WWE should recalibrate its main event with John Cena, Randy Orton and CM Punk


If you were to list the three biggest names currently in wrestling, the answer you ought to give is John Cena, CM Punk and Randy Orton. You may choose other men, but the three men I have listed are the pinnacle of the wrestling industry and no one else comes close, unless you are a part timer of course.

It is baffling that these three men have yet to feud together. They are the modern-day equivalent of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Triple H.

However unlike, their predecessors who never fought in a dream triple threat match. WWE now has an opportunity to let their contemporaries battle together and truly show how good they are. It won’t be hard since all three men possess incredible chemistry together, no matter who is facing who, and are capable of putting stellar performances and have a rich and storied rivalry with each other.

The John Cena vs. Randy Orton feud has gone on for years and even dates back to their OVW days. Whilst the Orton and Punk feud is filled with bad blood, with Punk determined not to see Orton win the WWE championship ever again. Then we have the CM Punk and John Cena feud, a great feud thats has given us stellar bouts worthy of five stars. They are perhaps the modern-day equivalent to The Rock and Austin feud.

If such a feud were to happen, the three parties must engage in a long, bitter and heartfelt feud were they pursue the WWE Championship and highlight its importance. They also have the potential to give us great television, which we all yearn for.

However good this feud maybe is subject to debate. The main reasoning for this feud is so it allows WWE to ‘ re-calibrate’ its main event and establish a hierarchy within the roster to allow them to rebuild its foundations, the lower and mid-card.

The root of the problem stems from WWE’s desire to present too many guys as main event level talent, when in fact they are not and instead were quickly pushed to the top without working their way up the traditional route. These examples are seen in Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Ryback and even Jack Swagger. This has somewhat had a negative effect on these wrestlers as they are pretty stagnant when not used in the position they were pushed into. One prime example is Alberto Del Rio’s constant PPV title shots for the World Heavyweight title last year and his face turn this year to prevent him from being stale.

Essentially WWE has to take their top three guys and form a main event triangle feuding for the WWE Championship. Whilst avoiding the hot potato effect with the title by having minimal and meaningful title changes. Once established, it’ll allow other credible talents to pursue the WWE championship. Notable names being Mark Henry, Ryback, and Wade Barrett. This all should tickle down from division to division and should eventually produce an organised list of contenders, all pursuing whatever title is in question.

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