The Scouting Report #1: Randy Savage, 1987-1988

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This is an idea I've had for a few months, basically around the time I started Off The Top Rope, but I had never gotten around to it ... until now. I'm a big fan of baseball scouting, and recently, between Baseball Prospectus doing their own public scouting reports, and the Baseball Hall of Fame opening historic scouting reports, it's awesome to go back and look at where scouts were wrong, where they were right, and so I kind of wanted to analytically look at wrestlers and try to break them down into the things that I think makes a wrestler important.

These are all done on the 20-80 scale. 20 is the lowest a wrestler could receive in any category while an 80 is a max. To put the ratings into perspective, here is current Astros Director of Pro Scouting Kevin Goldstein talking about the scale. Obviously, it's not a perfect comparison because I'm talking pro wrestling and not baseball, but still.

A score of 50 is major-league average, 60 is above-average (also referred to as "plus"), and 70 is among the best ("plus-plus"). 80 is top of the charts, and not a score that gets thrown around liberally. 80s in any category are rare, and the scoring system is definitely a strong curve that regresses to around 50 at the major league level, but lower as you move down. Very few players have a 50 score or higher for every tool. Just being average across the board is quite an accomplishment.

I'm breaking down wrestlers at specific points in time. This will allow me to reevalute the same worker at a later time to see how they've changed or adapted. Up first, a guy who might be my pick for the greatest of all time.

RANDY SAVAGE - 1987-1988

Look: 55
Brawling: 70
Technician: 40
Speed/Aerial: 75
Selling: 75
Psychology: 80
Charisma: 80
Promo: 70

PROS: Basically the perfect professional wrestler. Could work both heel and face, a master storyteller. Could be a major star in any promotion, any era without changing a thing. Flew very well for his size and era. Was able to pull off crazy in a very controlled situation. Was a great brawler, great striker, excellent timing.

CONS: Might actually be crazy. Actual mat-work is far between and sloppy, although it doesn't detract from the total package.

Anyways, let me know if you liked this, and who'd like me to take on next!

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