My Top Wrestling Moments Since Wrestlemania 28

Hello dear cargesiders,

I am very likley writing my last post for cagesideseats as I have accepted a new position where I wont be able to interact on the site very much if at all. I would be lying if I said that the lack of cagesideseats in my life almost made me turn the job down but alas I am getting married in just a few months and I want to provide a better life for my family.

That being said, I started this artical as a way to discuss my Favorite moments in wrestling history, but there are just so many that I decided to scale it back to my favorite moments since Wrestlemania 28. That is a significantly less daunting task but still a fun one that enables me to think about all the great stuff that I have seen on WWE television in the last year.

I've decided to List my top 5 matches and 3 non-wrestling characters. lets start with the 3 characters first with some discusion on each person.

And now for my top 3 favorite non-wrestling characters:

3) John Laurinaitis

The at first grating Big Johnny won me over and created People Power. He made it his mission to do just what so many of us wish we could do, make John Cena's life miserable and get him out of the WWE. Sadly he failed but he will always live on in my mind as a fallian hero, a sacrificial lamb to John Cena's pure mediocrity.

2) John Bradshaw Layfield

JBL has been a large boone to the WWE announcing team, often pulling double duty on both Raw and Smackdown. JBL has a natural gift and with his history as former world heavyweight championship he can speak with experience when he calls a match or builds up a talent. JBL could easily be the future voice of the WWE should they ever need or want him to fill that role. He even manages to climb some of the worlds tallest mountains in his free time, and the rock thinks he's got a tough work load.

1) Paul Heyman

I'm a Paul Heyman guy, pure and simple. He's magic on the mic, speaking with a sincerity that bleeds through every promo he deliveres. He can make anyone hate him, I love the guy and sometimes i want to punch him. It's heeling done right. Congrats Paul, your probably the best promo in the buisness right now, and if your not the best its very close.

Finnally here are my top five matches of the last year. There were a lot of really great matches, these where chosen simply becasue when I try to think of a great match, these are the ones that spring to mind. I can and did think of others that could be thought of as better but if they were my favorites I would of thought of them first.

5) John Cena vs. CM Punk - Raw (Feb. 26)

Its not often that we get a classic like this on Free t.v. Hell only a small handful of t.v. matches could be held in the same caliber. there is no doubt that these two men share a great chemistry. This match while incredible, managed to anger Vince McMahon due to the use of heavily restircted moves. It was only the status of the stars that saved them from heavy fines and the possible suspension that a lower card wrestler would have recieved. More of this on my T.V. please.

4) Sheamus vs. The Big Show - Hell In a Cell (Oct. 28)

I'll be honest, I didnt expect much going into this awesome hoss fight. I definitely didnt think that super Sheamus would eat a clean pin to The Big Show. While the two men had a few more matches, they didnt live up to the masterpiece they put on at Hell In a Cell.

3) CM Punk vs. Danial Bryan - Over The Limit (May 20)

Dusty Finish aside, this was a techinical wet dream. The fact that these two amazing workers haven't worked more togeather is a real shame. I really hope that we get more of it, but with Bryan languishing in tag-team purgitory who knows if we'll get to see it again.

2) Brock Lesnar vs. HHH - Extreme Rules (April 28)

I marked out so hard when Hunter tapped out. I couldn't believe it. I had thought maybe HHH would put him over but I was still so suprised to the the game tap. A pin is one thing, tapping is another. These two put on a hell of show with excellent story telling by both men. I personally cant wait to see the rematch. I don't understand how some people can't want to see this match. Would it have been nice to see Brock take on someone else? Sure. Does that mean this rematch wont be excellent? Absolutly not. The real question is will HHH put Brock over a second time. We shall see.

1) The Shield vs Team Hell No and Ryback - TLC (Dec. 16)

If you would have told me this would be my favorit match of the year, I would have told you your crazy. This match had it all, crazy bumps, excellent psychology, and star making performances by all 3 members of The Shield and also Ryback. I remeber the excitment afterwards, everyone talking about how great it was. I was clearly not the only one suprised by the excellence that was on display.

I honestly can't believe that my favorite match featured Ryback so heavily. Don;t get me wrong, I have been a fan since his debut but this match showed me that he was capable of much more, which leads me into the honerable mention.

Honorable mention) Ryback vs CM Punk - Raw (Jan. 7)

This TLC match was another amazing outing by The Ryback. It was really hard deciding between this match and Cena vs. Punk on Raw. This is one of my favorite TLC matches ever and it showcased what Ryback is capable of once again. Granted, CM Punk selling his ass off helped greatly but I won't dismiss the work or Ryback just because the match happened to be with CM Punk.

So, there you have it. My favorits of the year. Lets talk about what your favorite matches were in the last year. What segments stick out when you think of the last 12 months. I didnt mention mine because i would like to actually discuss them with my fellow fans. Lets have at it.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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