attention IWC?

For all of you gasping for air, reaching for vomit bags, or foaming at the mouth, just hear me out - Let me just tell you what I think of John Cena:

He is, without a doubt, the most obnoxious, hypocritical, corny, child pandering, dickhead in the business today. Whenever I can go to a WWE event, I boo this man. My friends and I make sure we get fellow anti-Cena people in the crowd, to make our displeasure heard.

So, why did I just call it the most brilliant gimmick in wrestling? Because, it is, and we don't even know it.

As many bullshit things the WWE commentators say, they have said one thing that is 100% true, "Nobody gets a reaction out of the WWE universe like John Cena".

We have been waiting for a heel turn from superman for so long - but here's the thing, it happened in 2005. Vince McMahon may be a lot of things, but one thing he isn't, is a dumb businessman. I truly believe that Vince saw the backlash from smarks, and took it right to the bank.

Heel John Cena - would have done nothing. He would lose half his audience, the kids, and the smarks (well, we just really wouldn't care).

What I have come to realize, is that the way the WWE has handled John Cena is brilliant. He has become the Ultra heel of the decade, without turning heel once. We HATE him. There's corny faces we dislike, and then there's Cena. When Orton and Sheamus stood in front of a bunch of Smarks in NJ, they got random chants, and were disregarded. That shit did NOT happen for Cena. He got drowned with boos.

To me, this means something. It means that John Cena is OVER as a heel, in a genius way.

He is THE most talked about guy in the business, some hate him, and some love him. And for those who hate him, just making him a plain old heel, who doesn't like your city, and thinks your kids are ugly, takes away ALL the talk about him. He is the establishment. He is the uber face, and the man himself made a good analogy when he said he was like the New York Yankees. Vince, Trips, Stephanie, they all know that half their audience hates that shit, so they do it.

And, we do hate him.

Call it a conspiracy, call it wisdom, but I think Cena's whole thing, is a work. A bigger work than we could imagine. Because WWE knows the IWC and the smart fans, will never truly hate a Kayfabe heel, so they got under our skin, with an annoying, kayfabe babyface.

We want to see him get his ass kicked, and when that happens, PPV`s sell, and Asses are put in seats.

And no, I'm not a "Cena fan now"; I still think the motherfucker is the worst thing in the world. With that said, I think that they have created the most controversial man in the business.

Basically, they outsmarted the smart marks.

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