WrestleMania Match Times: More Championship Matches

There are 279 matches in WrestleMania (WM) history. 105 of these matches have featured a championship defense. Throughout this series I have already covered the match time for the Women's Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship, as well as most of the WWF and WWE Championship matches. But there are still plenty of other championship matches remaining.

The Missing WWE and WWF Championship Matches

29 of the 279 WM matches have featured a defense of the WWF or WWE Championship. Many of these matches were covered in the post about the longest matches and main events in WM history. And the WWF Championship match between Hogan and Yokozuna was covered in the post about matches under five minutes. So what about the WWF and WWE championship matches that didn't fall into any of those categories?

Here are the times for those matches:

  • 18m 05s: Savage vs Flair (WM 8)
  • 14m 40s: Luger vs Yokozuna (WM 10)
  • 14m 09s: Cena vs HHH vs Orton (WM 24)
  • 13m 31s: Cena vs Batista (WM 26)
  • 11m 26s: Cena vs JBL (WM 21)

John Cena dominates this list. Speaking of John Cena, did you ever notice that John Cena has a lot of WM history in common with Hulk Hogan?

  • Hulk Hogan has wrestled in 12 WM matches for a median match time of 14m 49s. John Cena has wrestled in 9 WM matches for a median match time of 14m 42s.
  • Hulk Hogan won the WWF Championship three times at WM events. John Cena has won the WWE Championship twice at WM events, and will likely match Hogan's number at WM 29.
  • Hulk Hogan and John Cena both lost clean to The Rock at a WM event.
  • Hulk Hogan successfully defended his WWF Championship twice at WM, and this happened at WM 2 and WM 3.
  • John Cena has also successfully defended the WWE Championship twice at WM, and this happened at WM 22 and WM 23. Exactly 20 years after Hogan...

All I'm saying is, don't be surprised if one day John Cena interrupts the end of a WM event to ruin Bret Hart's title match against Yokozuna.

Tag Team Gold

Here are the match times for all 21 tag team championship matches in WM history:

  1. 22m 29s: E+C vs Dudleyz vs Hardyz (WM 16)
  2. 18m 27s: Money Inc. vs Hogan, Beefcake (WM 9)
  3. 16m 08s: Owen, Bulldog vs Mankind, Vader (WM 13)
  4. 15m 42s: E+C vs Dudleyz vs Hardyz (WM 17)
  5. 13m 50s: Billy and Chuck in a Fatal 4-Way (WM 18)
  6. 13m 03s: Bulldogs vs Valentine, Beefcake (WM 2)
  7. 12m 33s: Demolition vs Strike Force (WM 4)
  8. 12m 10s: Hart Foundation vs Nasty Boys (WM 7)
  9. 10m 01s: New Age Outlaws vs Cactus, Funk (WM 14)
  10. 9m 42s: Owen, Yokozuna vs Smoking Gunns (WM 11)
  11. 9m 30s: Demolition vs Andre, Haku (WM 6)
  12. 8m 55s: Demolition vs Powers of Pain, Fuji (WM 5)
  13. 8m 47s: Benjamin and Haas in a Triple Threat (WM 19)
  14. 8m 39s: Money Inc. vs Natural Disasters (WM 8)
  15. 7m 51s: Booker T and RVD in a Fatal 4-Way (WM 20)
  16. 7m 41s: Men on a Mission vs Quebecers (WM 10)
  17. 6m 55s: Sheik, Volkoff vs Rotunda, Windham (WM 1)
  18. 6m 42s: Big Show, Kane vs Carlito, Masters (WM 22)
  19. 6m 01s: Too Cool in a Fatal 4-Way (WM 20)
  20. 3m 58s: Owen, Jarrett vs Test, D-Lo (WM 15)
  21. 3m 22s: ShowMiz vs Truth, Morrison (WM 26)

The average match time for these 21 championship matches is 10m 36s. This is right in line with the average Intercontinental Championship match time of 10m 26s and the overall average time of 10m 26s for all 279 WM matches.

  • The tag team gold changed hands 9 times in these 21 matches.
  • The tag team championship matches rarely see 15 minutes in length, as only 4 of these 21 matches eclipsed that mark. At the same time, only 2 of these 21 matches were shorter than 5 minutes. So in general, the tag team championship matches aren't terribly long or terribly short.
  • Two different sets of tag titles were defended at WM 20. The Fatal 4-Way match with Booker T and RVD featured a defense of the World Tag Team Championships. All of the other matches on the list featured a defense of either the WWF or the WWE Tag team Championships.
  • The World Tag Team Championships were successfully defended by Lance Storm and Chief Morley on Sunday Night Heat right before WM 19, and so it did not make the list.
  • These WM events had no tag title matches: WM 3, 12, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27, and 28. Just like the IC Title, the Tag Titles have missed many recent WM cards.
  • Owen Hart competed in 3 of these tag team championship matches with 3 different partners. He walked out of WM with the tag team gold every single time. Owen also competed in a 6-man tag match at WM 12 and was victorious that night as well. Owen Hart might rank right up there with Demolition as the most accomplished tag team wrestlers in WM history.
  • Owen Hart was also successful in singles competition at WM 8, and had one of the greatest matches in history at WM 10 with his brother Bret. That's a pretty impressive WM legacy for The King of Harts.

Other Championship Matches

WWE has also been home to some other notable championships such as the Hardcore, European, United States, ECW, Cruiserweight, Light Heavyweight and the Million Dollar Championships. Here is the list of 17 matches that featured a defense of one of those championships.

  1. 15m 00s: Hardcore Battle Royal (WM 16, Hardcore)
  2. 13m 35s: Angle vs Jericho vs Benoit (WM 16, Euro and IC)
  3. 11m 50s: DiBiase vs Jake Roberts (WM 6, Million Dollar)
  4. 11m 28s: Owen vs HHH (WM 14, European)
  5. 10m 30s: Cruiserweight Open (WM 20, Cruiserweight)
  6. 9m 46s: Benoit vs JBL (WM 22, United States)
  7. 9m 19s: Benoit vs MVP (WM 23, United States)
  8. 9m 18s: Raven vs Kane vs Big Show (WM 17, Hardcore)
  9. 9m 14s: Cena vs Big Show (WM 20, United States)
  10. 8m 41s: X-Pac vs Shane (WM 15, European)
  11. 8m 30s: Eddie vs Test (WM 17, European)
  12. 7m 06s: Snow vs Gunn vs Holly (WM 15, Hardcore)
  13. 6m 08s: DDP vs Christian (WM 18, European)
  14. 5m 58s: Taka vs Aguila (WM 14, Light Heavyweight)
  15. 5m 39s: Mysterio vs Hardy (WM 19, Cruiserweight)
  16. 3m 15s: Maven vs Goldust (WM 18, Hardcore)
  17. 0m 11s: Kane vs Chavo (WM 24, ECW)

The average match time is 8m 33s.

  • A championship changed hands in 7 of these 17 matches.
  • Both the Intercontinental and the European Championships changed hands in one match at WM 16.
  • The Hardcore Championship changed hands 10 times during the Hardcore Battle Royal at WM 16.
  • There were also 5 backstage segments at WM 18 that included a Hardcore Championship change. I did not include these segments in the list because I wasn't sure how to properly time them.
  • The shortest match in WM history, Kane vs Chavo Guerrero from WM 24, is also the lone ECW Championship match in WM history.
  • The Million Dollar Championship was the pioneer of this group, as it was the only one of these championships that was defended throughout the first 13 WM events.

So that finishes off all of the remaining championship matches in WM history. Is there anything about these match times that catches your eyes, CageSiders?

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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