WWE Main Event Results and Live Blog for May 1: U.S. Title Matchup

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (May. 1, 2013) episode of WWE "Main Event" from Detroit, Michigan, featuring Antonio Cesaro, Kofi Kingston, Health Slater and Justin Gabriel.

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 1, 2013) at 8 p.m. ET on ION Television from Detroit, Michigan. As per usual, this episode was taped on Tuesday prior to the SmackDown tapings.

Tonight's show features our new United States Champion Kofi Kingston defending his title against our former U.S. Champ Antonio Cesaro and the IWC favorite Justin Gabriel going up against Heath Slater of 3MB.

Come back here at precisely 8:00 p.m. ET for complete results and the running live blog, which will start right below this line. Hanging out here is guaranteed to enhance your viewing experience.



The General here for your midweek fun!

Let's see if this show is as good as I ever heard it was.

We start with a video package showcasing Kofi winning the U.S. title and claiming he "brought it back home." Isn't he from Ghana? Remember when he was briefly Jamaican?

Backstage and Matt Striker is doing an interview with Cesaro, who, for some reason, reminds me of M. Bison tonight. He says Kingston took everything from him on Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago, and tonight he's going to take it back.

I doubt it.


Right to the match, no fluff needed.

Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro

Really, it makes sense to have the United States championship around to make Main Event feel like a bigger deal than it actually is. In fact, they should make the belt exclusive to this show.

Would work wonders.

Cesaro's entrance with the fist pumping and the beret keep making me think of M. Bison. Come to think of it, Cesaro would make for an awesome Street Fighter character.

As per usual, I'm not going to live blog each and every move because, let's face it, that's tedious to both write and read. The match isn't all that different than what they did a couple weeks ago. Kingston using his speed and agility to work his offense while Cesaro slows him down with power moves that he always manages to make look incredibly impressive.

Cesaro is working his ass off in this match, making Kofi look like a million bucks. These two actually have great chemistry and compliment each other's styles very well. Kingston comes over the top rope to the outside but gets caught in mid-air and held up like Cesaro is going to hit a powerbomb before Kofi manages a hurricanrana into the steps.

Just great stuff.

Cesaro's offense is so aesthetically pleasing. He follows a European uppercut with a double footstomp on one of Kofi's legs, one he's been working on in the match, before moving to a Boston Crab.

They went for the same spot as a few weeks ago when Kingston won the title by having him try to flip Cesaro up from a sitting position to hit the Trouble in Paradise. Cesaro countered this time by catching the leg, doing the giant swing around and locking the Boston Crab back in.

So on top of it being visually appealing with two guys who have great chemistry, the psychology is strong and they bothered to utilize continuity.

This is awesome.

And Cesaro just hit an over the top rope superplex with Kofi starting from the apron while Cesaro was on the top rope. This man is incredible.

Hey, there's another double footstomp, this time to the chest, and that is so an M. Bison move.

Kingston makes the dramatic comeback quick with the Trouble in Paradise hitting Cesaro on the back of the head and that's enough to get the pin.


Striker hops in the ring to get an interview with Kingston. He says 2013 started off kind of rough but then it got good when he won the U.S. title and then it got really good when he and his wife had a baby.

"So this message is for them: Daddy is coming home a CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!"

Settle down, Kofi.


Looks like up next we'll get some video replays from Raw this past week because, replays.

Nope, instead we get Kofi walking around backstage with his title and Cesaro comes out of nowhere to lay him out. He pins him to the ground before saying "you don't take from Antonio Cesaro, Antonio Cesaro takes from you."

Then, Cesaro actually rips out a piece of Kingston's hair.



Now we get the Raw replay. It's focusing on the main event from this week that saw The Shield beat John Cena and Team Hell No with the heavy emphasis on Cena's injury.

You know, because he's really totally hurt, you guys.

They promote Raw next week by saying we'll find out the real extent of his injury then.



Time for the next match.

Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater

Stock match so far. Slater is out with his 3MB buddies and they're out there for both support and to get involved at some point. Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal are out there plotting something, I just know it.

Meanwhile, Gabriel's hair has fully grown out and he looks a little like a darker version of Tom Cruise. Slater still looks like he needs to see the same surgeon who worked on The Rock back in the day.

Yeah, you know what I mean.

Gabriel just rocked a suicide dive on McIntyre and Mahal and landed on his feet. Once they get up, they rush the ring but the referee stops them and very dramatically boots them both to the back.

Slater gets sent to the outside, sees them leaving him, and cries for them to come back. That's good stuff.

The two had a relatively good back-and-forth that ended with Gabriel hitting the 450 splash to get the pin.

And that's the show.

Good night, y'all!

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