WrestleMania Match Times: The Streak

Simon from the United Kingdom

The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania (WM) often provides a compelling reason to fork over the money for the biggest wrestling show of the year.

Undertaker's streak is now at 20 wins without a loss. The average time for a streak match is 16 minutes and 9 seconds (16m 09s).

Here is the complete list of match times and streak opponents,

along with Dave Meltzer's star ratings:

  1. 30m 50s: HHH (WM 28, 4.75 stars)
  2. 30m 43s: HBK (WM 25, 4.75 stars)
  3. 29m 22s: HHH (WM 27, 4.5 stars)
  4. 23m 59s: HBK (WM 26, 4.75 stars)
  5. 23m 50s: Edge (WM 24, 4.25 stars)
  6. 21m 21s: Sid (WM 13, 1.25 stars)
  7. 18m 47s: Flair (WM 18, 3 stars)
  8. 18m 19s: HHH (WM 17, 3.5 stars)
  9. 16m 58s: Kane (WM 14, 1.5 stars)
  10. 16m 46s: Diesel (WM 12, 2.25 stars)
  11. 15m 47s: Batista (WM 23, 4 stars)
  12. 14m 14s: Orton (WM 21, 3.5 stars)
  13. 9m 47s: Boss Man (WM 15, 0 stars)
  14. 9m 44s: A-Train, Big Show (WM 19, 1.25 stars)
  15. 9m 27s: Henry (WM 22, 1.5 stars)
  16. 7m 46s: Kane (WM 20, 1.25 stars)
  17. 7m 33s: Giant Gonzalez (WM 9, 1.25 stars)
  18. 6m 42s: Jake Roberts (WM 8, 0.75 stars)
  19. 6m 38s: Bundy (WM 11, 0.5 stars)
  20. 4m 20s: Snuka (WM 7, 1 star)

Match Quality Is Directly Related To Match Time

The Streak includes some of the highest points and some of the lowest points in WM history, without much in the middle.

It is easy to see that the eight matches that lasted under 10 minutes were pretty much all stinkers. None of those matches received more than 1.5 stars from Meltzer. The only lengthier streak matches to score so poorly include the match against Sid (1.25 stars) and the first match against Kane (1.5 stars). That makes for a total of 10 streak matches that scored 1.5 stars or lower. The match with Boss Man scored the lowest of all, with zero stars.

Starting at WM 23 in the match with Batista, every single streak match has received at least a 4-star rating from Meltzer. The match with Batista is the only one in that group that fell short of 20 minutes. No streak match prior to WM 23 ever received a score of four or more stars.

The five longest streak matches of all-time are the five most recent streak matches, from WM 24 to WM 28. These five matches also had the longest match times on their respective WM events.

19 of the 20 streak matches scored either more than 3 stars or less than 1.5 stars. The only match to fall in the middle is the match against Diesel, which scored 2.25 stars. And this match also ranked right in the middle in terms of match time as well, as it was the 10th longest of the 20 streak matches. Is this match the true anomaly buried within the streak?

Miscellaneous Streak Facts

  • 3 of the streak matches closed the show: WM 13, WM 24, WM 26.
  • 5 other streak matches took place right before the main event: WM 9, WM 14, WM 15, WM 17, WM 20.
  • The earliest a streak match appeared on a card was the second match. This happened at both WM 8 and WM 19.
  • 3 of the streak matches were championship matches: WM 13, WM 23, WM 24.
  • The only four streak matches that did not end via pin fall were: WM 9 (DQ), WM 22 (casket), WM 24 (submission), and WM 27 (submission).
  • 7 of the streak matches were contested in an environment where DQ's were not allowed: WM 13, WM 15, WM 18, WM 22, WM 26, WM 27, WM 28

So that's all I have to say about the streak, CageSiders. Do you think CM Punk can help bring the streak to a seventh year in a row with a 4-star match? Will Undertaker take part in the longest match at WM for the sixth straight year at WM 29? Are the days of poor quality 10-minute streak matches over and done with? Or will The Ryback do his best to resurrect those demonic nightmares from the past if he gets a shot at Undertaker's streak next year?

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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