Wrestlers who should have been champ...but never were

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There were two reasons why I have to admit I was somewhat hesitant to write this FanPost about wrestlers who should have been champ, but never were. The first being that it has probably been asked a million times before, and the second being the shit storm of an argument it might start. But I decided to anyway.

Why? Because I know that everyone has certain affinities to certain titles, so you can choose any you'd like. I'll list mine with the top three wrestlers I think should have won each respective title, and I'll give my reason for each pick. If commenters don't stick to that formula, it's okay, I don't care. I just thought it would be interesting to compare answers and discuss. So here it goes...

WWE Championship:

1. Rick Rude --

This is the man Hogan should have passed the torch to. He had the look, the skills, and the charisma. Plus, he would have been one of the best heel champs ever, in my opinion.

2. Rowdy Roddy Piper --

Trading the title back and forth with Hogan should have happened during his time in the mid eighties. Piper deserved a run for being a catalyst of the Rock 'N' Wrestling era. Plus, he was a legit tough guy who was/is very well-respected in the industry.

3. Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase --

I really believe he deserved to wear the belt at some point, and have a legitimate title reign. He was highly-skilled, had a great character, and was golden in his promos. I mean for god's sake he had to create his own belt because they would not put the title on him.

WWE Intercontinental Championship:

1. Jake "The Snake" Roberts--

Still, to this day, I cannot believe he did not receive a run with the IC title. He was over big time as a heel and a face, was one of the best on the mic ever, and had one of the most unique characters of all time. It's a shame he didn't get even a short run.

2. Dusty Rhodes--

He should have been given the belt by default upon his entering the WWE. He has held basically every other belt known to man and was big time over when he came to WWE.

3. Ron Simmons --

Always loved his work and he should have been champion at some point during his tenure. I believe he would have been, had it not been for the rise of The Rock and his push to the moon.

WWE Tag-Team Championship:

1. Power and Glory --

They really put it all together in the early nineties. Hercules and Paul Roma had great chemistry together and both were above average wrestlers. Could have had a great run if given a chance.

2. The Ultimate Maniacs --

A throwaway team to some, but to me this was a perfect fit, and a great way to repackage the two during the end of their solo runs. I really thought the two could have dominated the Tag-Team division for a year or more. A missed opportunity because of mainly Warrior, but other factors as well.

3. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers --

Another throwaway team to some, but they had the heat, and the skill to have a chance at a run with the belts. Plus, they had Jimmy Hart as their Manager.

Well those are my picks. I didn't include any other titles because, quite frankly, I'm not well-acquainted with them. Now, I would love to hear the answers to this one, and the great discussions it could produce...peace.

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