What if the Shield helps CM Punk to break the streak?


The Undertaker's Wrestlemania winning streak is among legendary feats of wrestling. It is perhaps the modern version of Bruno Sammartino's epic seven year long reign as the WWE champion. One came to an end and the other has still yet to. The biggest question going into Wrestlemania each year is whether the streak will stay alive.

Hitting the awesome number of 20, adding another win to the streak just becomes another statistic, it offers nothing new. The question is should it become another statistic? or should something bigger and more controversial be made from it?


In the world of pro wrestling there is a time honoured tradition of the old generation putting over the younger generation. A passing of the torch as you may say. The man playing the Undertaker has become old. With time quickly catching up on his body, which has become frail from his long service in the industry of constant beating and bumping.

There is a lot of speculation on how many more Wrestlemania matches the Undertaker has in him.


Never has there been a wrestler so respected by his peers and his fans since the previous ‘Phenom’ Andre the Giant.

Perhaps it is a great honour to compare the Undertaker to Andre the Giant, a pop culture icon, who became a worldwide sensation, attracting millions of fans to appreciate and admire. The Undertaker has become that new attraction, someone who keeps the fans tuning into Wrestlemania year in and out, just to witness his magic.

With such undying respect, the fans simply will not allow the Streak to be broken. The mythical quality of the Streak is something the fans relish in seeing continue. However there will be a day when the Streak can no longer go on and this opens a unique door.


Should the Streak be broken by Punk? Which would solidify him as serious star, or should it selfishly stay unbroken? So it can improve the legacy of a wrestler who is already among the elite.

The recent on screen feud has become very personal to the Undertaker. CM Punk continues to disrespect his late friend, Paul Bearer and mistreats the precious Urn, an object that gives Undertaker his mythical powers. The ultimate disrespect came from CM Punk pouring the ashes of the Urn onto the beaten body of the Undertaker this past RAW.

We have also seen promos by Punk reiterating how he will break the streak and how he can handle the ‘heat’ for doing so. Whilst also noting how The Undertaker could lose if he were to be counted out or be disqualified.

With this information present, it is easy to speculate if these sayings were to come true.

I suspect the Shield having a major role in helping CM Punk break the Streak. Story-line wise, Punk has numerously stated that has no affiliations with The Shield, whilst his dear friend, Paul Heyman, has had some mischievous dealings with them and without the approval of Punk.

The Shield and CM Punk finally working together to break the Streak, would establish four characters as legitimate stars. Rather than having one character break the Streak, we now have 4 individuals who can benefit immensely by breaking the streak.

Essentially this is killing 4 birds with one stone and should WWE seek to end the Streak, then this is the best route of action.

However you may argue that WWE loses out in a big money match between Cena and the Undertaker for next years Wrestlemania, or that it would hurt the legacy of the Undertaker and he would lose his appeal should he continue to perform more Wrestlemania matches.

These are all valid arguments, however I believe if Punk and the Shield were to break the Streak in a manner that respects the Streak, fans may accept that the Streak was never broken. By having the Shield attack CM Punk in a "finger-poke of death" situation that leads to a disqualification for the Undertaker, you can build four heels who broke the shield a dirty and dishonorable way.

The Undertaker is never truly pinned, meaning he has yet to be defeated and the Shield and CM Punk can claim to have broken the Streak. Fans may buy into the fact that the Undertaker cannot be pinned in Wrestlemania which can build up to a match between Cena and the Undertaker at next years Wrestlemania.

Only time will tell.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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