WWE's Spring Cleaning begins: which main roster wrestlers are on thin ice?



With news that the WWE has "future endeavored" seven NXT wrestlers today to make room for new incoming developmental talent as well as the upcoming opening of WWE's Performance Center in Winter Park Florida in the coming months; it's safe to say that some main roster talent may also be on the chopping block in the coming days.

And so without further delay, here are the following WWE wrestlers who may be working at either TNA Wrestling or Ring of Honor once their 90-day non-compete clauses expire:


He is best known as The Miz' former lackey and was all set for a huge push as a mid-card babyface when his pushed was stalled due to a backstage incident with John Cena. His match against Cody Rhodes last night on WWE Superstars may be his last for the WWE.


Another guy who hasn't been seen much on TV in recent months, this former Edgehead may be on his way out in the WWE.


This behemoth had everything going from being Brian Kendrick's bodyguard to being a member of William Regal's stable to being a member of the Corre, the Guyanese grappler has been AWOL since last summer and the emergence of Big E Langston makes Big Zeke very expendable in the WWE's eyes.


When was the last time these Mexi-Cools imitators have been on TV?


In my opinion, the WWE shouldn't have split up Cryme Tyme in the first place.


Once one of the most over heels, R-Truth is past his prime at 41 years of age.


Once pegged to be the breakout star of Legacy, the son of the Million Dollar Man has been pushed aside by Cody Rhodes and his mustache.


The Foxy One has rarely been seen on TV apart from an occasional Divas Battle Royal.


The Lithuanian beauty's TV has been reduced, thanks to the return of Brie and Nikki Bella.


With backstage heat for getting "drunk" during a recent tour of Europe last month which got her sent home as a result, Mendes could very well be let go. Should Mendes be released, what does the future hold for Epico and Primo?


Ever since Tony Dawson replaced him as the play-by-play announcer for WWE Superstars and WWE Pay-Per-View pre-shows, Stanford's TV time has been greatly diminished as of late.

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