Off the Top Rope: A Cagesider Podcast (Episode 14) - WWF SummerSlam 1994

The latest episode of OTTR is ready for your listening pleasure with Mike & Rex and -- "Off The Top Rope": A Cagesider Podcast made for you, by fans like you -- all about Pro Wrestling, of course! This week's episode features talk about WWF SummerSlam 1994, and more.

The fourteenth episode of Off The Top Rope is here!

It's the CageSider's Pro Wrestling Podcast - made for you - by fans like you, has been made available to you as of yesterday (May. 29, 2013), by none-other-than your fellow CageSiders, Mike (vfn) & Rex Ivanovic (the author formerly known as Buckeye Brawler).

Each episode features the guys discussing the latest news and goings-on of note in the pro wrestling world. Plus, they review a classic professional wrestling event!

This week's episode features chatter from Mike & Rex on the mic discussing the week that was and more, in addition to talking current events, they took on WWF SummerSlam 1994 too.

  • 0:00:00-0:04:00 - Intros, announcements, and general creepiness. The guys talk about Mike's new writing gig, the new domain name (, and then things get weird.
  • 0:04:00-0:18:30 - Monday Night Raw talk aka BRAY WYATT BRAY WYATT BRAY WYATT. They also go into exactly why it is that the Shield has turned stale, how WWE is sabotaging Curtis Axel, and why the Punk-Jericho match at Payback will absolutely happen.
  • 0:18:30-0:23:00 - TNA Impact Wrestling stuff. How an "average at best" show was saved by a very good ending segment, and where the AJ Styles angle goes from here.
  • 0:23:00-0:30:00 - WWE NXT developmental division talk, especially the future of WWE Developmental, and they correct their mistakes by naming MVP and LVP to last week's Money in the Bank 2011 episode.
  • 0:32:30-1:23:30 - WWE SummerSlam 1994. Leslie Nielsen, two Undertakers, possibly the greatest cage match of all time, a woman's match that was not only great, but that the crowd was really into... and then Mable, obvious swerves, Walter Payton's Razor Ramon shirt, and much more. Mike and Rex also talk about their upcoming Top Rope Supplemental, which show you can anticipate them to review next week -- Survivor Series 2002, and more!

Check out the show below...


Mike & Rex of Off the Top Rope would like to add these thoughts ~

"Don't forget to let us know what you thought of this episode, your thoughts on WWF SummerSlam 1994, or just flat out what you think about our show in general, via any of the ways to get in touch with us...

"Feel free to email us your thoughts and we might read them on the air! Be sure to follow us on social media: @Mike & @Rex on Twitter, Mike on Tumblr, and subscribe to Rex right here on SBNation.

~ Thanks for listening!"


Editorial Note: This Fan-Podcast has been promoted to the front page and various sections within Cageside Seats for your enjoyment, Cagesiders! It is however, solely a production created by Fans for Fans, please remember, the opinions expressed herein are solely the subjective opinions of "Mike & Rex" and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats Management, Editors or Staff.

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