WWE Superstars Results and Reactions from May 2: Enlightened Truth

Kaitlyn has put together a strong run of matches as Women's champion; does that run continue against Tamina? Plus, some mid-card issues are revisited (sort of) and more Raw replays than you can shake a stick at!

R-Truth defeats Damien Sandow

in approximately seven minutes via pinfall

• Remember when this was going to be a feud when Truth last came back? Yeah, neither do these guys.

• Our savior informs us during his pre-match soliloquy that a great man (him) once said, "Ignorance is curable, but stupid is forever". Does that mean that one day I might stop watching Superstars on HuluPlus, Mr. Sandow? Please, show me the way! This is a typical Emperor of Enlightenment promo - which means it's pretty darn good and gets the crowd revved up. Sure, telling them not to cheer for Truth's schtick is a cheap way to get them to cheer for it, but it works.

• This match kind of sucks. At the beginning, they go for a comedy vibe with several lock-ups that Truth seems to get the best of, them he postures and Sandow acts shocked. When they get going, it's a lot of armdrags and hip tosses from the babyface. The heel keeps sliding out of the ring to regroup. Eventually R follows him and roughs him up a bit. That's the first third of the match.

• Damien turns the tables when lil Jimmy's pal is pummeling him in the corner while standing on the middle rope. The Lord of Literacy drops under him and pulls his legs off the rope, causing his head to bounce off a turnbuckle. Sandow drives for most of the rest of the contest - in between rest holds he gets in some strikes and the side Russian leg sweep/elbow of disdain combo.

• Off a whip, Truth hits a gourdbuster out of nowhere. Sandow avoids a Lie Detector once, but after a series of rolling pinfall attempts, the finisher connects and Killings takes the victory.

Match Footage below via WWE.com's Official YouTube Channel:

There's a video package of The Shield, 3MB and Hell No segment from Raw, followed by a replay of the entire Tug of War. Not just the Sheamus versus Henry stuff, but all of it, with Tons of Funk and everything. I hate you, Superstars.

Kaitlyn defeats Tamina Snuka

in approximately five minutes via pinfall

• When the Divas' match is the far better match on a show...that's bad , right?

• The women do a convincing job of making this strength versus strength from the outset. The champ starts with a headlock and side takedown. Snuka powers out of that and transitions from an overhead kimura to a head lock and takedown of her own. They brawl for a bit, and then Kaitlyn drops under a charge and trips Tamina.

• A pissed off Samoan bulldozes her opponent into a corner, and sets her on the ropes for an attempted superplex. Kaitlyn fights that off, but gets dropped onto the top rope at her midsection and then planted face first on the canvas. Superfly's daughter screams at the crowd and generally shows more character here than we've seen from her in the past. Put her in the running with the Bellas for most improved female worker in WWE.

• Two count for Tamina off the facebuster, and then they slow the pace for a bit. It quickly speeds back up, though, and a series of whips and charges ends when the two collide and it takes to a count of eight from the referee for them to get back to their feet. A charged up Kaitlyn lands elbows and shoulder blocks before executing her leg hook back suplex variation for a two count.

• Snuka thwarts a spear by elbowing the champ in the crown of her head. After elbow and leg drops, she lets lose with a Roman Reigns-esque war cry before lifting her opponent up for a Samoan drop. Kaitlyn manages to slide out and stack up Tamina for a quick three count.

Match Footage below via WWE.com's Official YouTube Channel:

After a Raw Rebound focused on the Cena and Ryback aspects of Monday night's main event more than The Shield and Team Hell No, a relatively brief episode comes to a close.

Whoever is working with the big league Divas deserves a pat on the back. But an above average women's match can't save a crap show - let's call it a D+ and move on.

What did y'all think? Are others seeing improvement from the women or am I kidding myself? When will we get a show dedicated to Tug of Wars? Let's hear what you think!

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