A Parallel WWE Universe (Part 1?)

I have been a fan of WWE for as long as I can remember. It remains a great touchstone in my relationship with my father to this day. Not only did my fandom survive the childhood realization that it was all scripted, that actually pushed it to a higher level. I have since embraced that different direction and was thrilled to find a like-minded community here. With that in mind, I'd like to share my thoughts on the current state of WWE in a novel way: by re-writing the recent past.

I chose to let the dust settle after Wrestlemania 29 before passing judgement, and my verdict was simple: it was a missed opportunity. This potential series will highlight a few key moments that I would have capitalized on differently. Today's article will focus on two featured matches and their immediate aftermath. If it is well received, I'll be happy to share other such revisions. I look forward to your comments and votes below!

Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Big Show take on The Shield

We pick this match up immediately after Big Show speared all three members of The Shield as they set Sheamus up for their trademark triple powerbomb. This time, Orton doesn't steal the hot tag from Big Show, and the giant takes control of the match. As he sets up Ambrose for the choke slam, Reigns returns the favor by spearing Show. Sheamus steps in off the apron and goes over the top rope with Reigns via clothesline. Meanwhile, Rollins flies in off the top rope and clips Big Show in the head with a flying knee strike. Orton comes in after Rollins, who rolls out as Randy follows. As a groggy Big Show rises to his knees, Ambrose plants him with a DDT and pins him for the win. Sheamus comes in too late, followed by Orton, as Ambrose retreats to the safety of his teammates outside the ring.

As The Shield make their exit, Orton stands in the middle of the ring furious at the result. As Sheamus gets off the ropes where he was facing The Shield, he's caught by a suddden RKO! With the Big Show finally makes his way back up to his hands and knees again, only to have Orton go to a corner, line him up for a punt to the head, and put him down for good. The Shield, after watching all along - first in shock and then in glee - carry on with their exit up the ramp. Randy watches them go, and then takes off after them when they're out of sight. Finally coming to, Sheamus goes to check on the still fallen Big Show, and looks around for Orton with a look of confusion which turns to anger.

Jack Swagger challenges Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship

This re-write begins immediately after two near falls following a Swagger Bomb and a gut wrench power bomb. This time, as Swagger switches strategies and goes for the Patriot Lock, Ricardo Rodriguez climbs onto the apron to distract the ref. Zeb Colter heads over to confront Rodriguez, so Swagger releases the hold to check that out. Colter pulls Rodriguez off the apron, and pushes him twice before Ricardo finally takes a swing, knocking Colter out. Meanwhile, Del Rio gets up, taps Swagger on the shoulder, kicks him in the gut, and locks in the cross arm breaker, to which The Real American taps out. Rodriguez joins Del Rio in the ring and the fans begin looking for Ziggler to cash in his Money in the Bank.

Suddenly, music hits, but it's not what everyone expected: it's The Shield! Swagger, tending to Colter on the outside, smiles. The cameras then turn to the audience entrances to see the three Shield members making their way through the crowd. Suddenly, they stop half way, the crowd reacts and the camera zooms back into the ring where someone is standing directly behind Del Rio. He taps Alberto on the shoulder, who turns right into an RKO! Orton pops right back up, walks Rodriguez into a corner, and hits him with an RKO, too! Orton stares at Ricardo, then at Alberto, and finally collects the World Heavyweight Championship, which he lifts over his head. The Shield turn back around to exit and Randy's music kicks in as he leaves up the ramp.

The Monday Night Raw after

Sheamus calls out Orton in the middle of the ring. He explains that Big Show would be there with him if he had been medically cleared, but that he doesn't need the giant to give Randy the beating he deserves. After a few seconds of silence, he's answered on the big screen... by The Shield! They ask Sheamus if he'll ever learn, explain that Orton is NOT a member of The Shield now, only that he has embarked upon his own path of justice, and that they'll be watching to ensure no one gets in his way. When their segment ends, Del Rio's music kicks in and the World Heavyweight Champion joins Sheamus in the ring. Alberto explains that his best friend Ricardo Rodriguez is also absent because of Orton's actions, and that should give him first shot at the Viper. It's time, he says, for true justice. Vicki Guerrero comes out, admits they both have good arguments, so she'll give them both a shot at Orton. The match: Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio against Randy Orton and Jack Swagger.

With Swagger and Del Rio engaged in the ring, Orton decides he no longer wants to be part of the match, and begins walking out. Sheamus abandons the match as well, chasing Orton up the ramp, and they fade into the backstage area. Meanwhile, Alberto overcomes Colter on the outside to cleanly defeat Swagger. As Swagger rolls out of the ring, The Shield's music kicks in and the members begin their walk down to the ring. Suddenly, Sheamus emerges from the backstage area and joins Del Rio in the ring. With the numbers still in their favor, The Shield still engage and eventually subdue both men. As The Shield prepare the first triple power bomb, Orton appears on the stage at the top of the ramp. He watches as Sheamus and Alberto are both dropped, and the show fades to break.

On the way to Extreme Rules

Orton prevails in a televised feud against Sheamus, only to have a rehabbed Big Show crash the party when he finally tries to move on to Del Rio. Meanwhile, Alberto's feud with Swagger runs it course with the World Heavyweight Champion finally submitting and pinning the challenger cleanly in televised matches. The Shield step in to tangle with Big Show and Sheamus, featuring Del Rio. Finally, Orton and Alberto square off in time for the Extreme Rules build up, where ADR prevails, only to have the Shield stomp him out.


Swagger decides to chase after the United States Championship - claiming its the only title that truly matters to him - and he keeps his Real American shtick going against Cesaro. Cesaro successfully defends, raising his profile and that of his title, as well as moving him more to a neutral character. Big Show and Sheamus come together as an odd couple in the Team Hell No type (something that'll dovetail nicely into my larger story for The Shield). Orton redeems himself therein as well, allowing for a rebooted run as a partial face.

Well, that's it for these two threads! Let me know how you feel by voting in the poll below, and tell me why by commenting below. Thanks for reading!

The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Cageside Seats readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cageside Seats editors or staff.

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