Cageside Seats site notes: Update on performance issues

You've undoubtedly noticed some issues with performance on the site in the past few days. Instead of leaving you in the dark on the situation, here's an explanation of what's been going on lately.

If you're a daily visitor to, first off we would like to thank you for making us a pit stop. This is quite the fun place to be most times, with a great community and a staff with interesting takes on the professional wrestling industry we all know and love.

But, if you are indeed a daily visitor, you've also noticed a lot of issues with the performance of the site over the past few days. Maybe you've had trouble logging in, or have been getting a lot of "500" errors, or haven't been able to load pages, or haven't been able to comment like normal. Well, instead of leaving you in the dark on the situation, the overlords here at SB Nation would like to explain what's been going on, offer a solution to the issues, and promise that a resolution is coming soon:

As SB Nation users, you have certainly noticed the significant performance drop across the network this week. The SB Nation team and all of Vox Media sincerely apologize for the site performance problems affecting your experience on our sites and communities over the past few days. We understand how frustrating it is for you. Given the nature of the issue, it is taking several days to fully restore performance completely. We have been working around the clock, taking incremental and comprehensive measures, to restore performance to normal levels.

Our approach to correcting the issues affecting the network has been two pronged: 1) improve performance as much as possible incrementally and 2) restore long-term stability to the system.

The first prong has been focused on improving the performance of logged-in users as these users have experienced the biggest drop in performance. Some of the improvements that we have pushed out to this point include:

-- Page load performance for logged-in users, including lower error rates
-- Commenting performance
-- Logging-in
-- Publishing content, including Fanposts and Fanshots

We have all hands on deck to complete this work and will be performing maintenance after hours this weekend to restore full service to the network. Of course, we would like to do this work sooner, but we need to be extra careful and thorough in making these changes, so as to not risk new problems.

Again, we completely understand the frustration our users have felt over the past few days and will continue to do everything in our power to restore full service to the network and ease your frustration. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we've worked through these issues and bring long term stability to the network. Thank you for your dedication to and support of SB Nation and Vox Media.

And there you have it, Cagesiders. We're very sorry that problems have persisted but they will be worked out in the coming days and all will hopefully be completely back to normal very soon.

Thanks for sticking with us and have a great weekend!

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