Soon... the real Daniel Bryan returns

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I'm pumped up.

Daniel Bryan had a legitimate world heavyweight title reign. He battled giants and came out on top. He trolled like a heel should troll, and he was a bad ass. He put his finger in Big Show's chest like he knew he could kick his ass.


They tried to destroy him in a stupid 18 second match at WrestleMania. Because they're idiots. Or maybe it was actually the most genius thing ever because they knew Bryan of all people would survive it.

Regardless, he became more over than ever. In fact, no matter what WWE has asked of Bryan, he has flourished.

He came in as a babyface underdog and delivered the goods in his work with The Miz. Michael Cole, even though no one wants to give him credit for anything even when he does his job well, actually played a great heel foil to Bryan with his constant bashing of the "small vegan." And The Miz also played his role well -- his proper, natural role, mind you; not as a pandering face, but a douchey, former reality TV star who is also a huge tool and who any of us would gladly punch in the face.

And, of course, Bryan took any chance he could get to deliver a cheap shot or two their way:

And when things really got heated, Daniel Bryan proved he had more charisma and more of the "it" factor than a lot of people were willing to give him credit for:

The following week, the madness continued. Here we are led to believe in a story that Bryan has no "it" factor, no charisma, no "heart"', But everywhere he goes, he makes an immediate impact. Everywhere he goes, madness follows.

Michael Cole summed it up best himself at the end of this video: "He's a maniac! A maniac!"

A lot of people have forgotten, or maybe they never even believed what I'm about to say to begin with, but Daniel Bryan is one bad ass mother-[site decorum]. Legitimately. If you gave Daniel Bryan a live mic, he could produce that same magic that CM Punk has produced. FACT.

Daniel Bryan is as talented on the mic as CM Punk. And he is better in the ring. Yes, let me re-state that just to be clear:

Daniel Bryan is just as good on the mic as God himself. And Daniel Bryan is better in the ring.

Bryan also has a better LOOK than Punk. No tattoos. No piercings. Better physical form. More intensity. That old school intensity of someone who you know could actually kick your ass if you met them in a dark alley.

Bryan is a legitimate tough guy, and there is no longer any reason to hold Bryan back from his potential. He could be the Greatest of All Time (GOAT). Daniel Bryan could be talked about 10 years from now as the actual GOAT.

It is time to let him loose. In other words, WWE, stop fucking around.

He is just as capable as Punk, when given the right amount of freedom, to produce something glorious. Out of all of AJ's boyfriends, Bryan's "reign" was still by far the best. He told her to shut up, he put her down, he said he wished she was never born:

He and AJ were naturals together. They're performance chemistry was incredible.

And just look at that smirk at 2:46. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the REAL Daniel Bryan. Wouldn't you just hate the little snot if he wasn't so good at what he does? Does it remind you of anything? It should:

Same smirk at 0:14. Same Daniel Bryan. The real one.

The real Daniel Bryan is the real Best in the World. The real Daniel Bryan has been the Best in the World since day onewhen he entered WWE, and he's been vilified and hated for it ever since that day. The real Daniel Bryan will kick your fucking head in:

What a bad ass. Seriously.

The real Daniel Bryan is a man you do not want to be in a ring with, period. It has never mattered how big you were, or how strong you were, because Daniel Bryan could tear you to pieces.

The real Daniel Bryan is intimidating, mean, cocky, finds his own shtick hilarious, and can back all of that up in the ring by legitimately kicking your ass.

The real Daniel Bryan is a veteran worker with a decorated past and a bright future. The real Daniel Bryan is meant to bear the title of Best in the World, and he is meant to claim that title upon his first reign as WWE Champion.

It's coming. That reign is coming.

CM Punk was the best from day one, when he came to WWE. It was obvious. But he has been in the company since 2005, and it took him the better part of a decade, producing magical moments and out-shining everyone, for him to finally get the green light to challenge Cena.

It took Punk six years. Despite all his genius, talent, and obvious potential if put in the right place. It took the WWE six years to do what they could have done much earlier than that: trust CM Punk.

Daniel Bryan has been with WWE since 2010 (or 2009, really). That's about 3.5 to 4.5 years of him proving, day-in, day-out, that he is the Best in the World. On this microphone. In that ring. Even in comedy, nobody can touch him!

I mean, let me just phrase it this way: They gave CM Punk the comedy character at one point. It didn't work. His "feud" with Johnny Ace... it was terrible. They have put Daniel Bryan through a worse hell than that, and given him less freedom to be who he really is, and he has still emerged an even bigger star.

CM Punk may have had his stables and his ideas cut short, but Bryan has been turned into a laughing stock, and EVEN THAT he knocks out of the park. His reign with Kane has been the best tag title reign in years, and together they produced entertaining stuff on a weekly basis.

Bryan's done it all.

CM Punk had his moment with the Undertaker during one of his early world heavyweight title reigns. That was pointed to as a sign that he could "hang" with the big boys. Bryan has had his moments with every major star in the company, including recently The Undertaker, and even Rocky himself:

And, every time, he has shown he belongs with the main eventers. No matter what, Bryan has produced:

So now, the time is approaching. His tag reign is over. His partnership with Kane is reaching its end. Let him be the lone wolf again. Let the bad ass return. Let the dangerous maniac come back.

Let the Final Countdown to the return of the REAL Daniel Bryan begin!


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