WWE/TNA Week in Wrestling: Apr. 28th to May 4th

Sting is contending for the TNA World Heavyweight title again. - Photo by The Badder in the World of Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

Catch up on all the results from WWE and TNA television shows with the latest Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling!

Hello, Cagesiders! Welcome to the Cageside Seats Week in Wrestling once again!

What happened last week? Find out below, Cagesiders.


Raw (Apr. 29th)

  • The show started off with a triple threat match between the sidekicks of everyone involved in the World Heavyweight Championship bout at Extreme Rules with the winner getting to pick the stipulation. Ricardo Rodriguez defeated Big E Langston and Zeb Colter when Ricardo pinned Zeb with a roll up. The set up to this finish was AJ Lee stopping the referee from counting three when Zeb had tried to pin Ricardo after Langston had given Ricardo a belly to belly suplex.
  • In a touching segment John Cena made three Make a Wish kids honorary WWE Superstars.
  • Randy Orton pinned Cody Rhodes with the RKO.
  • Brie Bella "pinned" Naomi when The Bella Twins switched places and Nikki Bella was the one who rolled up Naomi. However, the referee reversed his decision and made Naomi the winner by disqualification after Cameron had complained about what happened.
  • The Shield cut a promo about how they destroyed The Undertaker on Smackdown last week. When they started to talk about their involvement in the issue between John Cena and Ryback they were interrupted by 3MB who started a brawl with them. The Shield quickly got the upper hand, who retreated when Team Hell No made their way to the ring, who inevitably finished off 3MB themselves.
  • John Cena and Ryback were backstage. Ryback was concerned about Cena's ankle injury. Cena tried to reassure Ryback that he'd still be effective, but Ryback said he couldn't take that chance.
  • Dolph Ziggler pinned Kofi Kingston with the Zig Zag. After the match, Big E Langston hit the Big Ending twice on Kingston.
  • Kaitlyn received a spiked baseball cap from a secret admirer.
  • Ryback met with Team Brickie to tell them that he didn't want to face The Shield alone with an injured John Cena. Vickie Guerrero decided that Team Hell No would take Cena's place instead, but Ryback turned that offer down flat.
  • Jack Swagger submitted Zack Ryder with the Patriot Lock.
  • During the commercial break Ryback left the arena.
  • Mark Henry defeated Sweet T and then Brodus Clay in two consecutive tug of war contests. Sheamus then came out for a go, but just as Henry was about to defeat him too, he let go of the rope and hit Henry with a Brogue Kick.
  • Team Hell No told Team Brickie that they'd take The Shield on in a handicap match if they have to. Vickie Guerrero granted them their wish.
  • John Cena demanded that he be put into the tag match as Team Hell No's partner to Brad Maddox.
  • Alberto Del Rio submitted Antonio Cesaro with an arm bar. After the match, Del Rio announced that the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat match at Extreme Rules would be a ladder match.
  • The Great Khali (with Natalya) defeated Fandango (with Summer Rae) in a Dance Off when Jerry "The King" Lawler announced Khali as the winner. Fandango then attacked Khali and finished him off with his top rope leg drop.
  • The Shield defeated Team Hell No & John Cena when Roman Reigns pinned Cena with a spear after Cena's ankle gave out when he attempted to give Seth Rollins the AA. After the match, Ryback came out and stared at the stage.

NXT (May 1st)

  • In a three-way dance tag team match, The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) defeated Adrian Neville & Bo Dallas and Epico & Primo. The Colons were first eliminated when Neville pinned Primo with a corkscrew shooting star press. Immediately thereafter The Wyatt Family won the match when Harper pinned Neville with a lariat from hell.
  • Paige pinned Summer Rae with the Paige Turner.
  • NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes announced that he had allowed Adrian Neville to pick a new official partner, that Bo Dallas is now one half of the NXT tag team champions, and, that by virtue of their win in tonight's triple threat match, The Wyatt Family are the new number one contenders and will face Neville & Dallas next week for the belts.
  • Bray Wyatt declared that tonight he would "break the wall down" against Chris Jericho.
  • Chris Jericho submitted Bray Wyatt with the Walls of Jericho.

Main Event (May 1st)

  • WWE United States Champion Kofi Kingston pinned Antonio Cesaro with the Trouble in Paradise in an excellent match.
  • After the match, Kofi Kingston had a message for his family: "Daddy is coming home a CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!"
  • In the next segment, Antonio Cesaro laid Kofi Kingston out and ripped out a piece of Kingston's hair.
  • Justin Gabriel pinned Heath Slater with a 450 splash.

Superstars (May 2nd)

  • R-Truth pinned Damien Sandow with the Lie Detector.
  • Kaitlyn pinned Tamina Snuka with a sunset flip.

