Should there even be a major heel turn in Wrestlemania?


There are a lot of questions going into Wrestlemania.

Will The Rock to retain the championship? Will Punk will break the streak? Will Triple H lose and retire?

Many questions, but there are just as much speculation going into this event. Will John Cena turn heel? or Will Randy Orton turn heel?

These two heel turns are often floated around, but the question is who will turn? or should both turn?

First case: John Cena

The superbaby face character of John Cena has become a much hated character among 'smart' wrestling fans and possibly the casuals themselves. It is best reflected by the dwindling fall of viewership throughout the years, which Cena has ruled.

His a character is so detested that people long to see the day Cena turns heel. Recently we have seen Cena make promos that have displayed some attitude and in his own owns saying "we may get a moment they never thought quite possible in their lifetime".

Sure I maybe over-analyzing the situation, but when the company's top face is continually receiving "Cena sucks" chants and even worse "boring" chants. It is time to turn heel. It is very dangerous if crowds start copying previous crowds and continue to chant "boring" whenever Cena is at stage.

Cena defeating the beloved Rock in Wrestlemania and in WWE's home market, New York, is bound to collect some harsh and vocal chants.

If Cena was to turn heel, it would be a complete shock. We may predict a turn, but the moment it actually happens will be one to remember. WWE must fully commit to this turn or it will fail like the Steve Austin heel turn at Wrestlemania 17.

Second Case: Randy Orton

A natural heel who became so popular that he has been turned into a good guy. The fans are to blame for Orton's current persona since they just won't stop cheering him.

However Orton's face character has become stale and frustrations with his character is seen in his tweets; here and here. He desperately wants to play a Heel, the role that best suits him. Surely WWE should be playing to its talents best side and hiding its weak side.

Now just days away from Wrestlemania there is a lot of talk of a heel turn coming from Orton. If this is true and Orton is to turn on his teammates, Big Show and Sheamus, and help the Shield take the win. His actions will catapult him back into the spotlight. I have written about this possibility in a previous article and discussed how a Orton heel turn can benefit all parties in the match.

Orton becomes a heel, Sheamus becomes a great warrior babyface, Big Show turns into a angry giant and The Shield continue as the most dominant entity in WWE.

Perhaps a Orton heel turn is more beneficial than a Cena turn, which is a much more risky.

Third Case: Both turn heel


This is a wild card. Should WWE decide to turn both Orton and Cena heel, it would leave a huge vaccum of faces.

Essentially the company has turned all of its top 3 stars, John Cena, Randy Orton and Cm Punk to heels.

This creates a disproportionate amount of super heels as opposed to faces. With others such as the Shield and Lesnar also playing heel roles, this becomes too much.

The only credible characters who even have a chance of standing to such heels are Ryback, Del Rio, Sheamus, Bryan and the Miz

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to build newer faces that will benefit WWE in the long run or perhaps this is a disaster waiting to happen. Only time will tell.

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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