Wrestlemania 29. What Was Good, and What was bad.

Im sure after the grand daddy of the mall, there will be many different reviews and breakdowns on this site. With that said, I have my own opinion, and would like to share them with you, match by match, talking what was good in each, and what was bad in each.

Match 1: The Shield v Randy Orton, Sheamus, and the Big Show

What Was Good:

.This was a good way to kick off the big one. Some top stars, and some top heels, in a pretty interesting match.

.The one thing I can say I like better about the traditional 6 man tag, is that it gave each member of the shield a platform to show what they had solo. This match had a lot of typical heel/face tag spots. Ambrose kept show in the shields corner, before hitting a hot tag, ambrose got rollins in, simple, but good stuff.

. Everyone on the shield can sell those chops like a boss. I like that 50% of the crowd was super into it, and appreciated how well those guys were selling the whole thing.

.Overall giving the Shield a Win at there first Wrestlemania is a good idea. They all performed very well, and didn`t let the stage effect them.

What was bad:

.Randy Fucking Orton. When a guy suicide dives at you head first, you kinda gotta catch him. You really want to let some bright young talent break his fucking neck??

. The whole match lacked suspense for me though. They should of ended it with two finishers on the shield, and then boom, Roman Reigns spears the piss out of everyone, Match over. The match just kind of.....ended.

.After the match, I really saw no point in what went down. So we already know Big shows a tweener. Thats why it wasn`t a big surprise that he turned on his team mates. But whats really stupid, its not like it cost them the match. It doesnt do anything but put someone who was a tweener for 3 weeks, back to a heel.

Overall match grade: 6/10

Mark Henry v Ryback - Hoss Fight

What Was good:

. I like how it started. Bashing into each other like barbarians. Good stuff.

.Mark Henry won.

What was bad:

. The match went on waaaaaaay to long. I didn`t need to see Ryback get thrown out of the ring 3 times, and slowly crawl back in ( though it did give henry a chance to scream " THATS WHAT I DO"!!!!)

.The rest holds were boring as shit. I wound up having more fun looking for the epic Patrick Star sign than watching these two grab each others asses.

. The match should of been the beginning, and a finisher.

Overall match grade, 4/10

Dolph Ziggler and Big E langston v Team Hell No

What was good:


.Big E looked impressive. He is so jacked and scary, and it was fun to see him but heads with kane

.Dolph Ziggler`s facial expression during that chokeslam was like he was watching his family being brutally murdered

.Daniel Bryan, your flying headbutt is epic

.The crowd doing the " YES" chants in unison, what a fucking spectacle.

What was bad:

. The match fell victim to the same thing the shield match did. It just....ended

. I didnt feel the match was as good as it could been considering all the talent in the ring. I like how they established Kane v Big E, and Bryan v Ziggler, like finesse v finesse and power v power, but it still didn`t have the chemistry to make it all that special.

Match grade: 6/10

Y2J v Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnndaaaaaaaannnnnggggoooooooooooooooooooo

What was good.

.Let me just say, I am on the Fandango bandwagon. I feel the kids got a chance to be a real star. Yeah, its a stupid character, but the guy is doing everything he can with it, and thats something a lot of guys wont do.

.Unlike a lot of people, I really enjoyed this match. Maybe it was because I was watching with at a friends house, who was a complete jerichohalic . When Fandango one, I enjoyed laughing at his pain. I even went upstairs for a beer, and I noticed he had an intercom system to his basement. I turned that baby on, and " ITS FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDAAAAANNNNNGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Echoed through his house.

. I think there was some real fun spots. Y2J kicked out of the leg drop, I thought there was no way Fandango would win. I thought some of the counters were fun, and it ended in a roll up, so fandango gets his debut win, and jericho still looks strong

.the met life crowd in the front row with the score cards are also worth mentioning

What was bad:

.Fandango did botch a couple moves. Hes a young kid on the biggest stage of his life with a future hall of famer. Cut him some slack though.

Match grade, 8/10

Alberto Del Rio v Jack Swagger

What Was good:

.The match itself wasnt bad. They both made a dead rivalry, slightly interesting, with good technical wrestling.

. Zeb Coulter, that fisherman`s vest with a suit and tie, is just plain awesome.

.You knew this would end in submission, and I thought the way they did it wasnt bad

What was bad:

. The match suffered from the fact, was that half the time I was thinking of the match after it, and the other half I was hoping for a Ziggler cash in.

. It just wasn't an interesting match. The crowd was dead, it just sucked.

grade 5/10

CM Punk v The Undertaker

What Was Good

. Living Colour still sounds great, Cory Glover can still sing like a mother fucker.

. Say what you want, Last night, the undertaker had the greatest entrance in the history of professional wrestling, hands down. The hands rising from the ground in the fog, made me think they were the souls of his former wrestlemania opponents, I was MARKING OUT.

. The Undertaker, looked INCREDIBLE for 48 years old. He still has more stamina than the rock, and had me shitting myself with happiness.

.CM Punk Hitting old school. Marking out again.

.When Punk kicked out of the tombstone, I thought that maybe, just maybe it would happen.

.Every great taker WM match has a point were you think, ITS OVER. When punk used the urn, I really thought it was over. At this point im screaming like a child, I dont give a flying fuck what anyone thinks, I was locked in.

.After the urn didnt work, I knew taker would win, and even though I wanted Punk to win SO badly, I was so pleased at what a great match I just watched.

What was bad:

. Absolutely fucking nothing

Match grade - 10/10

HHH v Brock Lesnar

What was good:

.Brock Lesnar was terrifying

.The match at least felt like a brawl, unlike there ballroom dancing session at summerslam. This really looked like two guys who hated each other

. If I could get a GIF of paul heyman selling sweet chin music, I would be a happy man

What was bad: I thought this match was very boring. the segment with the arm bar no the stairs went on forever, and by the third slam, was just so, meh. The crowd was dead too.

. I think it was just the fact that we all knew even if HHH lost, he would find a way to get into another match. Like I said, this was better than summerslam, but, by god, this was hard to watch

grade 2/10

Twice In A lifetime

What was good

.The Boos cena got. fuck yeah new york.

.The chicken wings I was eating were excellent

What was bad:

.Let me just start off by saying, I was watching this match, with 5 complete marks.

.I actually sat through this match, and called every move that was going to happen. The marks were all like " OMG ROCKS GONNA DO THE 5 KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!!" and Im like, " watch, Cena stands up counters into the AA". When he was going for the peoples elbow on rock, there like " NO THIS IS HOW YOU LOST LAST YEAR!!" and im like " Hes going to catch himself on the ropes"

.This match, was SO cheap, SO predictable, SO boring. The only thing that made it a little fun was the fact that the marks around me cared, so at least I had a good environment.

.The hug fest afterwords. Just wow. I was expecting a handshake, maybe even a quick bro hug, but wow. They sat there and jerked each other off for 10 minutes. This was awful

Match Grade 0/10

So overall, out of 80 possible points, the show gets 41 points.

Not a bad show, Taker punk was one of the best matches i have ever seen, and the rest was kind of, meh.

Overall, I would give it a C

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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