Smackdown (May 3rd)

  • Ryback started the show with a promo about how it's the law of the jungle around here and the bigger, stronger, and faster (i.e. Ryback) always eat the weak (i.e. John Cena).
  • Ryback pinned Daniel Bryan with the Shell Shock.
  • Ricardo Rodriguez was super nervous about his match later with Zeb Colter, but Alberto Del Rio managed to calm him down.
  • Fandango pinned Zack Ryder with a top rope leg drop.
  • Kaitlyn was happy as she had received roses and a poem from her secret admirer.
  • Zeb Colter cut a promo on that "illegal immigrant" Ricardo Rodriguez.
  • Ricardo Rodriguez defeated Zeb Colter by disqualification when Jack Swagger interfered and clotheslined Ricardo.
  • Teddy Long then booked Ricardo Rodriguez & Alberto Del Rio vs. Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger, which quickly ended in a no contest when Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston interfered.
  • Teddy Long then came out to make a triple threat match between the three teams. Ricardo Rodriguez & Alberto Del Rio won when Del Rio submitted Dolph Ziggler with a cross armbreaker.
  • After a tussle is heard in the background, The Shield was revealed and said that by the end of the night that Kane would "believe in The Shield". Then the cameras panned back to reveal that Daniel Bryan had been beaten up and was on the floor coughing.
  • After the commercial break, paramedics attended to Daniel Bryan, who was selling being seriously injured.
  • Randy Orton pinned Damien Sandow with the RKO. After the match, the Big Show came out to complain about Orton's selfishness. Sandow crept in from behind and hit his finisher on Orton, which led to Show laughing hysterically before saying there won't be anything funny about what he does to Orton at Extreme Rules.
  • Kane told Matt Striker going to make The Shield pay for what they did to Daniel Bryan and The Undertaker.
  • Mark Henry beat Sheamus in an arm wrestling match. Sheamus goaded Henry into a left handed rematch, immediately sucker punched him with his right hand once the bout had started and then hit the Brogue Kick.
  • Dean Ambrose pinned Kane with a modified DDT after tons of interference from The Shield. After the match, Roman Reigns eventually hit Kane with a spear and then the trio planted him with the triple powerbomb.

Saturday Morning Slam (May 4th)

  • Brad Maddox was the guest announcer this week.
  • Jey Uso defeated Darren Young by disqualification when Titus O'Neill interfered as Jey was about to hit the Superfly Splash on Young.
  • Saturday Night Slam GM Mick Foley then came out to book an immediate match between The Prime Time Players and The Usos.
  • The Usos defeated The Prime Time Players when Jimmy Uso pinned Darren Young with the Superfly Splash.


TNA Impact Wrestling (May 2nd)

  • Hulk Hogan called out Sting to the ring and then apologised for pushing Sting away of late. The two shook hands. Hogan said they should have worked together to get rid of Aces and 8s. Sting replied that he completely forgives Hogan of everything he did and wanted to put together a team to square off against the heel gang in a six-man tag match next week. Matt Morgan complained that he was just going to give Sting the world title shot on a whim and that he hadn't learned anything from the Bully Ray situation. However, Hogan had learned his lesson, as he booked Morgan vs. Sting for the Impact main event with the winner earning a TNA World Heavyweight title shot at Slammiversary against Ray.
  • Chris Sabin did an interview talking about how he tore two ACLs and went through 24 months of rehab to return to action tonight.
  • In a Triple Threat match, Chris Sabin defeated Zema Ion and Sonjay Dutt when he pinned Ion.
  • Bully Ray gave the rest of Aces & 8s a pep talk before asking someone to step up and take out Kurt Angle for him. D-Lo Brown stepped up to the plate and had to swear on his colours that he'd get the job done.
  • Rob Terry defeated Robbie E, Joey Ryan & Jesse in a handicap match when he pinned Ryan.
  • Bobby Roode told Bad Influence that he was tempted very briefly by the idea of reforming Fortune but he knows that they were simply trying to screw up his tag team with Austin Aries. This led to Christopher Daniels & Kazarian to come out to squabble with Aries & Roode. Then the TNA World Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez interrupted to announce that Hulk Hogan had made James Storm the special guest referee for their number one contenders match next week.
  • Sting needed a minute of Kurt Angle's time and told the the cameraman to back off.
  • Kurt Angle defeated D-Lo Brown in an I Quit match with the ankle lock. Angle then called out AJ Styles and asked him to be his partner next week with Sting in a trios match against Aces & 8s.
  • Matt Morgan snapped at an interviewer for asking about how long he's been waiting for his shot at the title. Morgan is pissed off and frustrated about it.
  • Taryn Terrell & Mickie James defeated Tara & Gail Kim when Terrell pinned Tara. After the match, James and Tara brawled up the ramp while Kim went to work on Terrell in the ring. The segment ended with Kim doing the Figure Four through the ring post.
  • Backstage, Bully Ray is pissed off at D-Lo Brown for quitting against Kurt Angle. Ray then announced that he would tag up with Devon and Mr. Anderson against Sting's team next week.
  • Sting beat Matt Morgan when Morgan passed out from the pain of Sting's Scorpion Deathlock. The show ended with Aces and 8s surrounding the ring while Sting was still in it and Ray stared Sting down.
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